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He hasn't called?! Relax, I'll tell you why.

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Hello there, so, he hasn't called huh? what a Son of a Beach!, I bet that's what you are thinking?, or you might be sad and confused and wondering what did i do wrong?.

I'll tell you what's going on if you are dating or in a relationship with Him

If you are dating Him: you were having a good time, being yourself, he said he liked you, kissed you, everything was perfect, he said he'll call you... but didn't... might think maybe he lost your phone number, lost his phone, someone died, really busy?
No one is that busy, i mean think about it... not even a text? hmm, nope.
You know what's possible?
That He might be doing the 3 day or one week rule guys have! (pretty childish if you ask me) but is true, guys do this!
They have this rule to see what type of girl you are! yes he is testing you, he wants to see if you are the desperate, needy or the type he wants! "the independent one".

You want him to call back?
Be that Independent woman he wants, he likes you!, now he just wants to see if you are THAT girl.
But how? Show him you have a live, that you are not thinking about him everyday, every hour!, you are busy too, show him you are not desperate, and you'll see with your own eyes the magic happen.
If he really likes you, I promise you he will call in a couple of days or a week!
Now if he doesn't call you in a week and you still interested, send him a friendly, cool, funny text, like " I just wanted to make sure you still alive"...

If you are in a relationship with him:
And got into a fight? take your time and think... who's fault it was? if it was yours, is time to say "I'm sorry babe"
If it was his, give him time and he'll come around, If he doesn't tell him what you feel, do this one time! and wait.
If he just stopped contacting you out of the blue...
try to contact him, once!, if he doesn't answer, give him time and space, don't call or text more than one time a day or better yet wait a couple of days and call or text once!
Give him space to think and miss you, sometimes guys need that.

Trust me... "been there done that".

if you have any questions let me know and be very specific to help you out better. Relax and live your life, go out with girls and have fun, and when least expected, he"ll call!.

MariRi :)


Stena on July 28, 2015:

I recently sent my BF a text about being upset at him for inviting me to his game then he asked me not to go. I sent him a text just telling him that I was upset and I didn't want to feel like that because I really like him and want to be with him. He hasn't responded in two days. I don't know If I should text him one more time or just let it go.

X on April 05, 2015:

Eight months of knowing him. Act like partners with him calling me his gf few times but no mention of the love word. Spoken several times about holiday in July. Had booked holiday few months ago but too sick to go. Things seemed ok but Now few days of silence! He has been on WhatsApp as I can see that. No idea what to do or think!!

abracadara on September 23, 2014:

^^^^ give I time until then just live your life.

Valerie on September 07, 2014:

My ex bf called me on Thursday night, to tell me he loves me and is moving back to our town and wants to be with me, and I haven't heard from him since that night, Iam confused can you give me an answer to why?

tot on July 16, 2014:

When it all comes down to it us women love and crave attention. Men don't trip when we don't call them or text them often. I know it will be hard but try this ladies don't contact them at all and see if they contact you. If they do don't answer right away because then they'll know you were desperately waiting on them. Men don't like clingy women. I know from experience. My boyfriend let me know when I was clingy and being that way isn't attractive. Hope this helps :-)

Amyhinds// on May 06, 2014:

I Have Been Dating This Guy For 3 Months Now AnD Every Thing Seemed Ok. We Met OnliNe And Have Only Met In Life Three Times. Out Of The Blue No Calls Or Texts

K on April 02, 2014:

Whyyyyy would he be testing me when he clearly knows we're in a long distance relationship and we need to talk via calls or text whyyyyy do men act soo childish whyyyyyyyyy

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christina on January 03, 2014:

how can i contact you?

Janice on December 03, 2013:

I was dating a guy for 3 months it just felt right with us. Now it's been about 3 weeks with no contact after he had been religiously contacting me everyday.

Maddie on November 04, 2013:

My boyfriend of 3 weeks hasn't contacted me for 3days? Everything was going amazing, last time I saw him he told me to never leave him we were completely perfect. The. Out the blue no calls text or anything , his phone is working as he's been on social networking sight posting to his friend ect. I've tried calling him 6 time through the 3days no answer , no call backs, sent him 2 texts asking him wtf is going on and how we need to talk and no reply, I'm getting really confused? I really like this guy ,help?

Unknown on October 11, 2013:

Your Open Question


He told me to wait for his call and he would call me unexpected is being 6 days and nothing?

I met this one charming, respectful, straight forward, marine guy in school about 2 mos. ago we had class together for two months and everything seemed perfect it just felt like I had found Mr. Right when we first started class he would always compliment me in how beautiful smile I had and how attractive I was to him. long story short. I got to know him he told me things he had never told anyone and I spoke to him about my life in general and what were my goals and accomplishments he would always tell me how amazing of a women I was because I was just too kind and too nice and with a bright smile that attracted him so much. as we continued to talk he told me he liked me and I told him I thought he was really attractive because he was different and sensitive emotionally; as we continue talking we got to know more about each other and everything was just like a magical story. Until one of last conversations he mentioned he keeps himself lock and that he tents to run away from amazing women because is being so long since he being in a relationship and because of his insecurity I thought to myself but he is a marine guy isn't he have to be strong so after our conversation we both expressed how we felt I told him if is meant to be is meant to be he said "you don't want it meant to be I told him I do but you seem unsecured so he kissed my hand and told me wait for my call. I was confused, frustrated, idk if he was just playing with me before the next class that same week I tried to figure this dude out I realized that is not about me but is about him he has to learn how to unlock his emotions and let go and just go with the flow he need reassurances and guidance and a bit of self -confident which no women really understood him until hello I came along and figured him out; on Saturday was the last day of the class I knew I wouldn't be having him for class no more I told him what I had placed in the table regarding his reassurances and how he just needs someone to guide him to the right direction he hold my hand and squeezed it and we were making eye contact in class after class I told him that I wouldn't be seeing him no more and I told him if I this time I had to wait for his call and he said yes! I told him how long will that me 2mos. 2years; he said I will call you when you least expect it. After that is being 6 days and no call no text I really don't know what to think??? Please help? By the way he is 25 and I am 19

MariRi (author) from NEW YORK on March 02, 2011:

hello there, so yes we are in 2011, but 75% of men haven't change, they still like to play games, play around, test girls, etc... its easier to judge from the outside, but when you have gone through so many experiences like this... brother its another view.

but i do respect your opinion and i know this might work for some guys like you (which is great).

"its your life, take the wheel" is what a lot of girls should do, but they need to learn a lot first before they can open their eyes by themselves, like i did.

thank you so much and i like your opinion!

one woman with a lot of this experience's opinion! and with two brothers and male friends who agree with her! :)

dashingscorpio from Chicago on March 02, 2011:

It's 2011. If YOU feel like talking to anyone simply pick up the phone and call them. If that turns them off you're better off knowing they aren't interested sooner than later.

It's your life, take the wheel.

One man's opinion! :-)

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