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What Would Happen to a Girl That Left You

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Hey, I am about to tell why your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife will regret her breakup with you, although you will not struggle at all. So, why ex-girlfriends come back after a week, a month, a year, a fife year, however before it, she was rude, indifferent, aggressive, angry, hateful to you??? Now, I prepared all the most common scenarios of their comeback.


She is going to another man. Yes, my friend, you the fault balance of value, her interest to you gone, and she find a new guy whom she is meeting. But, she is jumping from branch to branch so is not very well, because the relationships should have certain stages. However, this type of relations have no stages at all. In a long term negative consequence provide much negative.

As well her new "chosen guy" can be in the predator mod. Because when she's still dating with you, she is not available, also you are as competitor on the side. And then after she broke up with you, he got everything. What changes? He assumes her problems. Does he need it? Far from always...


Let's say that they have perfect relationship, live in perfect harmony. Ex found her human, and life going very well one month, three months, a half year and new relations troubles begins. Because only initial honey period of relationship can be thrilling, and everything can be perfect. All relation have some frictions, docks, misunderstandings. So, negative with you accumulated as much as it can no more. With her new toys it's not accumulated yet. And, as a rule, after three months of health relations negative is saying hello.

Now, the most exciting that our brain emphasize what was better that today. She will not think how her new boyfriend better than you, she thought like that at the breaking up moment. But after three or more month things are different. Then ex-girlfriend will compare both you and her current partner, and thinks how you was better than her boyfriend. Exactly it comes to her mind when her chosen one does something wrong. And wrong situations exactly will happen. You ask why is that so? Because the mind has the characteristic to idealize everything. Do you remember, for instance, how you went to kindergarten? No one likes to visit kindergarten, but if you had a choice now to back to childhood, there is no doubt you would comeback. Don't you worry sweetheart your ex beast woman will have the same.



Here is the thing. After break up she will expect you to be sad and asking to open the doors again. What if you cut out all contacts with her?(I don't mean block her everywhere)

So, you cut out all contacts, then in some while you begin to live luxurious, happy and enjoying every moment of your life FOR REAL, and you start dating with a new girl. Your ex is touched, she is extremely touched. There is the important thing that you have to try to live happy FOR REAL, don't bluff and don't even think to provoke her. Ex got out of your life, you got out of hers.

And, and there are two variations. The first is that she blows up immediately, and she can even text you or call. The second she will see, will touch, but won't send a message. Why so? Ex-girlfriend afraid of refusal. That woman will wait, and when relations will end.(she will consider Instagram photos) Or just after some while, she will begin to give signals.

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The next situation is when she has amazingly many expectations from the life, and she thinks the life will be much better after break up with you. Imagine, my friend, your ex-girlfriend went nowhere. And she has believed in herself, and you for her was a burden. So, she thinks she is going to build carrier, improve person life, and she is worthy of bigger, better. But, time goes on, then she begins to understand that she imagined everything in another way, understand that with you it was not that bad. She refuse you, she lost you. However, your ex-girlfriend cannot build new, become happier, stronger, and her life goes nowhere. And there is a return.


The next situation is that the life break ex off. And you have to be sure of it. Because the more hard to deal with you ex-girlfriend was the higher possibility it will happen. So what I mean to be this situation is that when one human desert, refused another.

The thing is someone do the same to her things as she did to you. A random guy just does tough things to her, that touches your ex. Probably she fell in love, and that guy breaks up with here, probably she came to him, and he abandoned her. And after that she begins to understand that she is mistaken, she is hurt. Then she understands how hurt you was when she abandoned you. Ex-girlfriend has a sense of guilt and running back to you.



You probably heard "change yourself, and she will comeback", "change your mindset" and things like that. So, as a tool it is useless at the same time it is impossible to make yourself better for one and half month. However, if we consider a long amount of term about like a year, half a year, and even more and you are going out on a new level in one way or another sphere of the life for real. Then you and your ex are bumping into each other, and she notices your changes, but also she notices that you do not need her any more. And here is a click.

However, the very important thing that has to be mentioned and nobody does it, nobody. If you improve yourself for ex-girlfriend it does not work like that. You forgot about, her and you do it for yourself then meet her accidentally and that happens. One more thing, do not screw over yourself.



In the whole, friends, even though you won't take any actions after she gets out of your life in terms of her come back, but you are not going to make mistakes. The possibility of her return is higher. Only one recommendation, if she begins touch you or provoke you like "how are you", "could you help" or just like your post on Instagram it isn't randomness. So, better not answer at all, and if you mean that she committed big mistake by running away from you just don't react until her apologizing.

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