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How to Meet Your Soulmate

Beth has a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and currently helps others through the body mind connection at Whole Body Synchroflow.


Unite with Your Twinflame

Are you looking for your soulmate? Do you ever wonder why you haven't met "The One" yet? I welcome you to join the other million readers who feel the same way. You have found a wonderful lens chock-full of ideas on the subject. Though there are some sections of this article specifically for women, the majority of it applies to everyone, so read on.

It is a culmination of my inner work, research and guidance on the topic of meeting one's TwinFlame. My goal in writing about the quest for love is to inspire others to stay on course no matter the path to meeting your Beloved. Read the parts that interest you and come back again to see if something new catches your eye. It's all about enjoying the journey so lighten up and have fun.


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~ TwinFlame Love ~

~ TwinFlame Love ~

~ Beauty ~

~ Beauty ~

~ My Story ~

The topic of TwinFlame Love has been near and dear to my heart ever since I can remember. Unfortunately, my mother died when I was a teenager and I spent many years removing myself as far away as I could get from love. Not only authentic love from relationships, but also divine love from within. Then I moved to Portland, OR at 35 and I was introduced to a woman who would become not only a friend, but also a mentor, guide, sister, mother, master and Earth Angel. It turns out that she is a soulmate, someone who I have known in other lifetimes and who I agreed to meet up in this one. After 8 years of intense daily devotion to spirit and living from Higher Mind with unconditional love, I am ready, willing and able to meet another soulmate, my TwinFlame, a man who will become my husband, life partner, Spiritual Partner in co-creation of boundless bliss.

Self Love is the Key

Self Love is the Key

Love Yourself

This is one of the most important achievements in life, to love yourself unconditionally. This means that no matter the situation you are in, you feel your connection to Source Energy and you consciously choose to expand this love in your life.

I Am the Most Important Thing

I remember each day when I awake, "I Am love, loved, lovable and loving."

Healing Energy

Healing Energy

Do Your Inner Work

Everyone has challenges in life because we are here to learn and grow spiritually. If you have not healed from past hurts then you will repeat the same lessons. This invites us to look deeper into our past as to why something happened in our present. Once we heal, grow and understand ourselves, we experience new lessons and the opportunity for greater love.


Remember the feeling you had as a child, knowing that you could do anything you wanted to do in life? Harness this feeling each day and your power to manifest a loving relationship increases exponentially.


Everyone has assistance in the spiritual realm. Once you ask for assistance from your angels and spirit guides then you can rest assured that they are working for you around the clock to produce something much better than you can possibly imagine.


When we take away what everyone else wants for us, we find the heart of our own wishes and desires. Focus on this as you contemplate your soulmate relationship.


Worry, self doubt and negative thoughts slow down the speed of manifestation. Once you've expressed what your heart desires in a mate then ask your angels and spirit guides to handle it for you.

~ Light ~

~ Light ~

Release Fear When It Arises

When you experience doubts then consciously release the negative emotion as you take a deep breath. Remind yourself that your angels are on the4 job and it is not your duty to worry.


When we form attachments to other people, we create etheric cords or invisible energetic pathways between us. These pathways can be positive and loving, but they can also be negative and life-sucking. It is a smart practice to ask Archangel Michael to assist in cutting all negative cords between you and prior lovers (or any negative relationship). The below video describes the process. This is one more pebble on the road to meeting your Beloved.

~ Harmony ~

~ Harmony ~

Visualize Life with Your Soulmate

This is a fun one. Whenever you think of it, visualize your mate and what he would be doing at the time. "See" him helping you and offering you unconditional love throughout the day.


When considering what you want in a spiritual partner, go for it! List every aspect of him that pleases you and don't hold back.


When planning your day, consider what you can do that brings joy to you. This gains priority.


Prayer is talking to God or Source Energy. Make it a daily habit, such as, "Dear Angels, Thank you for preparing me during this time to meet my TwinFlame."


You know you are feeling good when you are laughing so make it a point each day to belly laugh.


Meditation is simply quieting the mind and is excellent daily practice toward meeting your Soulmate. As you experience stillness, you connect with the flow of Universal Energy which is the path to meeting your Beloved.

~ Focus ~

~ Focus ~

Pay Attention

This suggestion applies to everything in your life. As you pay attention, you recognize signs from your angels and spirit guides.


When you notice and follow the signs that your angels and guides give you then you are following your intuition. This is what your gut tells you to do, not what your over analyzing lower mind says. Following intuition feels good and has a good outcome.


If something feels uncomfortable then this is your intuition saying it is not time or to consider other options. Doing what feels good has a wonderful effect on your overall well-being and brings you one step closer to meeting your TwinFlame.

~ Creation ~

~ Creation ~

Remember the Law of Attraction

Your thoughts create your life, simple as that. If you do not like an aspect of your life then focus your attention on what you do like. Doing this brings more and more of what you do like into your life.

~ Law of Attraction ~

~ Heal Mother Earth ~

~ Heal Mother Earth ~

Set Your Daily Intention to Love

When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that today you are doing your best to live from unconditional love, simple as that.


Affirmations are positive, life affirming statements that we repeat to ourselves each day. I like to print out a couple and leave them on my bathroom mirror with cute stickers on them. The following quote from Abraham is one of my favorites.


Select tunes that are uplifting and joyful. Music is a universal language and assists in quieting the mind and connecting with the flow of love.

Daily Affirmation - By Abraham

~ TwinFlames ~

~ TwinFlames ~

"There are many people right now experiencing the dream that is coming for me, who were at one time standing right where I'm standing. I'm right on track. There is not anything amiss here. Everything is unfolding perfectly. I am perfect where I am and gravitating to something that will satisfy me even more."

~ Affirmation Products for You ~

~ Inspired Action ~

~ Inspired Action ~

Take Action

Once you've made the commitment, follow through with inspired action. Your happiness is the most important thing in life so make choices in alignment with love.


Make a commitment to yourself that you will do the work and follow the path to meet your Divine Life Partner.


This will add meaning and depth to your path to meeting your TwinFlame. Ceremonies are very powerful when they have deep meaning for you. Performing a ceremony can be as simple as writing a letter to him describing why you are so happy that he is in your life. Save the letter and when you come across it you will feel refreshed enthusiasm and expectation.


It is easy to get attached to an idea or a desire along the way. When we are detached, we let go of the reigns and allow our guides to assist in an outcome beyond our imagination. This pertains to specific situations. It is possible to remain detached and loving while exploring a relationship and knowing in your heart that you will be united with your Soulmate even if this is not him.


This feeling is a spontaneous one and arises when we are overwhelmed with joy when we objectively view our lives from somewhere outside of ourselves. Life is a special gift to be treasured.

Remember This ~

1. Write letter to My Beloved saying why I am happy he is in my life.

2. Put letter somewhere special.

3. Ask my angels to work out the details for our perfectly timed meeting.

4. Say a prayer of thanks.

5. Let it go, feeling joyful expectation for our divine union to come.

Appreciation... - Is Closely Related to Love

~ Patience ~

~ Patience ~

Be Patient

When will you meet? I don't know. The important part is to love and enjoy each day in the meantime and before you know it he will be here.


Yes, hug yourself. Wrap your arms around yourself, breathe deeply, squeeze, close your eyes and send infinite love to yourself. It feels good, promise


If you don't have a close friend to talk to then simply write down your feelings in a journal. This helps vent negative emotion so that you can return to your natural state of love.


It is not possible to remain positive and enthusiastic at all times because we are in human form. There will be times when you feel lonely and sad for your TwinFlame. When this happens allow yourself to cry and release the emotions from within. Afterwards, go watch a funny movie or do something that brings you joy such as playing sports or doing yoga. In no time you will feel back to your normal, loving self, eagerly awaiting the first sign of your mate.


Having a bad day? Talk about it to a close friend who always offers loving support. It may not be an issue that can be resolved instantly, but releasing the negative emotions about it provides the space for solutions.

~ Play Time ~

~ Play Time ~

Play and Have Fun

What better way to feel good all over then to play, just like you were a child.


On the path to feeling good each day, it is easy to get derailed by fearful movies, books, videos, websites or other entertainment. Fear is the absence of love. Strive to stay in the flow of love by enjoying uplifting, funny and romantic entertainment.


Whether they are complaining, dramatizing or gossiping, some people just do not feel good to be around. As you practice living from unconditional love each day, you will notice that even the idea of being around these people is uncomfortable. Choose to spend your time with positive, supportive and loving people instead and you will be glad you did.


If you are on your way to the grocery store and suddenly you feel like going somewhere else then act on it. You never know when or where you will cross paths with your Beloved.


Not only does routine exercise have many positive effects on you physically, it can also improve your emotions. I find that moving my body in rhythm such as walking, quiets the mind and becomes a meditation. If you don't already exercise routinely then begin slow and easy, checking with a doctor first if you have any medical conditions. Try at least 20 mins, 3 times a week for a month and then reassess how you feel about yourself on your path to your Beloved.

~ Vacation ~

~ Vacation ~

Take a Break

Schedule some down time for yourself. You deserve it.


Just because he is not yet here doesn't mean that you can't pretend. Imagine him sleeping next to you and feel his arms wrap around you, pulling you close. The more of these types of loving thoughts the better because he will be walking into your life any second now.


When we set our daily intention to living with love, we advance our spiritual awareness and often times it begins to feel like invisible doors begin opening for us. These are signs from our other worldly helpers, saying, "Go this way and continue to live in joy." This is also known as synchronicity and it is something spectacular to witness in your life. If it is new to you then read the following lens on the topic and welcome to more and more excitement on your divine life path.


Sometimes it is helpful to create actual space in your home (like empty closet space) for your TwinFlame before he arrives. Only do this if the empty/open space causes you to feel joyful expectation when you notice it. Another option is to simply imagine the energy of open space in your life, your home and your day for this person to arrive any moment.

~ Ahhhhh ~

~ Ahhhhh ~

Pamper Yourself

Even the manner in which you apply lotion to your skin can be pampering if you do it softly, lovingly, gently. Consider any possible adjustment to your routine that will have the effect of pampering yourself. You will be glad you did as your self love increases at the speed of light.


A clean, organized space enhances the flow of love to yourself and draws your Beloved closer and closer.


If you find it beautiful then surround yourself with it. I love house plants so over the years I have filled my home with green, life giving plant energy and it makes me feel awesome.

~ Dreams ~

~ Dreams ~

Connect in Dreamtime

Before going to sleep, meditate and ask your spirit guides and angels to have a dreamtime encounter with your Soulmate. When you wake up the next morning, meditate again and see what you can remember from your dreams. It might take more than one time, but with practice you will gain insight into the divine loving relationship that is on its way.

~ Conscious Dream ~

~ Online Love ~

~ Online Love ~

Consider Online Dating

Online dating is reported to be the #1 way that singles meet in this techno-savvy day and age. I have participated in several sites and my experience was positive in that I learned about the online dating scene, but I quickly tired of the process. My story is one dud in a million positive ones and each person is unique so I encourage you to try it if you haven't because ya never know...


Oh, I just LOVE to read uplifting, happy stories about TwinFlame Love, don't you? It always helps to feel good!


This type of book is also an excellent choice because it gives you many ideas on how to improve your life and increase the speed at which your Soulmate walks up to your front door and knocks on it...


On the topic of feeling good, you can never go wrong with an uplifting romance movie, preferably one with handsome, funny and lovable male actors in it!

~ Soulmate Books for You ~

~ Body Mind Connection ~

~ Body Mind Connection ~

Listen to Your Body

There is a strong connection between the mind and the body and physical ailments result from altered flow or blockages in the energy system. For example, a sore throat can indicate the inability to speak your truth. On the path to meeting your Soulmate, recognizing and clearing this type of misalignment is essential. With repeated practice, you will find that your body feels lighter, younger and more alive than ever.


A good way to recognize past negative patterns is to go by how your body feels during interactions with your date. Anything other than good, warm feelings tells you that what you are experiencing is out of alignment with Source Energy. It prompts you to take a deeper look at your inner thoughts and feelings on the topic. The trigger for your misalignment can be anything, from a false belief on your part, not speaking your truth, not loving yourself unconditionally,etc. Practicing this type of self-dissection in the realm of relationships will help you to learn, grow and not repeat past negative patterns. It will give you the clarity and insight to discern if your date is Soulmate material or not.


Do you remember why your last relationship didn't work out? And the one before that? I hope you learned quite a bit about yourself from these past relationships so that you don't bring the same type of person into your life again. It is very common that even if you have done your inner work that the wrong guy will show up, begging to be in your life. This is the Universe testing you, asking if you are sure your learned your lessons or not. Any red flags should tell you to move on, no matter how handsome or rich or whatever he is. It is truly NOT worth it to relive the same negative pattern in one relationship after the next. So keep your eyes open and on the lookout for wanna-be's, choosing to skip over that hurt this time around!


The more love you give, the more you receive. If you find yourself thinking of someone from the past then simply send that person love, detach and move on... simple as that..

~ Body Mind Connection ~

~ Play ~

~ Play ~

Connect with Your Inner Child

Have fun, laugh, dance and play like you did when you were a child. Go ahead, you'll be glad you did! This energy is what you will experience with your TwinFlame so practice it Now and draw him closer.


Yes, freely give loving energy to your family and friends. Include them in your prayers and meditations. This will uplift your spirit and allow you to receive love like never before. It will elevate your frequency and bring you one step closer to your Divine Life Partner.


When you exercise the brain cells, you open your mind to the unknown. This is where your Soulmate relationship resides until you meet so seek out learning experiences and have fun while you do so.


This is your time to move outside of your comfort zone and do something that takes courage, whether it is joining a new group of singles or going to a new place alone. Let inspiration be your guide. If the thought feels new and exciting to you then this is your indication to be brave and move in that direction.

~ Beauty ~

~ Beauty ~

Be Your Best Each Day

This falls under the self love category. As you look good on the outside it is easier to connect with the abundant flow of love from within. When this becomes a habit you attract more and more love into your life.


The body responds to your intention to take care of it so that it may feel good each day. This enables you to increase your frequency of vibration and to live a joyful life while your spirit guides work out all the details so that you may meet your Beloved.


While fragrance is associated with the five senses, it also has a strong connection with spirit. The olfactory sense is connected in the brain to memories and these memories can uplift and enliven the soul. Wear your favorite fragrance each day to assist in higher frequency living on the path to meeting your TwinFlame.


Want to feel more confident, beautiful and sexy? Try a new hair style. Look in hair magazines for the specific cut and color that resonates with you and bring it with you to show your beautician. You will be surprised at all the compliments you receive when you look your best and you will feel in alignment with meeting someone very special.


Hands that are pampered and nails that are painted are very beautiful. When you give yourself a manicure or when you go have a professional manicure, you feel extra gorgeous so why not try it?


Feet are part of your body and they take quite a bit of pounding as we walk around on them all day. For this reason they deserve love and pampering. Even in the winter months a pedicure can help you to feel attractive and sexy.


Nothing says feminine beauty more than a flattering dress. Wear one and notice how much attention you receive from men when you are out and about. Your Soulmate is one of these men and he is attracted to your female body, no matter your shape or size.


Since the dawn of time, women have enjoyed adorning themselves with ornate, fun jewelry. This practice is something we do not only to attract a partner, but also to feel good about ourselves because outer beauty is a reflection of inner love. If you wear jewelry already then try something new and sassy, an item that resonates with who you are at heart.


Feeling your best begins with looking your best and wearing makeup that compliments your natural beauty will help tremendously in this area of your life. Each time you look at your reflection in the mirror you will feel good and these moments add up to creating a life filled with abundance and love.


This is an area of the wardrobe that many women skip over when they could be pulling together a complete look that compliments their confidence and personality. Scarves, purses, gloves, hats, belts and glasses are items that do not have to cost a lot of money to enjoy. The next time you find yourself with a little extra cash in your pocket, splurge on something that you love and every time you use it notice how wonderful and sensual you feel. This is the energy of attraction that draws your Spiritual Partner into your divine life path.


When you buy items for yourself and spend money on new hair, makeup, etc;, remember to do so well within your budget. A false belief in our society is that "things" will buy happiness and this causes many people to make choices that are not in alignment with Source Energy. Remind yourself that you shop wisely and this will help as you navigate to a more loving and beautiful, fulfilled life.

~ Yummy ~

~ Yummy ~

Reward Yourself

Little steps you make along the path to your Soulmate are completely worthy of rewards. As you do a little something special for yourself, whether it is a nice hot bath or a new lipstick, tell yourself that you are proud of your progress. Then relax and smile, smile, smile :)


The energy between you and your TwinFlame is incredibly sexual and intimate. You have the ability to become aware of and to blossom this energy within yourself prior to meeting your Beloved. The release and flow you feel with this type of experimentation allows your frequency to elevate to that of your partner, drawing nearer your paths.


When you notice the love exchanged between two people, you cultivate that love for yourself. Appreciate this when you see it and your day will feel even better.


This comes from feeling good on the inside when in the presence of strangers. When you are friendly and kind to others, you not only lift their spirits but you cause a cascading effect of love for yourself. The next time you are in line at the grocery store, say a warm hello to the cashier and ask them how their day is going. The important part is sharing love so even if they seem depressed, you've done your part and you can detach and feel happy with yourself.


The pineal gland, which is anatomically situated deep inside the brain, is closely associated with spiritual awareness and elevated frequency. Certain auditory tones can stimulate this gland and activate a shift in our energy, connecting us more closely with our TwinFlame love.

~ Learning About Sexual Energy ~

~ Forgiveness ~

~ Forgiveness ~


This is such an important part of life. It allows you to move forward when you've experienced something less than desirable. Sometimes it is even a great idea to include forgiveness as a habit in your prayers and meditations because this energy creates the feeling of complete freedom, freedom to walk our divine life path with grace and ease.

~ I freely and easily FORGIVE myself and all persons from past hurtful relationships.

~ Jumping for Joy ~

~ Jumping for Joy ~

Feel Fabulously Single

This is the time to cherish being alone and the endless opportunities to manifest a spiritual partner in your life. You don't need another person in your life to feel fantastic, fulfilled, or complete. Feel this way Now and you are one step closer to your crossing paths with your Beloved.

~ Feels Good ~

~ Feels Good ~

Breathe Freely and Easily

There is great cleansing power in deep breathing, yet many people are not aware of it. The next time you have a stressful thought, simply take 3 deep breaths and focus your mind completely on the breathing task, letting go of the situation. You will notice that as your mind takes a break and your body is fueled with oxygen that you can effortlessly return to your normal centered, joyful self.


The abdomen is a typical place where we hold muscle tension. As you close your eyes, relax, take several deep breaths and consciously send loving energy to this part of your anatomy, you can release blockages to energy flow. This not only feels wonderful but also has the effect of cleansing your chakras and healing your body from any lingering negativity from past relationships. Call on Archangel Raphael to assist and repeat as many times as you feel is necessary.


Doreen Virtue is a celebrated author who has published many books about angels. In addition, she has created many inspirational decks on angels which are full of unconditionally loving messages and guidance. Each deck comes with instructions and anyone can give themselves a reading. I find that it is always a fun and uplifting experience to choose angel cards. Go ahead and try it for yourself.


You also have the option of contacting an angel intuitive, someone who has been trained and certified by Doreen Virtue. This person usually has a psychic gift and is able to communicate with alternate realms, possibly angels, spirit guides or deceased family members, animal guides, etc. You may find information about this on Doreen Virtue's website, angeltherapy dot com, clicking on angel therapy practitioners. I have done this with two separate local practitioners and the information has been accurate as well as inspiring.

~ Angel and Spirit Guides Cards for You ~

~ I Belileve ~

~ I Belileve ~

Believe in Miracles

Sometime about age 10 we change our minds about the world. It no longer is a happy place where anything can happen, including miracles. As a result, it can take life altering experiences to return to our natural state of belief and joy from within. But you don't have to experience something drastic to return to the belief that anything is possible. Try it Now and each day along the way, little by little. You'll be surprised at how quickly your life blossoms into all that you desire.

How Do You Feel Now... - After Reading This Lens?

~ True Love ~

~ True Love ~

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norma-holt on January 11, 2013:

Wow, now I know why I have never met my soul mate. What a list and nicely presented but why the Catholic religious stuff? Surely many are meeting their soul-mates who are not of that organisation. Featured on Blessed by Skiesgreen 2013.

Beth Buckley (author) from Portland, OR on January 08, 2013:

@ChristopherBosw: Christopher, perhaps you connect with the inner Light, that which illuminates from within? Like your smile :)

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Beth, love this message, we are aligned no doubt. Did I mention you are crazy beautiful? ;-)

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Beth,you are truly great at blogging. Thank you.