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Love: Pain or Pleasure?

We've all met love sooner or later. Sometimes love becomes a pleasant experience and sometimes it gets scarier.

What Is Love?

Love is the greatest feeling for everybody in all age groups. It is not only a question of sexual or romantic desires, it is a question of knowing how much understanding, patience, and care we have for one another. It is the love whereby we create our life or destroy it. It is not merely an attraction to someone it is a strong feeling.


Does love matter a lot?

Eventually, we need love to realize that we are not alone in this fast-paced world. The scientific reason for the importance of love is that when a person is in love there are a lot of hormones released in his body that increase the levels of happiness also the person becomes positive. It is the love through which humans make the connection and that the connection helps the individual to be a better person at the same time professional and personal. People work for the betterment of themselves and their families. So being in love with someone inspires and dedicates.

Sometimes feelings hold us captive.

Being in love is not an easy job, you must sacrifice something or another. If love is important to someone, keep in mind that love can also be immaterial to someone who has the same relationship. Then feelings incarcerated us because the love starts becoming hate. The unconditional love of one person and the ignorance of the other kill profoundly inside. This leads to a person with unconditional love, to cynicism and sometimes leads to depression.

It doesn't even take a second  for someone  to hate whom they loved the most.

It doesn't even take a second for someone to hate whom they loved the most.

Love or Unrequited Love?

Love has a tendency to give more pain than pleasure, especially when you realize that your partner has no love and commitment towards you. You can neither explain nor expedite your feelings and you entered deeply because of which you have sacrificed everything is no longer yours. You are disoriented and no one can comprehend your grief. Love only becomes sorrow and death. You begin to curse and criticize yourself for no reason, life becomes hell because you are emotionally and physically shattered. Sometimes unrequited love kills more people than cancer.

Break up Is Living Dead ?

The most painful thing in life is to face a rupture either it breaks completely or it is completely altered. It has many consequences a person with a breakup may have depression, anxiety, and many other disorders. People do not trust anyone after a break-up, no feelings are left in life and life begins to procrastinate. No excitement about anything that adversely influences our personal and professional lives. Sometimes due to breaking up, some have suicidal thoughts and it becomes very hard to manipulate. So a breakup can die alive.

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Self Love a Path to Success

Sometimes it is better to leave that unrequited love rather than embracing it and making your life more intricate. It is very important to have self-realization that nothing is more beautiful than self-love. A very important perspective of life is to love yourself passionately as Romeo Juliet loved each other. Self-love helps to grow both physically and emotionally. We explore so much about ourselves and the world which is required very much at this time. Self-love doesn't mean to live alone but to learn from the past and apply it to the present to avoid mistakes in the future, so you become not only a better human but also a man of principles. It is not at all easy, but if you can't love yourself unconditionally, then you must not accept from others the same.

it is not an end but a wonderful beginning.

it is not an end but a wonderful beginning.

End of something is beginning of the other

When you fail in love or when love becomes pain remember it is not the end, but the beginning of something really important, so never afraid to fall in love because love is very wonderful no matter how much it will hurt you later. When you have completely broken, this is the best time to build yourself so hard that even severe storms cannot defeat you. Love may be a pleasure for someone or pain, for someone else, but in any event, it teaches us very important lessons of life. So do not hesitate to enjoy in place each moment of life that life is too short.

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