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Peacock Feather Weddings

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Best Peacock Wedding Planning Tips

The peacock wedding is quickly becoming the hottest wedding trend ever ! Peacocks are considered a regal bird For some cultures it also symbolizes knowledge, kindness, patience and good fortune. With this kind of symbolism, it's no wonder it's considered a favorite of many brides.

Coordinating your Peacock Wedding is easy with the range of products and colors that are perfect for your themed wedding. Our goal is to help you with all the planning from invites to wedding reception, we are here to help. We will be adding more information daily, so please check back often.

Creating your peacock wedding starts with an understanding of color. Choosing your colors carried out throughout your theme makes your wedding the special day that you want it to be.

Stick with a simple color scheme if you are planning a less formal theme. Use one or two of the colors. Carry the colors in your bouquets and in your attendents attire. Use the colors in your centerpieces. Omit using or limit yourself in regard to the peacock feathers, Your peacock wedding does not have to be an over the top color blast. Use the colors around you to accentuate you and your bridegroom.

If you are having a more formal evening event, think about the elegance of the peacock feather. Remember to choose one or two colors that will create the scene that will be special for you.

It is not always necessary to use peacock feathers, although many brides do. Just opt to use the peacock theme colors.

You can make it bright or muted. It's up to you !

Peacock Color Pallette

Peacock Color Pallette

Peacock Color Pallette

Colors For A Peacock Wedding - Step One-Chose Your Color Pallette

When you decide on using a peacock feather theme, you have the choices of four basic colors to use with your theme. Do not however make the mistake of chosing too many colors in your theme. Stick to one or two at the most. You can also chose one color and make two slight varients of the same color in a darker or lighter tone.

Peacock Wedding Colors

  • Plum- In the very deepest part of the peacock feather in a plum purple. You can easily make this the color of your theme. Bridesmmaids can be in this color. Purple calla lillies with peacock feathers would make a wonderful centerpiece. You m ight also choose to use the purple calla lillies in the bridal bouquet. You could also add plum chair sashes,
  • Bronze Is the perfect neutral color for your peacock wedding. It adds a touch of elegance. Start with your invitations. Put the wording in teal or touquoise. Then add a bronze envelope. Now, that really makes a statement about your wedding.You could also use the bronze color as ribbon on your wedding favors. Bronze containers for your centerpieces also add a touch of elegance.
  • Green-If you look carefully, you will see a sage and olive green in the outer edges of the peacock feathers. It is a subtle shade that will add a more nature type theme or a subtle theme. You could add this in your choice of napkins and candle colors
  • Teal or Aqua The color of this part of the feather adds a brightness to your theme. You could add this in your centerpieces and in the color of your bridemaid dresses.

Start With Your Invites And Save The Date Cards

Give your guests a taste of your theme with your invites and save the date notices. Use the bright colors of the peacock theme. Or use black and white stationary with a single bright feather.

Making your own stationary? There are plenty of locations where you can get a peacock feather craft stamp. Just the right touch stamped in the color of your choice,

More Peacock Wedding Choices And Palettes

Peacock Wedding Invitations - Step Two-Chose Your peacock Wedding Invites

Once you have selected your color palette, you are ready to think about your invites and wedding stationary. Assuming that you chosen your date, booked your wedding and reception venues, and set the times, you are now ready to chose your invitations.Your invites are the first statement about your wedding, so you will want to chose carefully


Peacock Wedding Bouquet

Wedding ceremony incorporates the lovely colors of this theme

Wedding ceremony incorporates the lovely colors of this theme

Beautiful wedding cake using the peacock wedding colors

Beautiful wedding cake using the peacock wedding colors

Do It Yourself Peacock Wedding Projects

Peacock Wedding Ideas

This beautiful hair piece carries the peacock theme with elegance and grace

This beautiful hair piece carries the peacock theme with elegance and grace

Wedding Attire Ideas

There are two schools of thoughts about the bridal attire in a peacock wedding.

The first thought is that the bride wears a traditional white dress -elegant and simple. She then wears accessories that make the dress shine with the peacock theme. Add a sash in the color to match your theme.

The second group loves over the edge colors for the bride and the bridal party.That will be a large splash of color that will start with the gown.

Your female attendents will actually be a frame for you. So choose the color and look of their dresses wisely. You will want your attendents to blend in with your theme rather than standing out from it.

No matter what you decide, remember to consider the the effect of your attire will photograph.

No matter which way you decide to go, make sure that you carry your theme creatively and beautifully

A Simple Wedding Attire Idea For Your Peacock Wedding

These designed shoes carry the peacock  theme to perfection. Would be outstanding in a shorter dress where the shoes would be seen.

These designed shoes carry the peacock theme to perfection. Would be outstanding in a shorter dress where the shoes would be seen.

More Peacock Wedding Inspiration