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5 Key Factors to make a long-distance relationship work peacefully


Many people say long-distance relationships are some teenager’s fantasy what can’t work out.
But it is very well possible. Either long-distance relationship or a “common” one, both have the same roots of foundation. The only difference is that there is practically no physical contact.

But this is not a terminator for a long-distance relationship! Long-distance relationships are as much as probable to fail as a common relationship. If you do it right, they can even be much more connecting to your partner than a common relationship.

Make plans

Of greatest importance in my opinion is to determine when you will see her/him again. Every relationship seeks warmth and comfort. This wouldn’t be attainable if you are never going to see her/him. That’s why make appointments! Even if it is only a weekend you will pass together, they are often a precious memory. And also, you should know when the long-distance relationship will have its end. There has to be a perspective for both, so both can look forward to something. Either you move in together or just move near your beloved one. There needs to be a definite perspective to have an incentive.


Communication is the Alpha and Omega in every relationship. In a long-distance relationship it is just more pronounced. You will be talking a lot in such circumstances. Use Skype, MSN etc. in order to spend time with your partner. Try to call your partner via e.g. Skype, because your voice is much more powerful than emotionless sentences (even if you do emoticons). Additionally, if you could use a webcam, this would be even better.


You are spending a lot of time with your partner via Skype or social media like Facebook. But don’t make her/him feel like being chained to a leash. Give your partner her/his space so she/he can pursue her/his hobbies or meet up with friends etc.

Have a Routine

A routine to both can stick with and both are happy with is very important. You should always have certain time left, like in the evening, where you can chat with each other. Do this on a regular daily basis and if one of you is tied up with business, let the other know about this by a text or a quick call.
Having a routine also strengthens your connectivity and intimacy, because of the time spent and the knowledge that both are doing something together, what both are fighting for.

Do cute things

the distance shouldn’t stop you from being a cute girl/boyfriend. Still, you can show your partner in various ways your unending love. Write her/him a cute text with a short poem or just I love You. A cute e-mail will also make your partner happy. Though we live in a 21st century modernized world, you can write an old-fashioned love letter to your dearest. There are many online flower shops where you can order a bucket of flowers and send them to your honey.

All those things and many more will make it much easier for both to have a long-distance relationship.

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I hope I could help some of you with this and if there is something I forgot, just tell me.


Slaven Cvijetic (author) from Switzerland, Zurich on August 15, 2012:

To have rules is very important. But too many will be contra-productive because they will make you feel locked-in. It is important to have the right amount of rules and of course the Right rules (and not non-sense rules). Never forget The communication is the "tool" for every loving and peaceful relationship (and of course understanding and listening to the other and acting as a TEAM). I think setting rules etc. is a lot more prominent in long-distance relationships, because you simply don't see your partner all the time and maybe only every few weeks or months. That's why having clearly decided when you will spend time together (via skype or msn etc) is very important. It needs somewhat more commitment to a long-distance relationship from both sides and also after this freshly fallen in love phase.

Thanks for leaving a comment Lisa!

Lisa Ambers on August 14, 2012:

While reading this article makes me realized that setting rules to make relationship work , is still important. It'll bring peace to couples . Specially those in a long distance relationship!

Mariaam Bhatti from Dublin, Ireland on February 27, 2012:

It can certainly work as long as two people care about each other,have goals in life and they are happy together.

NightFlower on February 22, 2012:

I completely agree that long distance can work out based on maturity level of the two whom engage themselves. Very encouraging...unless you use it as a way to get in some extra-curricular activity which is the majority of the time otherwise it is possible.

Slaven Cvijetic (author) from Switzerland, Zurich on February 22, 2012:

Thanks for your comment and sharing. Nice to hear that it is going so well for you and your partner. Exactly such comments do encourage people to try such a long-distance relationship when they see success in it by other persons.

Brett C from Asia on February 19, 2012:

It definitely is possible, as we have been juggling varying distances the last 4 years, with no big issues or problems. Trust, freedom, respect and romance are all a big part of making it work.

Socially sharing, up and interesting.

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