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How to Make Your Husband Happy

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Find out how to keep your husband happy for the long-haul.

Find out how to keep your husband happy for the long-haul.

Happy wife, happy life, right? Well, a happy wife is just part of the puzzle. Keeping your husband happy is equally as important - it takes two to make a relationship work, right?

The ideal relationship involves two partners contributing to each others’ happiness mutually...this requires patience, compromise, and often sacrifice. If you love your husband and see the two of you together for a lifetime, find out how to keep him satisfied and keep him around ‘til death do you part. Here are seven essential tips to keep him happy.

1. Thank Him Often

Gratitude is the number one way to show that you care. When it comes to thanking your husband, acknowledge when he goes out of his way to do things for you no matter how big or small. Did he cook dinner, pick up the kids, fold laundry, mow the lawn, or take your car in to get repaired? Thank him for it!

Instead of nagging him when he doesn’t complete something that you ask for, praise him for doing something that you like. If he’s struggled to put the toilet seat down but finally gets into the habit of it, give him a big hug and a kiss and tell him you appreciate him doing it. If he remembers to take out the trash without you asking, tell him “thanks” and how much it helps out the household. Telling someone you appreciate their gesture goes a long way in terms of relationship-building.

Nurturing love takes work.

Nurturing love takes work.

2. Be Intimate Regularly

While women like to connect emotionally, men tend to feel connected to their partner through intimacy. Consider initiating a session with him. If it’s been hard to fit alone time in due to work, kids, or simply stress, figure out how to have more alone time and make it work with your schedule.

Maybe your insecurities have gotten in the way of you two being intimate because you are shy. Well, the good news is, he probably doesn’t care what you look like or how much baby weight you think you put on, he likely just wants to be with you. Remember, he doesn’t notice all the small imperfections that you do. He probably just wants to feel good with you and connect.

Size and shape doesn't matter. Just take care of your body!

Size and shape doesn't matter. Just take care of your body!

3. Stay Healthy

Good health can mean a lot of things. For one, taking care of your own mental health should be a top priority. In addition, you need to take care of your physical health to be mentally well, too. There are various ways to take care of yourself, including getting enough sleep, strength training, doing yoga, adopting a good skincare routine, and maintaining basic hygiene. If you take good care of yourself physically but you’re still not feeling your best, consider getting some help.

If you are always upset or feel like your mood is off, consider seeking out treatment for depression or anxiety. Figure out how to be a whole person on your own rather than being co-dependent and relying on your husband to complete you. This might require the help of a medical professional, like a therapist. Figure out what things make you happy in life and don’t depend on your husband to bring you happiness. Be the very best version of yourself and live your best life...it’s simply attractive!

4. Spend Some Time Away From Him

Absence make the heart go fonder - and this is very true of even the best of relationships. It’s important that you spend some time away from your husband and let him enjoy time with his friends. This alone time helps you two to establish your identities beyond marriage.

Need something to do? Go out with the girls, adopt a new hobby, join a social club, go for a run, practice yoga outside of the house, take care of yourself and get a mani/pedi, or get a new look by upgrading your hair or hair color. You might even consider enrolling in adult education. Consider a science, art, programming, or literature class just for fun.

Be independent and hang out with the girls!

Be independent and hang out with the girls!

5. Trust Him

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, yet a lot of us have baggage. But if your husband hasn’t given you a reason not to trust him, don’t go digging through his phone, emails, or social media. Also, don’t check up on who he is hanging out with or bug him when he is with his friends.

If you have been cheated on in the past and have trust issues, don’t let bad behavior from another guy ruin your current relationship. Let your husband know he has your trust and give him the benefit of the doubt if he’s been good to you. Practice a little self-restraint and do some growing on your end for the betterment of the relationship.

6. Don’t Nag

Nagging kills even the best of relationships, and no one likes to be nagged all the time. If your husband does something that you don’t like, bring it up once and explain to him why it upsets you or bothers you. Just make sure not to bring it up daily, as this will lead to resentment. Be sure to acknowledge where he is coming from. The more he resents you, the less likely he is to act on your requests - he may very well do the opposite.

7. Take Care of Him

Did your husband have a hard day at work? Does he need some alone time to decompress? Does beer help him relax at the end of the day? Go grab him one! Being in a relationship means supporting each other through the hard times, so be there for him. If he is sick, go to the store and get him some medicine, make his favorite soup, or program the TV to stream his favorite Netflix show. Help him rest and relax and recover.

Maybe he is having a busy day at work and doesn’t have time to do chores (laundry, picking up the kids, cleaning, vacuuming the car, etc.) - so lend him a helping hand. He will surely return the favor when you’re in need. As always, a little sacrifice and loving go a long way.

Love is about taking care of one another.

Love is about taking care of one another.

Invest in Your Happiness

Keeping your husband or partner happy is all about making sure that you are happy and taking care of your needs too. You cannot be a good partner to someone if you are always sacrificing and neglecting yourself. Your health and mood will suffer. Put your wellness first and the rest will follow. Also, follow the tips mentioned above to make sure you know how to help your partner when they need it most.

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