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Should I Call Him? Are There Any Rules For Calling The Guy?

Should I call him? Why hasn't he called me yet?

Should I call him? Why hasn't he called me yet?

Should I Call Him?

Should I call him? This is indeed a very sensitive question women are asking when they are not sure whether they should initiate calling a guy. There is no the right time and the right way to call a guy. Should women call the guy you have an interest in? Is there any rules for calling?

You may be sabotaging your chances at your success with the guy in question. This article will explain the basic and the most important things that every woman should know about calling a guy, so read it carefully. Good luck!

Rules for Calling a Guy

At first, you may be tempted to rush to the phone at the first opportunity to dial his number. After all, he gave you his number. Why not call him now? Here is why you should always think first before calling any guy in your life:

  • Think about the signal you're sending. The way women call men sends them certain signals. Those signals could be very positive and favorable to you. On the other hand, some of the signals you may accidentally give off can be very negative, work against you, and in many cases will send the man running for the hills.
  • Wait a little while longer. If you are the type who always wants to be in the driver's seat, hang on first before dialing his number. It is always best to initially wait for the guy to contact you first. After a while, if he doesn't call yet, you can learn how to subtly encourage him to call first or call you back if you've already made the mistake for calling him and he didn't pick up. Knowing how to send the right signal to a guy that you're interested in can definitely be done through the use of the telephone.
  • Understand his reasons. It's important to understand the reasons that a guy stops calling a woman. If you don't know those reasons and how to handle that situation the right way, you may end up losing him forever. So, take a pause first and avoid calling for not as to not make that mistake!
  • Retrace your steps. If you're in this situation, there are some things that you should do and some things that you shouldn't do. You'll want to retrace your steps to see if you missed any details or signals. Firstly, think about how your first date ended. Did he say he'd get back to you or call you? If that is the case, you may want to wait till he calls. Don't call him or act desperate. That is, unless he explicitly wants you to call him for the last time!
  • Play it cool if you do call. If he told you to call him, you may want to call him. In turn, if he does not answer your call, then you should leave a nice message. Also keep in mind of course not to call him obsessively like a crazy woman every ten minutes. It will scare the hell out of him.

Did the Guy Stop Calling You? There Are Many Explanations

You've been going out with a guy for some time and he suddenly stopped calling. Does that mean he is not interested and doesn't want to see me anymore? Is he thinking of breaking up with me? Is he afraid of commitment? Why do some men just stop calling cold turkey? You'll want to get an explanation from him personally.

First things first, however, expect for some men to just drop off and that's just the unfortunate way that modern dating works at times. Sometimes, when a man isn't into you anymore, he may just fall off the face of the Earth or disappear without a shadow.

What is the guy thinking? Was it something that you said or something that scared him off and how do you fix it? How can you make a guy call you, pursue you instead of you going after and chasing him, and what does it mean if he is giving you the cold turkey, doesn't call you, and didn't even respond to your constant phone calls, your text messages, and/or e-mails?

Let me tell you, another important point: just because the guy seems to have stopped pursuing you doesn't necessarily mean that he's lost interest. There may be a perfectly logical explanation. He could just be busy, for one. There are many reasons why the guy didn't call and you may act crazy trying to find the answer. When a guy hasn't called, it is not that the game is over. You just have to be smart and know how to play the game to get the guy to want to know and get interested in you. He may show some interest but but circumstances of his situation prevent him from find the time to see you.


Kandy on June 18, 2016:

I. Have. Been. Dating. For. Three. Year. He. Call. Called. It. Off. Then. Left. A. Text. Just. One. Word. Cancer. I. Have. Not. Headed. From. Yet. I. Don't. Call this. A. Joke what should. I. Do

Confuse on January 31, 2015:

I need help trying to figure out if I should call a guy again after calling him twice n left message and he still hasn't return my calls.

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I was talking to him for 4 months. His extremely busy with his career but he always made the time to call or text we talked everyday. The last few days (3) before he just stop calling me completely I told him that it seem like I was the one calling him all the time and he told me that his been extremely busy and that I shouldn't be overthinking it that everything is fine. The last day we tAlked was through text and I was acting like whatever with him. The following day when I called him he didn't answer me. Or text me back it's been a week now and I still have not heard from him. I did call him 1 more time and still no answer. What should I do? since I do really like him.

muhammad wajid on September 14, 2014:

I need woman fore marriage

auna on August 31, 2012:

do you love me mattybrap

auna on August 31, 2012:

i love you

Nadia on May 01, 2012:

Let him call u first

debra on March 23, 2012:

If a guy u meet in a store and he ask u if he gives u his number, will u call him, I said yes are u married, he said no I'm divorced. How long do I wait before I call him?

Camo Girl!! on January 06, 2012:

No the guy or the girl can call most the time the guy will say i will call you but most of the time the girl has to call him!!!

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