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The 4 Reasons You Never Get the Girl

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Sometimes you feel like you like a girl so much to an extent where you never understand why she has to reject you. But now, why is it that a girl who you truly have feelings for, has to reject you?

It is the time you should realize that in order to have a woman accept you as her dating partner, something has to be done as soon as possible, of which, if not done as required, you are likely to end up losing her.

So this article is specialized in a way to help to help you understand that rejection is real and how you can deal with it. I am going to take you through the reasons as to why you never get that girl.

Before you get to have the points that brought you here, let's first list them as below.

The four reasons why you never get the girl are:

  • You are not ready to date.
  • You do not smell nice to her.
  • You have poor pickup lines.
  • You made a right approach at the wrong time.

1. You are not ready to date.

We all wish to date that one person who is so attractive to us and whom we are proud to be with. The problem is, not all of us are ready to date, most of us just want to be in a relationship because so and so is in a relationship and we feel that we are being left out.

When you look at it deeply, indeed we do not have the right reason to date. Due to this fact, sometimes succeeding in approaching women might be tricky because you simply do not have the right reason to do that.

It leaves you with lack of words to tell the woman once you approach them which in turn is likely to call for a rejection which you won't like. In that case, it is better to prepare yourself before finally commencing on a date.

2. You do not smell nice.

Well, the other reason as to why you are likely to lose on the girl is that, your smell is not just welcoming. The way we smell determines who we attract around us. When you smell good, it encourages people to be around you.

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Unfortunately when you don't smell nice, even your friends may flee away from you, a situation that may make you feel bad and less motivated in life. In that case, to make people feel good around you, it is good to consider how we smell.

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3. You have poor pickup lines.

Hey, have you checked on your pickup lines? Do you think they can melt a beautiful woman's heart? Probably, they won't melt her heart because high chances are that you are using outdated pickup lines.

Guys, it is time you need to get out and try to be creative enough to learn these things. What you should realize is that, copying or using an outdated pickup line will only make you lose value in the face of that woman.

In that case, in order to make her accept your proposal and to make her like you, you should try to be creative and use your own unique pickup lines that has never been used by anyone, be the first to use it.

4. You made the right approach at the wrong time.

So sad that this time, luck was not on your side. Yes, you did your best to make sure that you get her attention but unfortunately it did not go the way you wished it to. This time you found her out of moods.

That is to mean that, you made the right approach according to you but to her, she was not in her right moods to accept you in. That is why am saying that you made the right approach but at the wrong time.

Maybe you could have waited for sometime before approaching her, or maybe you could have given her time to think through her senses, is when she would have given you a chance, who knows.

What is true about it js that she rejected you because it was not the right time for her to accept you. In that case, do not worry, maybe she is waiting for your next approach.


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