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Bridal ShowerTrivia Game

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Need a fun bridal shower game? Check out my bridal shower trivia game

I hope you will enjoy this fun bridal shower game. It's was designed for all the wedding history buffs. The questions are all centered around wedding tradition trivia. For example; " Why is a wedding ring worn on the fourth finger of the left hand?" Your shower guest will truly enjoy playing this game. It's filled with interesting questions on old wedding traditions. It will give your guests the chance to show off their trivia skills, and all those that play will learn some wedding trivia along the way.

So, if you're planning a Bridal Shower please Include this fun game in the bridal shower festivities. All you will need is a pencil and my little game, no muss no fuss.

The answer's to the game can be found at the bottom of this page.

Did You Include Something Blue On Your Wedding Day?

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Free To Use And Share

1. Why Is The Wedding Ring Worn On The Fourth Finger?

1.According to Grecian fable. Why do you think the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand?

A. The left side of the body signifies love, reasoning that the heart is on the left side.

B. The left hand, as a rule, is used less, so the ring will stay intact. And less wear will show?

C. The habit of wearing the wedding symbol on the fourth finger of the left hand is based upon an artery from that finger flows directly to one's heart.

2. "Something Old, Something New"

What is the reasoning behind the bride including something blue in her attire on her wedding day?

A. The custom of including an object that is blue on one's wedding day symbolizes that the bride intends to be faithful and loyal, and will, in turn, receive the same from her husband.

B. To include a blue item in one's wedding dress, will assure the couple will be blessed with a son.

C. To carry a blue item on one's wedding day, will assure they will never know a sad day in the marriage.

Not All Brides Today Use This Wonderful Old Tune...


3.What Is The Significance Of Including A Sixpence In The Brides Shoe?

A. The bride will always have a bit of money on her own.

B. It is custom for the bride to bring a bit of money into a marriage.

C. A Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe" is a blessing for wealth.

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A. Bach

B. Wagner

C. Mendelssohn

Wonder If This Hairstyle Would Fit Under A Veil ? "Just Saying"

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Free To Use And Share

5. In The Era Of The Gibson Girl, And Arrow Collar Boy, At The Dawn Of A New Century.

Our relatives that wed in those days wanted "something new" as well as "something old." and this was also the era when a bride also might choose a -----?

A. Full wedding dresses.

B. An up-do hairdo, and the diamond solitaire engagement ring, in the Tiffany setting.

C. A short skirt wedding gowns, with a veil adorned with pearls.

6. 1910 - This Was The Decade Of The "New Woman"

Suffragette equal rights were coming to the forefront in 1910. So, what would have been the modern bride's choice of wedding gown?

A. A dress that was mid-length, and very simple.

B. A " Merry Widow" high- waisted dress with a long fitted skirt, atop her head would sit a large outrageous hat.

C. The suffragette would wear a well-fitted suit of color and would abandon traditional white

Notice That The Knee Was Know In Vogue...


7. Hip-hooray! In The 1920s The World Has Been Made "Safe For Democracy"

We in America had not a care in the world. Unlimited industrial production, increasing stock dividends, silk shirts for day laborers, chicken in every pot, and two cars in every garage. So, what was in vogue when it came to getting married?

A. Lavish church weddings, with all the trimmings!

B. It became very popular to have one's wedding in your parent's home.

C. Informality was in vogue. The couples of the 1020s preferred to elope or opt for a justice of the peace instead of a minister.

A Bride Of This Time Period Had To Fight Off The Crowd...


8. Throwing The Wedding Bouquet? What's Up With That?

A. The custom goes back centuries and was started in England. It was thought a memento of sorts from the bride's dress or flowers would help to pass the joy on among the female guests. A bride, as a rule, would opt to toss her flowers instead of having her dress torn apart...

B. It is a Victorian custom. The gal that was lucky enough to catch the bouquet, would dry the flowers, and make sachets for under their pillow. This would go to ensure pleasant dreams.

C. The woman that caught the bouquet would dry the flowers, and remove the seeds, planted the seeds, and take care that they grew. She would then pick up the flowers, and fashion a bouquet. This lovely bouquet would be presented to the happy couple on their first Anniversary.

Answers To The Trivia Bridal Shower Game

1. C.

2. A.

3. C.

4. B.

5. B.

6. B.

7. C.

8. A.

Every Bride Needs A Bow Hat

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