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Modern Dating: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in 2023

Going back in time, love reminds me of meeting your significant other on a competitive bowling night game through mutual friends, surrounded by music blasting in the arena between the bustle of the game.

Love back in the day was in the tender gaze that went across the room and was exchanged with the special someone you felt a connection with. The sincere smiles exchanged across the room with that knowing feeling in the heart made the moment feel just right.

Too cheesy, isn't it? But this is what love back then felt like.

Fast forward to now, with the technological takeover in modern times, finding the right partner and maintaining a relationship has become dependent on technology. Does this technological shift in modern dating have more pros or cons? To find out the answer, continue reading ahead.

How Has Modern Technology Changed Dating?

It's a no-brainer that the world population has largely started shifting towards technological devices with the rise in technology. Be it a coffee machine to create ease while making coffee or a smartphone to keep you connected with everyone in the world.

Dating in today's world is just a matter of downloading an app, making online friends, and eventually dating them if you click with the right person.

With apps like Facebook that connect you with people worldwide and Tinder created solely for the purpose of dating by using a swipe and date method, these methods have created ease in forming new relationships. However, there is no guarantee that these relationships will be trustworthy and long-lasting.

What Are the Different Types Of Modern Dating?

Dating in modern times is simply about spending time with someone to get to know them, have fun together, and enjoy being romantic. Dating can sometimes be about seeing if there is potential for a more long-term relationship, or it can simply be about having fun with no future expectations, which is sometimes referred to as casual dating,

This is exactly what we'll be discussing first on our list of the types of modern dating.

  • Casual Dating

Casual dating involves getting to know a person without committing to them. Depending on a person's beliefs and values, casual dating may be a fun way to socialize or a stepping stone toward a more long-term committed relationship.

Whenever I'm asked why modern dating is so hard? I advise people to try out casual dating as this type of dating is great for someone trying to experience dating as a newbie as it allows them to dip their feet in to know what it's like to date and lets them gain insight on their type. Casual dating can also be utilized by someone who's not looking for a serious relationship and is looking for some fun.

But it can also allow a person to go further than just casually dating if they find their partner interesting, which might turn this casual dating experience into a much more serious commitment where you're dating with the idea of marrying the person. That brings us to the second type of dating.

  • Dating For Marriage

On the surface, dating for marriage appears to be no different than dating in general. You'll still go out to dinner, maybe see a movie, or have a picnic in the park. The main difference is that you'll only do these things with someone you genuinely want to pursue. You'll discuss deeper topics on the date to see if there's a chance for a long-term relationship.

Before you decide to date for marriage, make sure you're prepared for marriage! Finding the right life partner involves knowing what you want in a relationship and being willing to pass on people who aren't "The One." Make sure you fully trust God to bring the suitable person into your life at the correct time, even if it means staying single for a little longer.

  • Experimental Dating

Like casual dating, experimental dating involves dating a person to find the right one. Just as scientists experiment with different chemicals to get the ideal concoction with all the right ingredients in just the right amount. The same is the case with experimental dating, where one dates a few people until they find their 'ideal type' that makes their hearts flutter and their stomachs erupt with butterflies.

The only difference between casual and experimental dating is that when a person decides to date casually, they're on the hunt for some fun and might not be looking for a deeper connection or settling down. But experimental dating, on the other hand, is like the hunt for the right guy! This means you're ready to settle but haven't found the right one yet, so you're experimenting through casual dating to find your match.

  • Extra-Marital Dating

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When a relationship ends up Inducing boredom in the partners to the point they have nothing interesting to talk about, they lose the bond and the emotional connection between them.

If this happens over a long time, they'll become emotionally disconnected from each other as a husband and wife and become emotionally connected with someone else. What begins as an emotional connection with someone can eventually lead to an extramarital affair.

Extramarital dating involves dating someone else whilst already being married to your partner. It occurs as a result of various factors and usually proves to be uneasy and guilt-provoking for both the people involved.

What Are the Pros and Cons Of Each Type?

  • Casual Dating

The fun side of casual dating is getting a hangout buddy to spend time with, watch a movie or hang out in your favorite spot with. This laid-back and chill relationship allows you to discover your right type of partner while having fun, being intimate (if both people prefer), and being independent alongside the relationship.

The not-so-fun side of casual dating may occur when one of the person involved might get serious in the relationship, seeking a deeper connection. In contrast, the other partner may not feel the same way, making this a one-sided relationship and can eventually lead to a miserable ending.

  • Dating For Marriage

Since this type of dating is more focused on building a serious relationship, it can help you create deep emotional attachments with one another as you're looking to extend this relationship one step ahead. It may allow you to be there during each other's ups and downs, celebrate each other's wins, and console them at their losses.

While this relationship is all about serious, deep connections as you prepare for marriage with your significant other, it may seem all heart-filled and rosy until your significant other loses interest in you. If this had been a casual relationship, there wouldn't be much harm inflicted upon the other partner. But since the two partners are in this relationship with the hopes of marriage, it can screw things up if one partner backs out, cheats along the way, or ends it. The other partner in this scenario may deal with the worst kind of heartbreak that may take weeks and months to get over.

  • Experimental Dating

Experimental dating allows you to go all the way to choose your ideal partner, be it online through apps like Tinder or in-person. Along this process, you may create some great friendships, get to spend time with different people possessing various traits that may further help you decide what exactly you're looking for in a partner, and it might help you find your dream partner.

But on the flip side, you may also come across some rude and careless people who may use experimental dating as an excuse to cheat on you and justify it as a part of a modern dating rule. Hurting your feelings and making the process of finding your ideal partner a painful one.

Extra-Marital Dating

While many may consider an extramarital relationship to be filled with difficulties, it does have a few benefits, like allowing a person to find a better partner than their previous one. Let's say the previous partner was toxic and abusive. And the new partner may be emotionally healing for the person allowing them to break out of the last toxic marriage and opening the gates to new and happy beginnings.

On the contrary, if we look at the downsides of having an extramarital relationship, there can be quite a few, like using a new person to satisfy your needs rather than communicating this to your partner. This can cause emotional and physical damage to both parties as the person in an extramarital relationship is simply using the new person to get rid of their frustration and not looking to develop a healthy relationship with them. Other than that, this type of dating may cause you to leave a good relationship and get into a new relationship that you're not interested in but instead look at It as a source of distraction from the previous relationship.

What Are Some Tips for Successful Dating In 2023?

If you want to win a volleyball championship, you train. If you want a good grade, you study. Your dating life isn't any different and should therefore be treated the same way.

According to the modern dating rules, if you want to find the right relationship and make it last, you need to incorporate the following three tips that guarantee a successful dating life ahead.

  • Be Clear of What You Want

In life, be it in dating or making any other important decision, it's always important to be clear about what you want. When dating a man or woman, what is your type? Are you into the funny, go-lucky, loud personalities or the shy bookworms? Do you prefer a good physique or a good character? You must be clear on what you want to avoid future misunderstandings and conflicts.

  • Communicate

Whatever you like/dislike, your pet peeves and misunderstandings. Communicate it all. Because to create a strong bond between a couple, they both need to make efforts to speak their heart out and listen to each other. This will help immensely in resolving any conflict and help the couple lead a smooth and trustworthy relationship.

  • Don't Over Think and Over Complicate

To create a secure relationship, one must avoid overthinking negative thoughts as this only complicates your relationship as you have 100 different scenarios running in your mind. Instead, take the time out to sit your partner down and discuss with them the thoughts that are troubling you. This may allow them to clear things out for you and make you feel relieved and secure in your relationship.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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