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The Steampunk Wedding Day


Steampunk Weddings

If you're not sure what Steampunk and Gothic Steampunk means, I will enlighten you. Steampunk started in books, books by authors like Sir Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. This futuristic style only exist in movies books and Steampunk clubs and subculture. I am only now becoming aware of the Steampunk world. All this time this fabulously cool way of looking at the world was just waiting to be discovered by me. I had seen the movies and heard of the books, but I didn't know about the subculture.

There is a large group of people who love this Victorian Era of Imagination. Were the wholesomeness of the past meets the promise of a science fiction future.

Some of these people have Steampunk weddings. I am going to help you put on your own Steampunk wedding or party.

All artwork and photos featured here are my own, and some of the photos are. If they are not and are from Pixabay. it will state that under the photo,


The Couple

This drawing of mine is a good example of a Steampunk couple on their wedding day or going to a fancy dress party on Halloween night. Note the use of vibrant colors, the fabrics would be rich and the color would be saturated.

The cut of the clothes are victorian in nature and so are the Steampunk accessories that go with their outfits. There are goggles and a mini-top hat. There are other accessories that would add to this look. Lace parasol, top hats and jewelry made out of gears and brass antiques.

I started this drawing at night and in the morning I realized she was missing something and then it hit me, she needed a mate, a man who was soon to be her husband.


Top Hats and Veils

Top hats, can be used for the groom, the bridesmaid and even for the bride as her veil. This top hat has lovely Peacock feather detail. There is also a flower that is on the back of the hat, were the veil material ties. This would be nicer for a Steampunk wedding if it were a mini top hat.

This full sized number was decorated by me. I bought a new Halloween hat for around 3 dollars. I painted the hat and the inside rim. Glued on the peacock feather on and tied the veil material around the back and added a matching flower. The entire hat cost around 4 dollars and 50 cents.



Marry in the church or building of your choice. There is a Victorian museum only thirty minutes from my home. They also host wedding ceremonies there.

Renting out a Victorian house or museum is an easy way of having a truly Steampunk experience. If you or one of your good friends lives in a Victorian home, have the wedding there. If you'd like an outdoor wedding you could pick a park surrounded by Victorian homes. You could also have your wedding at a Victorian bed and breakfast. If this is out of your means you can decorate in a Steampunk Victorian way. You can barrow your friends antique trunks and old clocks. You might even buy a Victorian Dollhouse kit and make it into a centerpiece, there is one for only 45 dollars on my Fancy dollhouse lens.

My sister had her wedding reception at an hotel that was connected to an Amish restaurant. The restaurant made the food and bought it over to the hotel. It was during Christmas time and the hotel was decorated well. Though this was not a Steampunk wedding, it could have been converted to one very easily.

As for dishware and glasses. If your wedding is catered you can have them worry about this, but know what you are getting from them. If you are putting on your own wedding, you should have glasses and not plastic cups. You can mix and match colored glasses or matching glasses if you have enough of the same. Ask your friends to donate their old silverware or go to the Salvation Army or yard sales and look for things that will fit into your wedding style. I have several silver pieces that I bought from goodwill when it was on sale.

As for music you can hire a piano player or a high school band or even just buy a classical CD and play it on a boom box. You could hire a DJ as long as he knows what type of music you'd like played at your wedding.

This venue is a vintage hotel, full of gorgeous antiques and old photographs.

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Veil and Flowers

This veil could be easily homemade with simple wood or painted gears and gadgets glued together with a glue gun with veil material bought from any fabric store. You can make a long veil or the ever popular 1950's style short veil. Like the one shown these veils are seen more and more these days, not just on wedding veils, but on classy hats as well.

I've created this drawing to be an example of a man's Steampunk wedding should look like. I recreated this look from He is wearing a velvet like jacket, has a scarf tie and dried flowers in this lapel to give him a proper Steampunk look. A top hat could be added for a more refined look fir your wedding day.


The corset is perfect for Steampunk styles. In Victorian times they wear corsets all the time. Steampunk is the futuristic version of Victorian times. This leather looking corset is perfect for a steampunk costume, but it might not be right for your wedding. Look around see what is best for you and your body type, you may not even want to wear one at all.


The Cake

A special Steampunk cake. These cakes can be created in various ways. You can have a regular wedding cake and have a Victorian or Gothic Steampunk cake topper. A white cake with black vertical stripes would be interesting. A cake with large polka dots or gears and Gadgets can be fun as well. Robot toppers can be really cute and go well with the Steampunk theme too.

Some people even use fondant buttons. This sparking cake from Pixabay is very royal and could fit into a steampunk wedding.

The Cover Up

if you can't find a long sleeve top or dress, a nice shrug like this can make a sleeveless modern gown fit better into the steampunk genre of clothing. I like something with rosettes and sleeves, but this outfit is perfect. You can find shrugs these in fake fur, lace and some dresses and gowns come with matching jackets or you can ask them to be made in the same fabric. A corset can also a help a more modern dress look more steampunk.


The Bride

If you have an old dress from your great, great grandmother and it fits the theme of your wedding and your body type it could help bring down the costs of your nupitals and give a sense of authentic charm to your steampunk wedding.

I found this photo on the web and then did a drawing of it, so I could use the design here. I'd love to marry in something modest, chic, classic and beautiful like this cream colored late Victorian early Edwardian style dress. The beaded accents on the bodice, around the waist, sleeves and at the bottom of the gown make it seem regal and stunning.

Simple high heels, a single strand of pearls and a veil would complete this look. A parasol that doubles as an umbrella would go well with this look and keep you dry if it starts to rain.


Wedding Bouquet

This bouquet is handmade with fake flowers, peacock feathers and antique copper style peacock jewelry. I surrounded this with buttons and antique style brooches, because many people actual make their Steampunk bouquets out of antique brooches and antique buttons, some use real fliers and then carefully place antique hat pins between the flowers.

I made this bouquet out of one I already had, I took off the ribbon nd replaced it with one that went with the peacock feathers and jewelry.


I love the style of Victorian Dresses and hats. I love that Steampunk can have dresses so awesome that people actually want to be bridesmaids. I truly hate being a bridesmaid, but this Gothic Steampunk bridesmaids dress is so pretty and button up sexy that it might be worth it. Depending on how steampunk your wedding is you could add goggles, brass jewelry, or even corsets over top.

I took this photo.

I took this photo.


If you can't find a Victorian style dress or an antique dress that fits your wedding style. You can find a modern dress that can be converted for your steampunk wedding. I witnessed this wedding and a picture because I loved the dress so much. The large ballroom skirt is covered in roses of all different sizes. If this were paired with a Victorian style jacket some cool jewelry and a Steampunk veil it would be the perfect way to turn a modern dress into a Steampunk dream.

I've seen a lot of Steampunk weddings (online) were the bride wore a bright colored dress and though they are very pretty, but you don't have to wear crazy colors. You can wear whatever color of dress you like, what is important is that the dress is the one of your dreams.





Wedding Girl


Steampunk wedding

The wedding cake is so awesome.


Itaya Lightbourne from Topeka, KS on September 05, 2012:

I love steampunk fashion and designs! :)

Lori Green from Las Vegas on July 16, 2012:

I love the cake

DuaneJ on May 18, 2012:

I love Steampunk themed lenses. This is excellent!

goo2eyes lm on May 15, 2012:

simply lovely. blessings.

Miha Gasper from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU on May 06, 2012:

Steampunk is endless source for inspiration. I bet a vintage wedding brings some extra tears...

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on March 21, 2012:

I love the Steampunk styles and yes, if I was planning a wedding, I would definitely consider Steampunk!

Thrinsdream on March 01, 2012:

Another beautiful lens! With thanks and appreciation. Cathi x

getmoreinfo on February 29, 2012:

I like the lovely vintage wedding gowns

Mark Falco from Reno, Nevada on December 10, 2011:

What a great idea!

CliveAnderson LM on November 20, 2011:

Such a cool lens, thank you for sharing...

Warm Regards,


Loretta from United States on August 09, 2011:

beautiful pictures and great info <3 *~*~*angel dust*~*~*

cbessa on July 04, 2011:

Love Steampunk style and aesthetic. Although i can't picture me using steampunk clothes! :-)

Thanks for sharing and also for stopping by and commenting on my lenses!

JoshK47 on June 16, 2011:

Awesome looking stuff you have in here! I love the steampunk aesthetic!

Stacy Birch (author) on May 26, 2011:

@paperfacets: You could always start a steampunk club, they do have them. My sister is always telling me to be a wedding planner, maybe I should just be a party planner. Lord knows I'm never getting married.

anonymous on May 22, 2011:

I would love to attend a full steampunk wedding. I love every one of your ideas for the wedding day and the cake is the coolest ever. I really like how the veil is done with only a bit of veil and a lot of artistry.

Sherry Venegas from La Verne, CA on May 21, 2011:

Love your ideas and I like the steampunk look. My favorite spot Convict Lake would be perfect for a steampunk wedding. Convict Lake even has a four star restaurant for the reception. Or do the reception on the east side of the lake. Well, I better stop daydreaming I will not be getting married again very soon, if at all. lol

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