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After today’s epiphany, I know that my happiness is one thing that I cannot give up on myself, but my unhealthy relationships I can, should and will. This is because I come to realize that there is more beauty in solitude than the toxic existence of others that push me down day after day. Without a doubt, it always seems to have the most beautiful beginning. And when you finally feel cozily ensconced in the lap of a new dream; your arms will ensanguine with the blood of its death.

With all the distress you experience, time after time your main goal is to find solutions to problems while theirs is to linger on your mistakes. Since love empowers all flaws; you hold on hoping that beyond that hurt there is a sterile and great happiness.

Others see it naïve or stubbornness, and you probably want to prove everyone wrong that you have made the right decision no matter what you have to tolerate in the future. So on that disappointing part, you look for some sort of sense and logic in every excuse you make for them. Your new enemy is yourself. Your persistent, persuasive and unrealistic thoughts are what deliberate and contrive you from the true meaning of life. It’s your persistence to hold on that keeps you celled and soldered from rediscovering the beautiful language of love.

The grey walls they put up are built with bricks of pride and arrogance. Time will prove to you that their priority was to keep those walls standing as you fell down. Breaking them is merely the cause of a great new beginning. Have the strength, insight, and listen to the sound of wisdom your heart has been singing from the first tear your eyes shed. Don’t be afraid to start over. There is a heart that seeks diligently to find you, to understand you, to cherish the most delicate and evanescent of moments with you.

Your heart modestly asks you to rediscover the path you so much regretted, rediscover the path at the times when it seems most important to stay away, rediscover the path that makes your heart shiver from the questions that refuse to be placated, rediscover the path that reveals its true natures slowly, reluctantly and beautifully. Rediscover...

Reem Alirhayim


Ijeoma Peter from Lagos, Nigeria on May 07, 2015:

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It's my pleasure.

Reem Alirhayim (author) on May 07, 2015:

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback :)

Grace on May 06, 2015:

Wonderful! So much meaning..

Ijeoma Peter from Lagos, Nigeria on May 06, 2015:

Very inspiring, nice one @Reem

Sally on May 06, 2015:

Interesting selection for words. Enjoyed reading this very much!

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