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Feather Wedding Theme

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How to Create A Feather Wedding Theme

Think about a wedding where you want to create an etherial light feeling. Feathers bring in a sense of romance and purity to your wedding theme. They are warm and soft. Think about winter white, where you would like to add a feeling of falling snow. Feathers can be used to create a once in a lifetime themed wedding As with our other wedding themes. we are going to cover the complete wedding and show you how to use feathers throughout..

The best way to use feathers is to use white as your basic color. Then add one additional color as an accent.

The Feather wedding has become one of the most popular wedding trend yet !Why not, it's romantis and fun. Even if yoou are not using feathers as your theme, they could be incorporated as part of your wedding with a little imagination

Feathered Wedding Invitations

The first place to start is in your invitations. Your invites can include a feather as part of the design. Or you can place a small feather tucked into a ribbon or just into the envelope. It is a nice little surprize that gives your guests a hint about what is to come. You could also stamp the envelopes of your invitations with a feather stamp.


Feather Bridal Bouquets

Small touches of light feathers can be added to almost any bridal bouquest, For the truly unconventional bride, bouquets and boutinners can be made entirely of feathers. Almost any type of flowers can be used with feathers

Be careful when you chose the colors that you use. don't overdue too many colors. Select the two colors of your choice and stick to them throughout your wedding décor.

Think about white roses with a collar of ostrich feathers


Feather Bridal Hair Décor

Feathers are a useful and elegant part of any bridal hairdo. Some pieces come with feathers as part of a fascinator or comb. But if you find a piece that yoou like, you can always add a few feather touches with a glue gun. You can also tuck some feathers into your hair as an accent. Generally, white is used for the bride and a color to match the bridesmaids dresses would be perfect.

Even if you are not using a complete feather theme, a few feathered hair clips add elegance to the bride and the bridal party.

Feathered Shoe Clips

You can make any pair of shoes a designer pair by adding these fantastic shoe clips. They are especially fine for the bride. You can take an inexpensive pair of shoes and make them a real designer pair. If you are using flats for the reception, why not jazz them up with these clips? They are well worth the investment !

Feather Wedding Theme Ideas - Unique Ways To Use Feathers At Your Wedding

  1. Instead of having your guests throw rice or birdseed as you leave the ceremony, give them downy little feathers to toss. The feathers wafting in the air make a great photo opportunity.
  2. You can also have your flower girl sprinkle a path of feathers instead of petals as she walks down the aisle. And don't forget about the plume pen for the guest book!
  3. Place a single feather in the wine or water glasses on your reception table
  4. Place a feather in each of the napkins on your reception tables
  5. Tie feathers around vintage candle sticks. You could also spray paint candle sticks in a silver or teal color
  6. Have a feathered cake topper
  7. Take a simple unity candle and tie feathers around it with ribbon

Feather Centerpieces

Correctly done, using feathers in your centerpieces will add elegance and a wow factor that your guests will long remember. Think about tall vases , called tower vases, with bouquets of flowers in them. Now think about the same arrangements with flowers and feathers cascading down the sides of the arrangements.You can also use cascading ostrich feathers in a tall vase as your centerpiece. Feathers add texture and movement, plus a dramatic effect.

How To Make A Feather Centerpiece

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Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feathers have become very popular in the last few years. Using silver and touquoise with these feathers creates a perfect soft tone to your wedding theme. You can use tourquoise and white. This creates an exquisite theme.

Ostrich Feathers

While most brides would want to have the white ostrich feathers they are availaible in colors too. From simple ostrich centerpieces to hair pieces and even dresses, ostrich feathers have become extremely popular among modern brides

DIY Feather Topiary - Delightful DIY Feather Craft Wedding Centerpiece

Feather Topiary From Favecrafts

Feather Topiary From Favecrafts

More Feathered Wedding Theme Inspiration - Get Your Feather Wedding Plans in Gear

  • Feather Topped Drink Stirrers
    A delightful do it yourself wedding idea that will add much to your feather themed wedding. Easy and economical
  • Feather Boutonniers
    Create feather boutonniers for all the male members of your wedding party. Great for beginners !

This centerpiece would look wonderful at any wedding. You could do it in the white or add other colors. Even peacock feathers would be great

Learn more about creating this project


Accessorize With Feathers

You can chose to use feathers in your gown and that is a really elegant statement. But why not consider adding feathers as accessories to a gown with plain lines and little embellishment? Instead of a bouquet, why not a feather fan?

Add Your Own Feather Touches To Your Wedding

The best thing about any wedding is adding your own personal touches to your wedding. For a very small price, these stamps will add elegant touches throughout your ceremony and reception. Use them on th envelopes of your invitaions...make your own invitations, add them to your ceremony programs. You can also use them on plain escort cards or placecards.All you need is a a stamp pad and some imagination.

DIY Feather Wedding Theme Ideas - Make It Yourself Feather Options

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