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The Difference Between Sugar Babies and Sex Workers

Sugaring Expertise

Sugaring Expertise

To say that there are a lot of misconceptions about sugar babies, sugar daddies and the so-called 'sugar lifestyle' would be a rank understatement. A perfect example of this recently popped up over on Reddit, the social media website. Not only did it show caring and camaraderie but also the glaring difference between sugar babies and sex workers.

First, a little bit of background. The sugar lifestyle, or 'sugaring' for short, is when a woman dates a well-to-do man and is supported by him through gifts of cash, presents, trips, and a lifestyle that, in most cases, they can't afford on their own. (It works the other way also when a well-to-do woman supports a man.)

There are different types of 'sugaring' relationships, to be sure. Some 'sugar daddies' give their 'sugar baby' an allowance, some pay a certain amount of money to date them for an evening, and some, as we mentioned, provide other perks like clothing, jewelry, and trips.

Suffice to say that these arrangements, at least to some people, would be seen as an exchange of cash or goods for sex, which would technically make sugar babies sex workers. But there's a very big difference between the two, and it's this; caring, concern, and real human connections. You see, in the sugar lifestyle, people actually make friendships, create bonds, and, in many cases, care deeply for one another.

Sex workers, on the other hand, usually get paid cash to have sex and, when it's over, they go their separate ways. There's very little bonding, caring, or emotional connection, just sex. That's not to say that sex workers don't have feelings or emotions, just that they don't form any emotional bonds with their clients. That's where the difference between sex workers and sugar babies is most apparent because sugar babies are very open to forming relationships and making long-lasting emotional bonds.

Which takes us back to the beginning of this article, and the perfect example that was seen recently on Reddit. It was posted by user throwswayyyyhh who, as we gathered from the post title "I think my sugar bf (34) is dead", is a sugar baby enjoying the sugar lifestyle.

Reddit user throwswayyyyhh goes on to explain that it's been several days since she has heard from her sugar daddy and she's very concerned. Not only that, but she's talked to one of his co-workers and found out that he hasn't been to work and his family is looking for him. She goes on to talk about how she's very concerned, scared, and worried about this man, and how kind and caring he's always been towards here. She's so worried she even called the police to have them investigate.

The key takeaway here is this; she truly does care. She is concerned, upset, and emotionally bent out of shape, which is something I think the average sex worker would not be. Not only that but how many sex workers would know their clients' friends or colleagues, or call the police to report them missing? We dare say very few.

In a nutshell, while sex workers are people too and shouldn't be frowned upon, there's a world of difference between them and sugar babies enjoying the sugar lifestyle. That world is filled with caring, concern, and true human connections that, frankly, sex workers simply don't create.


Larrycode on June 25, 2020:

Sugar babes do care alot, they prioritize your needs and emotions but sex workers are in for bussiness.whether u're satisfied or not,they careless

Farrah Young from Lagos, Nigeria on June 19, 2020:

I didn't even know there was any difference between both. Thanks for clarifying.

This made for a very nice read.

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