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100 Husband Quotes With Images

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Trust, respect, and commitment. These are three of the most important things in a happy marriage. It's easy to get lost and forget about showing your love and appreciation for the love of your life, especially when you juggle several things in your hands. But it's always a good idea to express your love in ways he wouldn't imagine. Find the right words to express how much you love and care for him by using these husband quotes as your guide.

I Love My Husband Quotes

If you're having a difficult time expressing just how much you love your husband, these quotes should come in handy. These short yet meaningful loving husband quotes can be just what you need to sum up your affection for your life partner.

1. "52 weeks. 365 days. 8,736 hours. 525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds. Fresh moments, like the dew drops of heaven to spend with you. Nowhere else would I rather be than with you."


2. "To my husband, never forget that I love you. When we get to the end of our lives together, the house we had, the cars we drove, the things we possessed won’t matter. What will matter is that I had you and you had me. I love my life because it gave me you. I love you because you are my life."

3. "I love you. After all this time. I still love you. It’s always been you. It was you yesterday. It was you today. It will be you tomorrow. And for the rest of my life. It will be you. I love you."

4. "No matter how many times we fight, I’m never going to stop loving you. I will keep my promise to you, and never give up on us. I promise."

5. "Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite."


6. "I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you."

7. "I love you for all that you are all that you have been and all that you are yet to be." – Virginia Wood

8. "If I know what love is, it is because of you." – Herman Hesse

9. "I ask myself everyday… How did I get so lucky to marry my bestfriend in this world."

10. "Baby I’m yours and I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky, until the rivers all run dry. In other words, until I die."


Anniversary Quotes for Husband

It's that time of year again, a moment to drop everything you're doing and greet your husband a happy anniversary. Take time to reflect about the past and dream about the future with these anniversary quotes.

1. "On this anniversary day, i looked back to all the memories and time we spent together and i wonder there is no photo frame big enough to save our beautiful memories together. Happy Anniversary!"

2. "Another year to create precious memories together. Another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other. Another year to strengthen a marriage that defines forever. Happy anniversary!"

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3. "Have you ever wondered what was it that sparkled most on my wedding day? It wasn’t the diamond ring that you gave me rather it was my eyes that sparkled with love whenever I saw you. Celebrating one of the most precious days in my life. Happy Anniversary!"

4. "Happy anniversary to the one I want to annoy for the rest of my days!"


5. "Our marriage represents the journey that we started many years of being together. Holding each other. I am very grateful to see we have not been astray from our path and always had each other’s back. I am very grateful to have such a caring and responsible husband. I love you exactly the way I loved you back then. Happy Anniversary!"

6."All these years, you have been amazing. As a dad to our kids and as my lover, I have been happy in your arms and I could see that we’ll be happier for the rest of our days. Thank you for everything. Happy anniversary, my darling."

7. "You are truly a blessing from God. Thank you for being my partner, husband, lover and friend. Happy anniversary!"

8."I want you for always… days, years, eternities." –Franz Schubert


9. "Every single day that I spend being your wife, I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life."

10. "Today we celebrate the best decision we ever made. Happy Anniversary!"

Birthday Quotes for Husband

Make your husband's birthday extra special with these heartfelt quotes. As he turns a year older, remind him of how he remains young at heart, and that your love for him grows that much stronger. These messages can prove to be the most special gift he'll receive.

1. "Dear husband, it is your birthday today. I wanted to wish you the very best, but you already have me. No need. Happy Birthday!"

2. "To the wonderful man I love, Happy Birthday. I never knew what soulmate meant until I met you."


3. "To my wonderful husband, Happy Birthday. You deserve the best of everything, and hope you’ll have it, too, beginning with a birthday that is just as wonderful as you!"

4. "If I take a moment to thank God for all my blessings then I have to thank him for giving me a husband like you. Happy birthday, my darling."

5. "You are the smartest man I know with a taste for the finer things in life. I know this because you chose me as you wife. Happy birthday!"

6. "Happy birthday my amazing husband. They say the passing of time is inevitable, but I couldn’t imagine it would make me love you more and more each day."


7. "Life may be tough but with you, it’s one awesome ride! Happy birthday!"

8. "Happy birthday to my amazing husband, who never ceases to amaze me, thank you for who you are, and all that you do. I love you!"

9. "There’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be than next to you. My partner in life. My amazing husband. Happy birthday!"

10. "Happy birthday to the man of my life, king of my castle, and the mate of my soul!"

Funny Husband Quotes

Want to be a little playful with your soulmate? Then take a look at these funny husband quotes. It never hurts to have some humor in your relationship. And the best thing is that there doesn't need to be a special occasion for these messages.

1. "I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes, she hugged me."

2. "Husbands are the best people to share secrets with. They’ll never tell anyone, because they aren’t even listening."


3. "Never laugh at your wife’s choices. You are one of them."

4. "Sometimes I look at my husband and think, “You are one lucky man!”

5. "When my husband tries to help my son find something… It’s like the blind leading the blind."

6. "He calls me crazy but who’s the one who married me? Who’s the crazy one now."

7. "I love being married. It is so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life."

8. "Husbands are like fine wine. They take time to mature."


9. "Sending your husband to do something for your children is like sending in a backup quarterback. The job may get done but it isn’t going to be pretty."

10. "Thank you, husband, for being the extra child I never wanted."

Cheating Husband Quotes

Things don't always work out the way you want to. Some say cliché, but perhaps it's just reality setting in. These cheating husband quotes may be deep and sorrowful, yet they convey a sense of hope at the same time.

1. "I chose to stay with him for all the things that he did right, and not leave him for one thing that he did wrong."


2. "Most people cheat because they’re paying more attention to what they’re missing rather than what they have."

3. "The biggest mistake I have made in my life is letting people stay in my life far longer than they deserve."

4. "A real man chooses to honor, love, respect, adore, and be faithful to one woman."

5. "You’re right. People do lie, and cheat, and stab you in the back. There will be people who use you, and don’t love you even though they say they do. But you can’t let that stop you from living. Because there are people out there who do love you, and would never hurt you. You have to find those people and keep them in your life forever."

6. "You never know how much you love someone until you watch them love someone else."


7. "Your words mean nothing when your actions are the complete opposite."

8. "Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies."

9. "Men are supposed to love and protect women. Not hurt and betray them."


10. "Real men stay faithful. They don’t have time to look for another woman because they’re too busy looking for new ways to love their own."

Valentine's Day Quotes for Husband

Want to greet your husband a happy heart's day? You may not be able to spend as much time as you want together due to work, your children, or anything else you have on your plate. But come Valentine's Day, give him something to look forward to. Send him one of these Valentine's Day quotes and set the tone for a romantic date.

1. "Forget the butterflies. I feel the whole zoo when I am with you."

2. "Without you, I’m nothing. With you I’m something. Together, we’re everything."

3. "Love you happy, love you glad, love you pouty, love you mad. Love you silly, love you moody, but mostly love you."

4. "You will forever be my always."

5. "You are my home and my adventure all at once."


6. "Turns out I like you more than I originally planned."

7. "On this day, I want you to be my valentine."

8. "If love is a serious mental disease, I’m completely out of my mind."

9. "Happy valentine’s Day. I’ve waited all my life to find someone like you."

10."Love is just a word but you bring it definition."


Future Husband Quotes

It's always exciting to dream of your future husband—saving for a house, raising children, and growing old together. But before that time comes, you might have something to say to the person you'd spend the rest of your life with.

1. "To my future husband, I am praying for you, and I’m excited to pray with you for the rest of our days."

2. "Dear future husband, I’m getting a little but annoyed at your hiding game that you are playing. I think it’s time for you to find me."

3."I want to be a blessing to the man I marry I want him to look at me and say “You’re the woman I prayed for.”


4. "I don’t need a perfect relationship, I just need someone who won’t give up on me."

5. "I want all of my lasts to be with you."

6. "Lord, thank you for making me the person I am so that I could be the perfect person that my future husband needs me to be."

7. "Dear future husband, she needs to rest. She wants to be safe with you. She desires to be wanted and needed. She hopes to be remembered – not forgotten. She prays to meet you."


8. "Dear future husband, I’m trying to guard my heart with everything I have."

9. "I will wait for you because honestly I don’t want anyone else."

10. "Dear future husband make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is you."

Inspirational Quotes for Husband

Does your husband need an extra push to finish a project he's been working on for months? A little something to cheer him up during a bad day? Or maybe he just needs to be reminded that you're always by his side even in the toughest of circumstances? Try these inspirational quotes for your husband to uplift his spirits.

1. "God gave me my husband so we could weather the storms of life together."


2. "A great relationship doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end."

3. "In every disagreement in marriage, remember this one important truth: My spouse is my partner, not my enemy. We will either win together or we’ll lose together."

4. "I love how you take care of me, how you keep working to be a better man, even on days I fail to be a better woman."

5. "There is no feeling in the world like knowing you have a partner to face whatever life throws at you."


6. "When marriage is difficult, focus on the person you’re fighting for, not the person you’re fighting with."

7. "A happy marriage is about three things, memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up non each other."

8. "Couples who make it aren’t the ones who never had a reason to get divorces; they are simply the ones who decide that their commitment to each other is always more important than their differences and flaws."

9. "You should value your wife’s opinion more than that of your co-workers, family, and friends."

10. "A good marriage isn’t something you find, it’s something you make, and you have to keep making it."

Proud Of My Husband Quotes

A husbands wants nothing more than a wife who doesn't think twice about showing how proud she is of him. It gives them a self-confidence boost and reminds them to work that much harder to achieve your goals. Be that wife with the help of the following quotes.

1. "I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you."

2. "I’m grateful to be sharing life, love and parenthood with a wonderful man like you."

3. "Life has given us a wonderful family, a happy home, and love for each other. Most importantly, it’s brought us together. I am so grateful to have you as my husband."


4. "My husband’s biggest flaws are he works too hard and he’s too nice."

5. "Life smiles at me every day with you by my side. I’m blessed to call you my husband and the father of my children."

6. "I am a proud wife of an imperfect husband. He is the only one in this world who can tolerate my madness."

7. "I am not just your wife. I’m your biggest fan."

8. "Some people never know what it’s like to have a husband who’s also their best friend. I do and I’m so grateful."


9. "You’re doing better than you think you are. I’m proud of you, keep going, you’ve got this!"

10. "You make me feel so proud of being in love with you."

Husband And Wife Quotes

'Til death do us part. Such is the promise of married couples, and it's worth taking a step back once in a while to remind yourself of this vow. Things aren't always smooth sailing, but you have your husband to help you steer the ship and get everything in order. These husband and wife quotes will remind you of the foundation of a happy and long-lasting relationship.

1. “Husband and wife relationships are like the relationship of Tom and Jerry. Though they are teasing and fighting, but can’t live without each other.”

2. "I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams."


3. "A husband and wife may disagree on many things but they must absolutely agree on this: to never, ever give up."

4. "A man should not compete with his wife in talk but in silence."

5. "Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like in a game of chess; the queen always protects the king."


6. "An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.

7. "Your love is the strength that drives me to do everything for this family. You are armour that shields me from tears."

8. "There is no such cozy combination as man and wife.""

9. "My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never."

10. "You don’t marry someone you can live with. You marry the person who you cannot live without."



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