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Going to the Park with your Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Tips for things to do for Summertime Fun!

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It’s summer and what better to do then get out of the house and outside for some fresh air? Well why not bring your special someone along? Whither you have been together a long time or just a couple of months I’m sure you will have a fun time. The park you go to doesn’t matter, it doesn’t need to be a big fancy place, just a town public park works fine. Grass on the ground, a breeze in the air, and sun in the sky is all it takes. Going to the park with your girlfriend or boyfriend will prove to make you two come closer together as every time you go you add another experience to the chapter of your relationship. Going to the park will prove fun for you both, doesn’t matter if your athletic, homely, lazy, or any other description, its good for all!

Good Day to be at the Park!

A great park, nice shaded areas are great to stay cool while at the park!

A great park, nice shaded areas are great to stay cool while at the park!

So, what will I get out of going to the park and what will we get out of going to the park?

Going to the park can be looked at a number of ways, more then not you will have your own reasons to add to it. Some things you might get out of going to the park is:

-Getting out of the House, Treat it like a mini vacation.

-Getting away from Work, Stop worrying about the cell phone and job for awhile.

-Exercise, most people need more-this gives the perfect opportunity.

-Fresh Air, what better to keep your body healthy then to get out of the smog.

Basically, ease of stress and good exercise for your body.

Now the list gets longer here, and its good because together you get a lot more out of going to the park. Some things you might get out of going is:

-Spending more time with each other.

-A time to get out of being pressured for time, you both get to relax with each other.

-Coming Closer- By spending time and playing or relaxing with each other it removes most distraction you have other places, you get to really just appreciate being together.

-Gives you time to talk to each other, in a calm place to really reply the way you want to.

-It could be a good place to enjoy being with each other for free, doesn’t cost anything.

Most people come up with long lists they can make of what they get out of it, these are just some on the common most get out of it.


What to Bring?

A lot of people don’t know what to bring to the park when they go. Well normally what you bring is depending on who you are and what you want to do. Some suggestions of what to bring are:

-Bottled Water- Always make sure you stay hydrated, plenty of water or drinks for you both is a must!

-Towels- To lay down on the ground, bring two beach towels so you don’t get dirty and they help keep you dry if its hot out. An alternative to this is a blanket.

-Snacks- You will not have the greatest time if your hungry. It’s best to take things like chips or something that will not melt in the heat.

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-Cell Phone-You might need to call for a ride if it starts to rain if you walked to the park or got dropped off. Mostly its important for younger couples to have a cell phone.

-Napkins, Paper Towels, or Facial Tissue-Most people need to blow there nose, well its best to be prepared. Paper Towels or Napkins are also handy if your snack is sticky or oily.

-Watch-If you don’t bring your cell phone you should have your watch to see what the time is.

-Sunscreen-Protect your skin even if you intend to be in the shade the whole time. It is always a good idea to wear SPF 30 or more Sunscreen.

-Sunglasses-Protect your eyes as well.

-Bug Repellent- To keep mosquitoes and other bugs away from you, remember mosquitoes carry many viruses and infections that could kill you, its strongly suggested to protect yourself from bugs.

Other things, depending on what you do you might want to include with you are:

-Laptop ComputerRadioBook\BooksMagazinesHandheld GamesBallsFrisbees

A Great Park to go play Frisbee or just relax on a towel in the shade.

A Great Park to go play Frisbee or just relax on a towel in the shade.

What are some activities we might enjoy doing?

There are many things to do at the park, but some I suggest are:

-Frisbee- Bring a Frisbee and throw it back and forth. This gives you excellent excurse and is funner then you think when you play with your special someone.

-Catch- Bring a ball and toss it around a bit.

-Walk- Walk around the park holding your special someone’s hand, its very romantic and most people are happy doing so.

-Run- Make a starting point and race your special someone to a point, see who wins, its fun.

-Biking- If allowed at your park is a great way to spend time together.

-Singing- To each other or at the same time, its fun if you bring a radio.

-Dancing- Don’t need to be at a dance to dance with each other, also a good idea with the radio.

There are many other things you could probably come up with to do at the park. Remember it is a public place so try to keep the more explicit activities down. Parks are all different and have different rules and activities at them. This is a guide for more of a Public Park that is open without a lot of things added in, like an animal park etc. I hope you enjoyed this guide and got some ideas of what to do at the park and what to bring. Hope you have a good time with that special someone and it moves you two closer then before!

Bringing Relationships Closer.

You will have a great time and hopefully come closer together after having a romantic time at the park.

You will have a great time and hopefully come closer together after having a romantic time at the park.


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