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How to know a guy likes you or loves you

How to know a guy likes you or love you

Women always get a problem in knowing if a guy likes or loves them, what makes it worse is that many times women and girls cannot say it out to the men that they love them. What complicates the matters us that some guys are too shy to tell women and girls that they love them thus leaving many women to wonder if those guys like them. I have presented some of the best ways a girl know that a guy is in love with them and I am they are very effective.

They over look at you every time they get a chance

If a guy over looks at you, then you should know that he is after something, there are times when some guy cannot take his eyes off you, in most cases that guy will be in love with and he is trying to tell you that he loves you. Eyes, always have the capability of sending love signals and men usually use them to do so, therefore, the next time you see a guy over looking at you, then know that that guy likes you.

They like to visit you a lot

There are limits where friendships end and relationships take over, a man without a hidden intention to love will never make your place the first point of contact. If you see that a guy over visits you, then you should be wise enough to know that he loves you.

They use a soft tone whenever they talk to you

Many men and boys will agree with me that the way you talk to someone you love is not the same as the way you talk to any other woman. When you are talking to agirl you love the voice will always be in a lower tone, even when you are from shouting to someone, you will suddenly develop a voice which is soft when talking to someone you have an attention to love. A woman should therefore study a guys voice when talking to her and to other girls so they can discover if a guy loves them.

They normally send you good night messages

If a guy likes a girl, he will go to bed thinking about her, sometimes love will never let him sleep without sending a good night message, I do not mean that guy who sends you one good night message every after six months, I mean the one who sends nearly every day, such guys are normally motivated by love.

They call you with no good reason

If you notice a guy is calling you without clear reasons, and then thinks twice because it is more likely that that guy will be acting out of love. Such guys will call just to say “I just wanted to know how you are”. Sometimes they keep quite after the first greeting which implies that they really had nothing much to say.

They like to flatter you

A guy will have no reason to flatter a woman if they do not love them, you can know a guy is flatter something when they begin to flatter you. Most men believe that for a girl to love them, they must flatter them even when it necessitates lying to a woman.

Love topics

This is one of the most common characteristics of guys in love, men who are in love always want to introduce love topic when you are with them. They do that to look for the short cut to your heart. It is always had for men in love to avoid the topic, even the questions they will ask you will always be like, have you ever fallen on love? And so on.

Love and Others

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suku on April 04, 2013:

i like these tips because it helped me to know his love on him.but with a broken heart i says icant love him.

Anel on November 28, 2012:

I loved this tips! here's my story,He wanted to go out with me but i said no and he was asking me over and over again but i said no.Then he Told me i like you and he is that kind of guy who is very very shy, and i said eww thnx ..i like you too.The next day he looked me in the eyes and said '' I love you'' with a low tone , It was at school :p Im confused, I still not sure if he truly mean it or no :S. Pls answer me :/. By the way im 13 y-o :) and its the first time a guy tells me '' I love you'' .

judy on May 11, 2012:

Ive dated this guy 10 months he was always flatterying me constantly.I have 5 dogs he knew from the beginning.he stayed the night last week then got up at 6 i looked at the cloCk,I slept till 7. After I got up he said ,he was tired didn't feel good, and then he raised his voice to me screamed you have too many animals.He decided to go home early while he was in bathroom I wrote him note telling him he knew I had dogs why stay, I love them an not getting rid of them told him read after he gets home,He called said ,read before home an then yelled an said, I hate dogs one kept whelping so loud I killed it he said,I didn't react on ph conversation then he said ,Im done nothing to do with dogs its your jealousy,I was like of what,he said he was hopeing to win lottery an I said gee hope you don't say bye if u win, just teasing him, an I told him this,Then I said what other jealousy he said 2 weeks ago you said I could stay home,I did because he called said not feeling well.Not making since at all to me hes 68 Im 67,I was calm on ph he always uses house ph, cell in car, so I called cell, he buys minutes I talked till I used all minutes an I screamed at him as he did me day before really got into his crap.I felt like he was jeckle an hyde over night he said my dogs was barking at 4am an woke him in ph conversatio hes deaf an didn't have aids in never wears,my dogs don't bark at night so I knew he was lying plus it was 6 not 4 when he said he got up.Im still confused why he would act like this but I had no problem hating him immediately after his lies why would someone be so hateful.He told me he loved me an I was beautiful I know Im not hard to look at an hes not handsome guess he felt like he had a trophy an not bragging he always said feels good to have you on my arm when we go in places,anyone figure this creep out Im still dumb founded,yet I believe dogs he was jealous of any attention I gave them an noticed this early in relationship so didn't love on my animals in front of him.Afraid to date anyone now.Been married before husb died 2 yrs just confused/yet happy hes gone.

becky on April 30, 2012:

ok so i have a question i met this man who works on a modern food vanhe sells organic lunch and i have chatted with him a few times hes a lovely person i find him quite attractive but i notice when i leave and hes serving somone else he'l go out of his way to shout bye and then i turned and smiled & waved then another time i got something he gave it to me and softly said 'see you later' i could not help but think blimey was it me or was he being a bit intimate when saying that?? lol

any on April 26, 2012:

very true

punya prasad on November 21, 2011:

i really really loved this tips ......thanks for

Nina on October 02, 2011:

He looks at me yes, but one day I looked at him and he looked back, then we both looked away, and I haven't been able to notice/catch him looking at me since, I feel like he's more ignoring me or something, I don't know...

lovesickgurl on April 26, 2011:

This one guy looks at me all the time and he's my ex. He has a girlfriend but he wrote me a note and said he was pushed into going out with her. He said he still liked me. He stares at me all the time and people are just jealous. He loves me but is afraid of becoming unpopular. My mom says he will eventually stand up to them. I hope so. We both love each other!!!

bee on January 10, 2011:

Still not so sure. I noticed that there's a pair of eyes kept looking at me. He did come over to talk to me. But I am not only the one he strike a conversation with. He also talked to another female colleague of mine. Furthermore, He is soft spoken to everyone not me

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