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Surefire Ways to Make Your Husband Miss You

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How to get your husband to miss you.

How to get your husband to miss you.

How to Get Your Husband to Miss You

You love your husband but you also love knowing that he misses you and is thinking of you while away at work or out with the guys. If this is the case, you might want to learn ways to get him pining after you whether he’s away for the day, away for a business trip, or away overseas or long distance. Here are three surefire ways to get your husband to miss you and show his love for you.

1. Be More Independent

Have you ever heard someone say that independence is sexy, that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Both sayings are true. Do you make your husband go with you to run every errand? Think about it: You are married because you two made a commitment to be together for the rest of your lives, so why not be a little independent and do some stuff on your own. Okay, so he doesn’t need to go shopping with you, right? Practice some independent decision making and have fun with it. Make some decisions without always requesting his opinion and practice being your own person.

Mystery is also sexy, especially when you know each other so well. If he knows everything you’re thinking and all of your preferences, there’s no mystery left. Don’t share all of your thoughts all at once, don’t follow him from room to room in your house. Do your own thing and enjoy it. Watch your own shows, read a book, listen to your own music with headphones on, go for a walk - do something for you. You’ll pique his curiosity.

Find a hobby.

Find a hobby.

2. Develop Your Own Hobbies

You need to have hobbies outside of your relationship and you need to develop a life outside of just you and your husband. It’s time to take up that new hobby you’ve always been interested in. Whether it’s going to the gym, learning a new sport, learning yoga, joining a puzzle or book club, engaging in bird watching, or making new friends, do it.

Check out fun workout classes with a friend like Crossfit, Orange Theory, or join a hiking club. There are numerous activities you can enjoy as an individual. Learn something new and sign up for adult classes, take something in the arts, programming, biology, medical-related, and more. Keep learning. You might just discover a new and interesting career path that you’ve never explored

Have friends outside of your relationship.

Have friends outside of your relationship.

3. Have Friends and Relationships Outside of Your Marriage

It’s very important that you maintain your friendships prior to marriage and during marriage. Make sure you allocate time for hanging out with your friends and always make time for them - you want to nurture those relationships no matter what is going on in your marriage. Your true friends will be there through thick and thin throughout your lifetime.

Couples also need time apart where they can refresh and connect, so it’s totally natural to have hobbies outside of the relationship. You can make new friends, too, if you discover an interesting, new hobby. If you have a strong core group of friends already, find something fun that you can do if time is of the essence - exercise together, or join a cardio or yoga class together.

Set up a weekly hangout with your friends and schedule fun dinners, movie nights, drink nights, or stay in and do a sleepover-type Netflix binge party. Cook dinners for each other, go on backpacking trips, go camping, go glamping, or go to spa days or wine tasting, just do something fun. Your husband will appreciate you coming back looking refreshed and your relationship will feel anew. This is a surefire way to get your husband to miss you.

Does your husband miss you enough? Don’t need him to miss you? Want to make him jealous instead, then we have a great article for you.

Take some time for you.

Take some time for you.

Does He Take You For Granted?

If you sense that your husband takes you for granted, you may be on to something. Many times, people give and give in the name of love and expect nothing in return. This is the way we are taught about love! In actuality, putting yourself first is the number one way to ensure a healthy relationship.

If you're the one who is always planning all the trips, anniversary celebrations, cooking all the meals, cleaning up in the house, working, taking care of the kids, running errands, shopping for groceries and so on and so forth, you are definitely putting all your efforts in and you might not be getting something in return. Not to mention, you are probably exhausted by now!

You need to start putting yourself first in order to be desired. It starts with your health and your wellness. Expect good treatment and you will get good treatment. Accepting bad treatment or dismissal is why you got to where you are already. Figure out ways that you can be unavailable because you are too busy doing things that keeping you glowing. Remember, it's time to glow up - it's never too late for that!

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