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★ DIY Invitation Tutorials | Roundup of Wedding & Birthday Party Invites | Free Printables & How Tos ★

How To Craft Your Own Invitations

If you're hosting a party, whether it's a children's party or a wedding, you might want to make the invitations yourself - This can save you a lot of money, as well as allowing you to be much more creative with your design choices.

The tutorials below focus on the best, most creative techniques and ideas for passing your party details to your guests, such as using balloons, garlands and cotton reels. There are invite DIYs specifically for weddings and Halloween parties, plus designs to print out for free.

I hope you find this page inspiring :-)

Scroll Invitations

Invitation- & Card-Making Books

Creative Invite Tutorials

Baking Invitations

DIY Invitations

Interactive Picnic Invite

With removable cut-out cutlery!

With removable cut-out cutlery!

Kid's Party Invites

Polaroid Photo Invitations

More Unique Invite Ideas

Ladybug Card


You could make fabric or card fortune cookies, or even bake real ones.

Photo from

Wedding Invites

Message in a Bottle

Brilliant idea for a pirate themed birthday party.

Brilliant idea for a pirate themed birthday party.

DIY Halloween Invitations

Spooky Halloween Invitations

With severed Fimo fingers!

With severed Fimo fingers!

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Free Invite Designs to Print

'Top Secret' Folder


This invitation was made for a M*A*S*H themed 60th surprise birthday party!

Photo from Troy G. Artwork on Flickr. More artwork can be found at

More Printable Card Downloads

How to Make a Confetti Invitation



What You Will Need:

* A4 Clear acetate sheets

* Sewing machine (or decorative tape such as Washi tape)

* Scissors

* Ruler

* Tissue paper in various colors

* A4 paper to print on

* Computer & printer

* Circular paper punch or a regular hole punch (optional)

- Cut an acetate sheet in half both ways to produce 4 identical rectangles.

- Type out your invitation details on the computer (inside a text box if possible to make them easier to move around the screen), print them onto regular paper, and cut them out. You can probably print the details up to 10 times on a single sheet.

The resulting pieces can be any size as long as they're equal to or smaller than the acetate rectangles. In the diagram above I have shown a small square of paper being used (approx. 2" x 2").

- Thread your sewing machine up and use the zig-zag stitch to attach each piece of paper onto the center of half of the acetate rectangles. Make sure your machine can handle it and go slow! If you don't have a sewing machine you can use decorative tape to attach the paper to the acetate instead.

- Line up each of these acetate rectangles on top of an acetate rectangle without paper attached. So you will have one rectangle with paper sewn on, and underneath that a plain acetate rectangle.

- Use zig-zag stitch to sew along 3 of the edges of the acetate to join the 2 pieces together. Leave a short edge unsewn. If you don't have a sewing machine you can join the acetate pieces by folding decorative tape in half lengthways over the joined edges

- Use a circle or hole punch to cut many circles out of tissue paper. If you don't have a punch, fold the tissue paper many times and cut a circle out freehand.

- Put as many of these circles as you like in each of the acetate pouches you have created. Try to spread the paper circles out evenly between the acetate sheets.

- Zig-zag stitch across the open side of the pouches to lock the circles inside.

- Slightly round off the corners of the acetate rectangles so they aren't sharp.

- Finished!

Lego Themed Invitation

Balloons, Garlands & More

Simple Owl Invite

Fun Invitation How-Tos

Garden Party Invite

Simple but very pretty brown card invite with summery fabric wrapped around the card with string.

Simple but very pretty brown card invite with summery fabric wrapped around the card with string.

Booklet Wedding Invitation

Invitation Websites, Ideas & Inspiration

Invitation Tutorial Videos

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