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100 Fun & Romantic Date Ideas

Fritz is an expert at having a great time and coming up with date ideas. He's always trying to find the next fun thing to do after the last.


I've compiled a list of the most fun and romantic date ideas I could think of. Whether if it's your first date or you've been a couple for years, these date ideas will be fun and enjoyable for both of you. I've tried many of these date ideas myself and had a wonderful time.

1. Learn something new by taking a class together

2. Play a board game

3. Go skydiving

4. Camp in your backyard

5. Join a group for a cause you are passionate about

6. Take dance classes and join a dance group

7. Zipline

8. Go on a geocaching treasure hunt

9. Swing on rope swing

10. Write poetry together

11. Yoga

12. Hike a nearby trail

13. Play games at an arcade

14. Learn how to fly a drone together

15. Have a food fight

16. Watch a live baseball game

17. Learn how to skateboard together

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18. Try on each other's clothes

19. Race each other

20. Spend the day at an amusement park.

21. Write a short story together

22. Play a game of tennis

23. Rent a car and drive around your city

24. Share some ice cream

25. Explore your town or city together with an iPhone

26. Have a candlelight dinner

27. Celebrate a half birthday

28. Create a paper mache project

29. Make a pizza together

30. Take a road trip to a nearby city

31. Volunteer at an animal shelter

32. Pretend to be an art expert or museum guide and make up facts

33. Explore an antique mall

34. Visit the local zoo

35. Invent a dessert together

36. Get creative with sidewalk chalk

37. Create a YouTube video commercial for a fictional business

38. Tour a factory and learn how things are made

39. Volunteer at a homeless shelter and give back to the community

40. Build a gingerbread house together then eat it

41. Explore garage and yard sales

42. Start a garden together

43. Go to an open house for a mansion you don't intend to buy

44. Visit some local historic sites

45. Get creative with Play-doh

46. Put on a scary costume and watch horror movies

47. Plant seeds for each other and don't say what they are

48. Build and paint a model car or train

49. Walk along a river or creek

50. Build a piece of furniture together

51. Explore a flea market

52. Sneak onto the roof of a tall building

53. Go to auction

54. Paint portraits of each other with watercolors

55. Feed some ducks at a pond

56. Visit the local animal shelter and adopt an animal

57. Learn how to play an instrument together

58. Leave a mystery package on the front porch of a mutual friend

59. Give each other a back massage

60. Visit a billiards hall

61. Sell something on ebay together

62. Find haunted places and explore them at night

63. Run a marathon together

64. Visit a science museum and play with hands on displays

65. Jog in a park

66. Play a game of putt-putt

67. Sneak into an abandoned building

68. Give each other a stand up comedy show

69. Share a flight of craft beers

70. Rent a boat

71. Watch a play at a theater

72. Find a lookout point and enjoy a sunset

73. Play card games

74. Do a wine tasting

75. Wash your cars together

76. Have a beer at your favorite bar

77. Go out to a fancy dinner

78. Play trivia at a bar

79. Play retro video games at home

80. Go on a fossil hunt

81. Dress up fancy and have dinner at a fast food restaurant

82. Play paintball

83. Ice skating

84. Discover an art gallery of local artists

85. Visit a local museum curated around an odd topic

86. Watch a local musician perform

87. Have a picnic in the park

88. Learn how to drive motorcycles

89. Go to the horse races

90. Volunteer at an animal shelter

91. Take turns making each other dinner

92. Test your accuracy at a shooting range

93. Got to a drag show

94. Go to a drive-in movie

95. Create a terrarium

96. Take a hot air balloon ride

97. Paint terracotta pots and plants some flowers in them

98. Grab an assortment of candy at a candy store

99. Jump on a city bus with no direction and get lost

100. Screenprint some t-shirts

© 2021 Fritz Isaacs

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