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The Regency Wedding Party


Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Bridesmaid, and flower girls is what I mean by wedding party. I have written several articles on the Regency era wedding. I added patterns for the wedding dresses and this lens has a pattern for bonnets at the end. I also have a lens for what the men should wear. However bridesmaids shouldn't have to make their own dress, so I have found modern dresses that will fit the Regency style of your wedding. I also added a few more ready made Regency style wedding dresses into the mix.

I hope you find this helpful if you are planning a regency style wedding or a fancy dress party.


Mother of the Bride

Modest and sexy this dress would almost fit into the early 1800s English wedding...almost.

The bodice is well cut for the style of dress, and it is wonderful that it has cap sleeves, because so many empire waist dress are sleeveless and strapless. Some of the sleeveless dresses would require jackets or shrugs.

The darkish gray color is nice, it is a good contrast to the silver because it has a shimmer to the velvet like material. The lace and trim is very lovely. The only drawback of this gown is that it is cut a little close to the body, making it a tad more formfitting than a Jane Austen dress should be. There are flowers and leaves on the dress.

Open toed shoes would never have been worn with a dress like this. Embroidered ballet flats were fashionable for dances, they also wore leather boots for everyday.

This Dress is 169 and ships for 13.28.


Goddess and Pageant Gown

A goddess or pageant dress might be a wonderful way to add a bit of glam to your Regency style wedding. It all depends on how much finery you want for your big day.

But do not get a dress like this for your bridesmaids, if your dress is rather plain, you do not want outdone by your own wedding party. This is your day and they should pretty and you should look divine.

A cropped jacket is a must with this gown. Plum, white, black, gray or violet would go nicely. If your wedding colors are say plum and green, you could have the plum dress with a green cropped shrug. It would add both color and whimsy to your Regency Style wedding.

This dress is 149 and shipping runs 13.28. The sizes run from 6 to 14.



This dress comes in many colors and could be worn as a wedding dress or a bridesmaid dress. The drawback of this dress is plain to see, it is a little low cut, sleeveless and strapless. Well it is not strapless, the matching straps are detachable and it comes with a matching scarf, if you like it could be turned into sleeves.

The dress is very long, but everyone seems to love this dress, it has 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5. The shipping in extremely fast. One woman ordered it in a size too large and she had her replacement dress in a week of her first order date. It cost 177.99 and 12 dollars shipping. This dress comes in seven different colors and the sizes run from X-small all the to 4X, and I don't have to tell anyone who is a bit larger than the average like I am. how hard it is to find something pretty in your size at the department store.

If you'd like it to be more modest, you could wear a jacket, cape, or a shrug over it. You could buy similar material to make sleeves, or if you are shorter you could have the bottom trimmed using the excess fabric to make yourself sleeves.

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This dress is featured in green under this module.



This goddess like dress that is featured in bright yellow in the Amazon section over this text module, comes in six colors including white, ivory and blue. Since it is not strapless it would be easier to add sleeves if you wish to. It could be worn as a wedding dress or a bridesmaids dress. This dress is lovely, the gold trim is the same on all dresses and goes all the way around. The dress has the zipper on the side of the dress and not the back so it is hidden.

Though it has an empire waist and could go with Regency style wedding, it could also go with a Greek wedding or even a very fancy Greek Halloween costume.

The dress is 149.99 plus 12 dollars tax no matter what the size. Some say that they run large and some say that it is just perfect, but they all say the straps are a bit long and they may need shortened. The average ratting for this gown is 4 out of 5. The sizes run from x-small all the way up to 2x, but you will have to check the sizes you want against the six different colors for what is available right now. This dress will ship out quickly.


Flower Girl

It will be fairly easy to find a girl dress with the correct cut, it is a popular dress type for girls. This dress also comes in yellow.

Rare Additions is another company that has a large selection of beautiful empire waist dresses for little girls, perfect for your flower girl.

The dress comes in sizes 4 to 6X and is 99 dollars, but it has super saver free shipping and comes from Us Angel Girls.





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flowski lm on October 21, 2012:

You have impeccable taste madam. I'm featuring this lens in the side widget of my bridesmaids gifts lens. I'm sure the ladies will adore the lovely wedding dresses here.

Miha Gasper from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU on May 07, 2012:

So classy... What about fathers of the brides?


anonymous on May 26, 2011:

I can imagine anyone not wanting a Regecy wedding! Elegance, class and fun are always a great combination!

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