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Why Some Women Cheat In Relationships

I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way


Women who cheat in relationships fascinate me because, somehow I cannot wrap my head around the fact that a woman designed by God to be a nurturer, loving, kind and caring in nature could turn around and live a carefree non sympathetic lifestyle of cheating on a man who works tirelessly to please and feed his home. You know, naturally we would think that women were the most intelligent of both sex because of their nurturing and caring loving nature but when you find those who cheat on their partners, that completely shatters the conception you have about all women.

The question now is; why do some women cheat in relationships: From my findings, there are a number of reasons why woman cheat in relationships; which include:

· That they are no longer in love with their spouses,

· For greed. They are looking to buy something that they naturally cannot afford so they sleep around to be able to get what they couldn’t ordinarily afford

· Because it is engrave in their DNA. Some women would just cheat for the sake of cheating because they lack self-control and discipline.

· Some cheat because they are still holding on to feelings they had with exes. Some would cheat with their exes because they are not completely over them.

· Some women cheat because they keep bad companies or friends. Some married women have friends who drive fancy cars and live in fancy houses and posh lifestyles and so their friends begin to entice and introduce them to their big girls circle way of life. So in essence, some women cheat by association not by choice but because of the company they keep.

Women who cheat on their partners should be ashamed of themselves, and I implore you to stop cheating on your spouse because you could catch a disease or you could be caught in the act which is even more disgraceful. Love your husband no matter what. Marriage is for better or worse. Always remember the wedding vows you took at the altar.

God Bless You.

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