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Meaning of Roses Colors and Number as Romantic Gift for Her

meaning of roses flower gift

meaning of roses flower gift

Rose Meaning - Color and Number

Rose is important romantic gift in human relations. You should understand the secret meaning of rose colors and number before you send it as gift; because rose is the most classic and symbolic representation of love, attention, and cares. Flowers gift are well-received any time of year. Red rose is the most favorite romantic gift for special moment such Valentine Day. Red rose is classic valentine gift. Anytime you shy or not dare to say “I love you”, just say it with flower - send roses as romantic gift.

Roses and poem, short love letter, those can be a good combination to impress your spouse. But be careful, before you impress someone with roses, you should make sure the secret meaning of rose colors and number. Roses has many variation of symbolic meaning. Do you know that there are nine color type of roses, but two of them are not exist in nature? Is it green rose is exist in nature? Which of this rose are natural, black rose or blue rose, or none of them?

Romantic gift for her

Romantic gift for her

Romantic Roses Gift - Don’t mess with it

There is a good advice for all man in the world, do not mess with women! More important, do not mess with your romantic gift: rose colors meaning and number meaning. Man and women comes from different planet, man from Mars and women from Venus. Have you ever know that man and women speak the same language but in different meaning? Women speak in symbolic and indirect, that’s why they loves romantic movie, poem, flowers, love song; because all of it contain symbolic and secret meaning about love and romantic relation. Here some unique roses colors meaning cases that you might consider:

Romantic gift - I am truly sorry

Romantic gift - I am truly sorry

  • “I am truly sorry, please forgive me!” You just make a mistake and your love one very upset about it. You tried to call her, knock her door, you say a thousand times that you are sorry, but alas nothing happen! You have a great idea; you want to send her some roses. Which one you chose: 3 red roses or 15 red roses? Which one suitable to your case?
  • “Just send me a single black rose”. You want to win back your lover. You do everything, but she said to you, “I understand, but just send me a single black rose”. Where you find a black rose, it not exists in nature. The next day you gave her a yellow rose. You think it will recover your relation. And boom..! Your relation definitely over. Do you know why? You just made mistake about roses colors meaning.

  • “Everlasting friendship”. You have a best friend. You growth together and keep have a warm relationship. You want something special for her/his birthday, a very special gift as symbolic of your everlasting friendship. You want to send a bouquet of rose, but what roses color meaning which represented the true meaning of everlasting friendship? White or yellow color?
  • "I love you". This is the hard one. Why many people usually shy or not dare to say, “I love you” for the first times? You have met your most precious treasure, your true love. You would like to send roses as romantic gift. Just remember: single red rose and lavender rose represented “love for the first sight”, but which roses color suitable to your great love affection?

Women loves flower romantic gift

Women loves flower romantic gift

Flower Gift - Women loves Flower

You will find the answer now. All kind of flower color you chose as romantic gift have their own secret meaning. Please, understand the symbolic meaning of roses color before you send it. Ask yourself, what's the purpose of your romantic gift? When you sending flower gift, it color convey your message.

Here the secret: women loves flower. When you send it, she will talk about it color and number secret meaning with her close friend. They will try to uncover the message behind its color and number. Remember, women usually sensitive about it.

Women loves flower. This is the philosophy of why you should understand the meaning of roses color and its number. You will become a good person with good flower gift. Maybe your spouse or friend did not understand the meaning of your romantic flower gift.

In other time, you can tell them the secret meaning of your flower gift. They will amazed and women loves man who understand the symbolic meaning related to flower, romantic movie, poem, music, and relation.

Meaning of Rose Colors

The symbolic and secret meaning of rose colors can be found since Victorian times. Roses first time embalmed in the Chinese gardens. Until today, red rose become the classic and mostly favorite. Generally, all roses color has their meaning. If you pain your room with blue, it has meaning to you. It is the same with roses, each of rose color convey a secret message if you send it as romantic gift. Here are the secret meaning of roses color, enjoy reading it and do not forget to practice it in your love relation.

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Red roses meaning is love and romance

Red roses meaning is love and romance

Red Rose Meaning: the ultimate symbol of love

The secret meaning of red rose is sincere love, respect, and passion. Red rose is the excellent way to say “I love you”. Do not send red rose unless you are falling in love or true love. Sending red rose means that you are ready for serious and long term relation. If you falling in love, the best way to say it: send a single red rose. Single red rose meaning is “you are the one”. If your relation become more romantically deeper and you want to say “I love you”, just send 3 roses. But if you want to say “I love you with great affection”, please send 33 roses. If you want to say, “I am really sorry”, send 15 roses. A ha, know you got it! Complete list rose number: see at the end of this writing.

White roses meaning is purity love of wedding

White roses meaning is purity love of wedding

White Rose Meaning: the purity of love

Women love white rose. The wedding rose is white, the symbol of purity love, humility, innocent, and spiritual. White rose traditionally associated with new beginning and marriages. The bride holds bouquet of white roses; while they vow before the God to love each other until the death separate them. In other word, it secret white rose meaning is “happy love”, “rejoice of love” “You are heavenly”, “I am worthy of you”. In Scotland, when the white rose bloomed in autumn, it seen as a token of early marriage. White rose also use in funeral. Please, do not send white rose to your girlfriend, because it makes her confuse. From all roses colors, white rose is not often used, generally only at weddings.

Yellow roses gift meaning - friendship happiness

Yellow roses gift meaning - friendship happiness

Yellow Rose Meaning: the happiness of friendship

Today, yellow rose meaning is an ideal symbol for warm joy of friendship and gladness --in earlier times; yellow roses were given to convey jealousy. Yellow rose is the only rose that does not have anything to do with love and romance. Yellow rose gift are given to graduates, newlyweds, new mothers, express an apology or sympathy, and to appreciate a true friendship. The secret color yellow rose meaning is “thanks you”, “congratulation”, “I remember you”, “well come back” and “remember me”. But there is an exception; a yellow rose with red tips symbolizes friendship falling into love.

Pink Rose meaning is thankfulness gratitude

Pink Rose meaning is thankfulness gratitude

Pink Rose Meaning: the gentility of thankfulness and gratitude

Pink roses has secret color meaning as the expression of gratitude, thankfulness, admiration, and happiness. Deep pink rose meaning is shown your "thank you" appreciation and gratitude; light pink roses convey admiration and sympathy. Pink rose considered for sisters, mothers, grandma, and other relatives. Send her pink roses if she has done something nice for you. In love relation, if it going more fun and happy, you can send pink rose which mean “I am happy with you”, “our relation is fun and great”. But remember this tip: pink rose meaning is a happy rose; do not send it for a romantic occasion or birthday!

Lavender Rose meaning is enchantment love

Lavender Rose meaning is enchantment love

Purple Rose Meaning: the enchantment and true love

Purple rose meaning is symbolic of Love at first sight and enchantment. If you meet someone special, your soulmate, send her lavender or lilac rose which convey meaning “the beginning of true love”. The secret meaning of purple rose is ”eternal true love”. Very deep purple roses are given for intimate personal situations. Purple roses or Lavender rose meaning is often used for wedding anniversaries after 25 years and beyond. Purple rose also the memorial rose for departed beloved spouse. Purple and lilac are mystical with their fantastical appearance.

Orange Rose meaning - enthusiasm fascination

Orange Rose meaning - enthusiasm fascination

Orange Rose Meaning: the enthusiasm and fascination

Orange rose meaning is symbolizes enthusiasm, desire and fascination. It color range from bright orange to coral. Peach rose is for occasions that call for enthusiasm and fascination. Orange rose are given to those who you desire, someone you want to get to know better, or those who you are proud of. Peach rose is good choice after the first romantic date, which secret meaning that you would like to say "let’s get together again", "I want more out our relationship." If you would like thank someone, send them peace roses. Orange rose meaning is wonderful choice for a new relationship, such for business partnership. After closing a successful deal, send your business partner a bouquet peach rose as appreciation.

Green Rose meaning is rejuvenation and luck

Green Rose meaning is rejuvenation and luck

Green Rose Meaning: the rejuvenation, wealth and luck

Secret meaning of green rose is fertility and new life, spirit rejuvenation, and wealth and luck. Green rose is not abundant in nature. From all rose colors, green rose or Rosa Monstrosa is a unique trait and not a product of any rose-breeding program. You will send green roses if your friend got promotion or new job. If your friend just got a new opportunity in life such a new career, send green rose gift as appreciation. Might be your friend just won a lottery one million dollar, immediately send bouquet of green rose. In other side, green color also means jealousy and envy, that’s why dollar is green. Are you jealous about your friend lottery dollar?

Black Rose meaning is radical love

Black Rose meaning is radical love

Black Rose Meaning: the death and radical action

Black rose meaning is symbolize feeling of mystical expectation, rebirth, and also as major change and the birth of new movement. Black rose do not exist in nature. It is merely a concept and used in many ways as title of novel, paint, songs, movie, and fiction. Black is color symbol of death and mourning, sadness and farewell, and radical action. Flower commonly called black roses are actually a very dark red color like ‘Nigrette’ rose. Nigrette is considered the darkest black rose.The Black Rose is a rarely used symbol of the anarchist movement. Nowadays, florist sell artificial black rose. Do not send black rose unless your friend has a freak sense of humor or a mobster. Black rose (very dark red rose) is commonly used for funeral arrangements and memorial displays.

Blue Rose meaning is unattainable and mystery

Blue Rose meaning is unattainable and mystery

Blue Rose Meaning: the unattainable and mystery

Blue rose meaning is for something difficult to achieve, maybe its dream and fantasy, or opportunity or new possibility that hard to gain. Blue rose given to someone that seem mysterious, but you exciting and think often. Love which unrequited or expecting for miracle would happen, were reason to give blue rose. That is why blue rose also means new opportunity or beginning. Blue rose do not exist in nature. Blue rose at first made from dying white rose with blue pigments. Today blue rose has been grown using genetic engineering. Because it not natural in color, it color secret meaning are unattainable and impossible.

Secret Meaning of Roses as Romantic Gift

Secret Meaning of Roses as Romantic Gift

The Best Romantic Gift for Women

Do you know why romantic flower gift is the best romantic gift ever after for women? Women will complain if you did not ever gave romantic flower gift. You should know why romantic flower gift is very significant and play important role in women life and love relation. Find the answer here: The Best Romantic Gift Ever After for Women, say it with flower!

Meaning of Rose Number

Understanding the meaning of rose colors is not enough without understand the rose number meaning and its combination. Here some tips that you should know. But, in my opinion, this rose number especially for red roses. If you want to know more, see the complete list bellows.

  • 1 rose: First date; you are the one; love for the first sight
  • 2 roses: Mutual love; deeply love one another
  • 3 roses: I love you; traditionally one month anniversary gift
  • 6 roses: I want to be yours
  • 7 roses: I am infatuated with you
  • 9 roses: Eternal love, together as long as we live
  • 10 roses: Love is perfect, you are perfect
  • 11 roses: You are my treasured; the one I love most in my life
  • 12 roses: Please, be mine, be my steady!
  • 13 roses: secret admire
  • 15 roses: I am truly sorry, please forgive me
  • 20 roses: My feelings for you are truly sincere
  • 21 roses: I am devoted or dedicated to you
  • 24 roses: I can't stop thinking about you; thinking of you 24 hours every day.
  • 25 roses: congratulation!
  • 33 roses: Saying “I love you” with great affection
  • 36 roses: I will remember our romantic moments
Rainbow roses meaning is happy roses

Rainbow roses meaning is happy roses

  • 40 roses: My love for you is genuine
  • 44 roses: Unchangeable pledge
  • 50 roses: Regretless love, our love have no bounds
  • 56 roses: You are my love.
  • 66 roses: Beautiful love affair
  • 99 roses: I will love you for as long as I live
  • 100 roses: Harmony and togetherness; devoted as couple
  • 101 roses: You are my true love; no other love but you
  • 108 roses: Please, marry me!
  • 111 roses: Eternal love
  • 123 roses: Free love
  • 144 roses: loving you day and night eternally
  • 365 roses: I love you every day; Thinking of you every day
  • 999 roses: Everlasting and Eternal love
  • 1001 roses: Faithful love, forever love

Roses References and Further Reading:

Have a good knowledge about rose flower and roses colors meaning will make people amaze about you. Telling a little bit specific about roses; what their color meaning and rose numbers, it can be a good small conversation which make people appreciate you as a good person personality. Here some basic or guide book about roses flower that will enrich your personality.


Esrom Aritonang (author) from Indonesia on November 12, 2016:

Dear Anthony J, in my opinion, the meaning of roses number is more specific for red roses. If you would like gave roses to your friend, you can choose the yellow, white, pink, and red combination. The number is 10, 11, 12 or 25 as "congratulation" of your friendship.

Anthony J on February 03, 2016:

I understand the colors of roses, yet when it comes to the count it seems to contradict the intent of giving. Looking at the list above the number of roses all seem to convey the word love, as opposed to the color. For example, yellow, as well as the three shades of pink. If I were to give my friend a bouquet of roses for the way she has shown me friendship, and I use either yellow or pink, or both how many roses would I order, to convey the friendship she has shown me?

Nirav Dave from Rajkot on February 16, 2011:

Wow, really like about roses...

thank you...

Esrom Aritonang (author) from Indonesia on November 14, 2010:

Dear Moxyl, I hope he send you roses soon. Let me know how many roses he sent to you. Good luck with roses.

Moxy Lewis from London on November 12, 2010:

I have forwarded this hub to my bf for his reference :))) thx for the info!

Paul Peterson on June 02, 2010:

Pleasure.. oh I didn't notice, it's WORKS instead of WORDS

Esrom Aritonang (author) from Indonesia on May 31, 2010:

Thanks for the comment Paul.

Paul Peterson on May 25, 2010:

You just did such a great hub. Rose really words wonders!

Esrom Aritonang (author) from Indonesia on May 24, 2010:

Thanks Habee.

Holle Abee from Georgia on May 23, 2010:

Great info about roses, and I love the pics!

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