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Hispanic Wedding Traditions

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Hispanic Wedding Customs

Are you planning a Hispanic wedding? If so, here are some old Spanish traditions you'll want to know about. From how the groom goes about asking for the bride's hand. To the many wonderful transitions that are included in the religious ceremony, and the wedding fiesta celebration. Hispanic wedding traditions are fascinating, wedding traditions that have been passed down for many centuries, and steeped in religion and symbolism. Hispanic wedding traditions span centuries, and many of the lovely traditions are still being practiced today.

First things first - couples do not even begin making wedding plans until the bride's father has accepted the bridegroom's proposal of marriage. This very old custom is considered a very important part of a couple's engagement ritual. Actually, the first gift that comes from the groom is not an engagement ring to his betrothed, but a timepiece to the bride's father. Then, and only then, is the groom permitted to present his bride to be with the traditional 13 coins, as well as an engagement ring.

The Hispanic Wedding Tradistion Of Giving The Bride 13 Coins


The Tradition Of Asking For The Bride's Father For His Daughters Hand In Marriage

It requires the groom to present his future father-in-law with a timepiece.

Traditionally, the groom will ask the bride's father for his daughter's hand in marriage. If the father consents to the union, the groom gives his father-in-law the gift of a timepiece. This gift is given only after his proposal is accepted by the bride. A family heirloom watch is often the timepiece of choice. This indicates that the groom's family will now accept the bride's family as close family relatives.

The Groom's Commitment - The Giving Of Gold Coins

If the bride's father gives his blessings for the marriage to take place, the groom then gives the bride a gift of 13 coins. This gift stands to symbolizes his commitment to support her financially, as well as emotionally. The bride will bring the coins to the church the day of the wedding for the coins to be blessed by the priest that will perform the wedding ceremony.

The Traditional Hispanic Wedding Gown Is Black


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The Tradition Of The Bridal Mantilla

The bridal Mantilla is a very old tradition is most often made of the finest lace, often constructed over a "peineta" which is a form of a high comb. The lace is draped over the peineta, and falls over the shoulders to the floor or into a train. A Mantilla gives the appearance of a crown fashioned with the finest lace. The history of the Mantilla goes back to Spain's 16 century. The very construction of the Mantilla was fashioned to be lightweight and afforded a bride a headpiece that was cooler and more comfortable to wear on her special day.

"Guayabera " Traditional Hispanic Wedding Shirt For The Groom - The guayabera is what a traditional Spanish groom would wear.


The Traditional Grooms Guayabera

This photo shows a modern version the groom's guayabera Spanish wedding shirt. Today, the groom's shirt would be store bought or handed down as an heirloom. In the past, the shirt would have been handmade by the bride. Although today a Spanish bride will most likely not hand sew her groom's guayabera. The old skill of making the wedding shirt has been lost over time.

The Traditional Flower Used In A Hispanic Wedding - The Fragrant Orange Blossom ...


Orange Blossom ...

The flowers are usually Orange Blossom's (azahares) in a true spanish wedding. The orange blossoms represent happiness, and fulfillment for the marriage.

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The Lasso


The Custom Of The Lasso

In a traditional Hispanic wedding ceremony, the double lasso tradition would be Included in the ceremony. It represents the binding of the couple for life. The custom of using the lasso to bound the couple is a historic tradition that finds its origins in Spain. At the end of the ceremony, a Godparent will place the lasso over and around the newlywed couple.

It's a Old Tradition That Guest Receive Traditional Wedding Favors - Women Attending a Hispanic wedding receive a gift of scent.


Traditional Wedding Keepsakes

Keepsakes are given to each, and every guest at a Spanish wedding reception. The women are given a gift of scent. The men receive Cigars. The bride also hands out a pin to unmarried ladies, who then wear them upside down. The hope is the pin is lost during the reception. If the pin is lost, the Spanish tradition indicates the lady will soon marry.

Traditional Reception Food


The reception food will vary depending on where the couple is from.

The fiesta food is traditional to the country the Spanish couple is from. Common foods will most often be seafood, Paella, Sangria, the red wine punch Bizcochitos, and for dessert rich spicy cut-out cookies, and sponge cake with fruit, and almonds on top.

The wedding cake is traditionally cut by the couple at the end of the meal, the couple feeds each other a bit of cake. This gesture symbolizing their shared future.

The Traditional Music Provided By A Mariachi Band


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savvydating on January 08, 2017:

What an interesting piece. I didn't know about the black gown. It's gorgeous. The video of the wedding was a nice touch. All the singing and carrying on is quite a joyful site. The only thing missing? The mantilla, or crown-like head piece. A wonderful, article though!

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