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How to Blossom Friendships Everywhere You Go

I am not a relationship doctor, but I have been abroad and mixed with many cultures. So I feel qualified to talk about friendships.

Are You an Introvert Or Extrovert?

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, friendships can be developed in various ways.

Are you an introvert? You wouldn’t like to be outside to mix with people. But you still can stay indoors and make friendships. For instance, you can bond with the neighbor next door, the milk boy, the pizza delivery guy, with one or two reliable people on phone and the list is endless.

If you are an extrovert, you enjoy mixing and talking with people. Because of your ever flowing freely outgoing nature, you also run into problems. But with the help of good, close friends, you can amend your problems as well.

What Kind of Friendships Can Any Person Make If They Attempt?

Any person can make friendships with her nephew/niece, with her neighbor, the milk boy, strangers at a party, lonely aunt and the person with whom she has fallen in love.

Friendship With Nephew/Niece

Friendship can develop with your three-year old nephew/niece. Just play with them with their toys, carry them in your lap around the neighborhood and watch funny cartoons with them. They will be your best friends in the shortest possible time.

Friendship of Aunt with Niece

Friendship of Aunt with Niece

Friendship With Your Neighbor

You meet him every time you go out and every time he comes to unlock his door to go inside. Say hello every time, and you will run into each other one day and hold a conversation. Soon the old neighbor man will become your friend as he reveals his past, his work experiences, his relationships, the people he has come across, and the souvenirs he has collected throughout his life journey. He may invite you to his room to have a look at those, and you may have cups of coffee and become closer friends.

Being Friendly with Your Neighbor?

Being Friendly with Your Neighbor?

Friendship With the Milk Boy

Tip your milk boy, and he will put on a smile. You will be happy to see him happy. Tip him every time he brings in milk. Ask him where he lives and encourage him to talk about his life. You may decide to finance for his education. He will smile broader, and your friendship with him will click for years and years.

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Friendship With Strangers at a Party

You see well-dressed people at a party. You feel you could be friends with them. They have even been eyeing you as well. So make the first move and talk to them. Help them to serve themselves during the buffet dinner at the party. Strike an interesting conversation with them about what their hobbies are. Share with them your hobbies. Immediately you find them interesting and find friends in them. Share your cell phone numbers and keep in touch. Whenever the blues come in, call these friends and meet up. Your mood will be back to your happy state, and you can go by yourself the rest of the day.

Friendship With Your Lonely Aunt

Your aunt has all her daughters away abroad, and you just left your day job. You feel lonely but decide to give your aunt company. In that decision itself, you will soon find a friend in your aunt. You exchange gifts and hold long conversations. You support each other and find the strength to move on.

Friendship With the Person You Have Fallen In Love

You have fallen for someone. It is easy to begin on a friendship note. Give him a friendship card and remain close friends, sharing your stories and meeting and introducing each other’s friends. Let him lead. In this close friendship, he will reveal one day that he wants you to meet his parents. You should become very happy because he is taking the friendly relationship one step higher. And the time will certainly come when he will propose to you. It’s all green signal, and you can uphold every memory from now on in super jubilation.

Friendly with Your Sweetheart?

Friendly with Your Sweetheart?

What If You No Longer Want to Retain a Friendship? What Do You Do?

While it is true that you can make friendship with anybody you want, if you feel someone is no longer holding your interest, delay answering his calls and text messages. Make up some excuse for not meeting on time. He will get the message, and the friendship will start to wither away.

Is Friendship Mandatory to Develop Before Commitment in a Relationship?

I would say the answer is no. Friendship is not mandatory. You can straight away start going on dates. It’s up to you totally whether you want to bring the relationship closer. But I would say once you have married your soul mate, you cannot only think of love and making love; you will be at your best considering him your partner and friend. Become his best friend, and your pair will be the best pair of soul mates alive on this earth.

Summary, the Checklist

1) Depending on whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you develop friendships in a way you love. If you are an introvert, you can bond to people living nearby you by staying indoors. As an extrovert, you will enjoy going outside, meet new people and party together.

2) However, an individual can bond friendly to almost anybody s/he would like. This can be your nephew/niece, your neighbor, the milk boy, strangers at a party, your lonely aunt and the person with whom you have fallen in love.

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