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How to Make a Woman Miss You



Not exists magical button or method to get her missing you. However, luckily there are some fundamental principles that let you reach it. In addition, I will be considering a situation when a girl or a woman is very liked by you as you literally chase her. Why? Because those women who I aren't that interested in, so then they anyway reach out to you. So, here are my advices how to make a woman you are interested in miss you.

The unpredictability

You have to be extremely unpredictability with her. You are going to know what I mean later on. Do you remember yourself at the end of a date asking a girl about the next meeting? A lot of men do this needy things. In that way, you initiate again, because I don't think she asked you for a date. Or at the end of a date ask a question: "Are you free on Saturday?" It's very predictable in this case.

So, just not by appointing next meeting you can give her certain reason to think and worry. She would think: "Is he going to ask me for another date?" "When..?" Let her wait, and perhaps a woman you are interested in will ask you for a date herself, in this way she'll take the initiative.



Often happens that men tend to make a present for a woman, surprise her, excite her and so on. If you for some reasons decided to surprise her, make a present, reach so bright emotion out of her after that the very first thing you really have to distance. It is easy to understand, you give a woman one-time very strong emotion, and it could reach her to losing interesting in you. She would be bored with you and will be not care on your next presents when she will be accepting your presents and actions not like something exciting, but like that you are needy.

In that way, take as a rule if you for some reasons chose to make a gift for a woman you like, for instance, you are about to gift her flowers. After that take a distance in that day or next day. After that she'll have plenty of thoughts. Initially she was delighted and thinks he likes me, probably even loves me and then lack of your attention. At the end she has a world of questions



For instance, you and a woman that you are dating with meet two or three times during the week. Everything is fine and mutual, but once she says: "Listen we agreed to Sunday afternoon, but I'm not going to be able to meet." And then a man begins to adapt: "What about evening, what about the following day, what if I see you off?" And, to be clear, it is the first step to bottomless gap and a man doesn't understand it. You see that everything is mutual and you both have feelings, and you want to see her more often. If you want to lose her interest in you go on and adapt your schedule.


Next advice is, do not consider her more than just a friend and obviously do not take her seriously. And act with her life with your good, old friend to give a woman not only positive emotions, but also a negative. Only positive emotions, only steps forward, only mutual things it is straight strategy to lose woman interesting in you.

However, anyway you have to give woman emotions. Because if you don't give her whether positive or another emotions there is no chance to get her thinks about you and also miss you.

What about another emotions? Can you provoke her to jealousy? Of course, why not. It would be your weapon. You can accidentally say that you got a text from an ex-girlfriend and then change the theme of conversation. Don't think that a woman you are dating with will forget about that. Exactly in that evening she will be thinking about your ex-girlfriend. And you can go in bed earlier or reverse later than usual, or text a woman you are dating with "Good night", but you will stay online. After that she will be thinking that you are probably is in touch with ex, and she will be to fight for you.



If you are already in relations with, or both you and a woman have feelings to each other you don't have to get your hops up, what you have to do is wait for a conflict and be ready to it. Because there is always a fight to dominance in relationships. In additional, it could be a small, insignificant conflict, but you have to overplay her or not begin this conflict. What if she provokes you on conflict. The answer is extremely simple: do not be provoked and take a distance.



My recommendation is to not message a woman you like all the time. Show her that you have your own life. It will be the best option for you if you will be texting her just for appoint a date. But the much better will be if you call her to do that. She hears your voice, and she has several seconds to answer, while on your messages she could think about the whole day before answer, and answer could be not positive for you.

Also, if you won't be texting her you both will have more theme to talk about in life. However, a woman texts you, and you think you will respond to her, you both will be getting conversations. Better go and do workout, do your lovely hobby, work, meet with friends, family, whatever. It would be better for you to spend time on it instead of endless dialogues with a woman you like.



Just think about those women whose whatever it takes wanted to be with you, women whose were chasing you, bug you their attention, texted you, and you were numb to them. Just think about them, remember how you were acting with them and communicate, and you didn't struggle at all, so that is the message that the women you like you are acting different. The main thing is when I consider that a woman will miss you I don't say about a woman who has already occupied a strong, dominate position when she always dumps you in relationships.

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