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Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Barbara has spent over 40 years writing poems, lyrics, and sayings for cards and interpreting the meanings and messages in songs.

Loving Her isn't Enough, Tell Her

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend, Original sayings you can write in card, send via text or speak out loud

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend, Original sayings you can write in card, send via text or speak out loud

Be Loving, Be Mushy, Be Original, Be Yourself all While Saying Something Sweet to Your Girlfriend or Your Wife

Let's face it, like every man, every woman is unique. However we all appreciate a sense of humor, sincerity, loyalty, feeling loved, and a helping hand.

Here you'll find things to say that range from funny, loving, cute and even slightly sarcastic! Remember don't use humor and sarcasm unless the situation calls for it.

This list is designed to help you when you can't find the right words to write in a card, express in a text, or to say out loud.

Let's start with loving things you can say:

1. Without you, it would be impossible to face my day

2. You calm my soul when I'm holding you

3. You are what matters most to me

4. When I see you, I know why I'm here

5. You're a beautiful person and I'm a lucky man

6. You are my home

7. You have such a beautiful smile

8. Would you be my valentine everyday 'til the end of time

9. I can't believe how much I love you, don't tell anyone ok

10. If the world ended right now and you weren't by my side, I would refuse to die

11. You impress the hell out of me, and that's something no one has been able to do ever

12. How come you're mine? It makes me the smartest person on the planet

13. You are my girlfriend, I am your boyfriend, sounds so corny but I love corny

14. Kiss me, hold me, love me, I'm so whipped

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15. If I only had five more minutes to spend with you, I would spend those minutes in a kiss

Funny or Sarcastic Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Funny or Sarcastic Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Funny & Sarcastically Sweet Things You Can Say to Her with Love

If she's not into this kind of humor, you better skip this all together!

So your lady has a sense of humor, and you have a way of making her laugh. Well if that's the case, go ahead and try some of these slightly sarcastic messages based in love:

1. Spend everyday getting your nails done, I'm good with that

2. Leave your personal stuff all over the washroom, I don't mind

3. I'll eat whatever you cook, no matter what it is *yikes*

4. You're not a complicated person (then burst out laughing)

5. I love it when you give me a to-do-list EVERYDAY..cough cough

6. Have your girlfriends over anytime all the time..yah I love that

7. When you diss me, I know you love me

8. Spend, Spend,

9. I don't ever want the remote. It's yours forever.

10. Tell me every detail about your day, I'm listening to every word *ahem*

11. I was told you were easy to love, someone lied

12. I'm in too deep now, you've tagged my 'things'

13. Here's a key to my house and my car and my sanity

14. Don't leave me, I'm useless

15. You give the term 'high maintenance' new meaning

A List of Sayings You Can Write or Text to Her to Show Her How Much She's Appreciated

A List of Sayings You Can Write or Text to Her to Show Her How Much She's Appreciated

Appreciation - The Sweet Things You Can Say to Show Her How Much She's Appreciated

So she does so much, and you want to recognize that by saying or texting something sweet to show your appreciation:

1. I notice all the little things you do for everybody else, including me..thank you

2. Your thoughtfulness is what makes you stand out from the rest

3. You're such a good mother to the kids

4. I see you put yourself last sometimes, but in my books you're first on the list

5. We are all so lucky to have such a loving soul in our lives

6. You are constantly giving, and it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated

7. You work so hard for all of us and I want you to know that we see what you do

8. You're a great example of how to live life

9. I have never seen anyone give of herself the way you do day in and day out

Get Ready to Shed a Tear with this Amazing Song

Tough, by Craig Morgan

This song is such a beautiful message of appreciation and dedication to a woman. It's moving, very moving. The words are a beautiful gift; they speak about a woman who carries on through life's daily grind and trials, and continues with this strength even when she finds out she has cancer.

Your Thoughts on the Above Song, "Tough, by Craig Morgan"

What Women Really Want You To Say

The sweetest way to win her heart

Maybe not every woman wants to hear these things, but it's safe to say many do!

1. What do you need me to do today?

2. Let me do the dishes, you sit down

3. I'm taking you out for dinner tonight, so don't cook

4. I'll cook tonight & clean tonight

5. I'll put the kids down to bed tonight, you watch your show

6. Pick any movie, we'll watch it together

7. I can see that you're worried, don't worry, it will be O.K., I promise

8. You look like you need a hug, let me hold you for a minute

9. Here's a cup of tea/coffee and a cookie

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