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DIY Ideas for a Super Cute Wedding on a Budget (image examples!)

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Tying the knot is a big thing in a our life! It should never be undermined or dampened because of issues like a lack of funds. You could have a small ceremony or a DIY wedding, but it should still be lots of fun and a happy memory to look back on.

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Add some quirk to your wedding reception with garlands or buntings. They’re not difficult to make and adds a whole new dimension to an otherwise lackluster venue.

These decorations can be made with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, and there's a wide variety of patterns to chose from! Depending on your wedding theme, you could make use of an assortment of fancy paper, like colored cellophane, transparencies, textured paper etc. to create interesting decorations.

Designer mom, Lisa, teaches you how to make this simple yet super cute paper dot garland!

Designer mom, Lisa, teaches you how to make this simple yet super cute paper dot garland!


Here's a couple more to get your crafty muscles in motion:

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake


If you're well acquainted with the oven, then this idea is going to suit you to a T! Whimsical, colorful bakes seem to take the cake (pardon me) these days. Surprise your guests with a visual treat of colors.

Bake your own wedding cakes with these recipes:

TIP: You'd notice that sometimes the color in your cakes turn out a bit off after baking, slightly brownish maybe? This is a common disappointment when you're using liquid food dyes, which yields a less vibrant result. For striking colors, I'd suggest using food coloring gels like Americolor™ Soft Gel Pastes or Wilton® Icing Color.

Funfetti Cake {click for recipe}

Funfetti Cake {click for recipe}


Many graphic designers actually create their own wedding collateral. Don’t worry though, if you’ve never used a designing program besides Microsoft Paint. You'd be surprised, that with a little imagination and an eye for details. You could definitely come up with a simple yet timeless design with Microsoft Words alone!

Check out these nifty designs put together with just a play on typography and alignment:

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These generous websites below offer downloads you could print right off the net, and they look just as fabulous.

Wedding Chicks - Provides customizable wedding invites, signs, labels and more.
download & print - Has wedding invites that can be editable via an online program.
Love and Lavender - A variety of full wedding suites.

A seed pack idea! Place seeds into cute little gift packaging such as these.

A seed pack idea! Place seeds into cute little gift packaging such as these.

Flower market styled mini bouquet favors for guests to pick up!

Flower market styled mini bouquet favors for guests to pick up!


Seed packs:
Seeds are inexpensive and a cute way to tell your guests that love blossoms. It’s fun, interactive, and reminds your guests of the wonderful time they had at the wedding whenever they see their sprouting plantlings! Pack them in adorable little boxes or cute little envelopes!

Mini bouquets:
Taking a piece of your wedding home, quite literally. You could pre-pack your centerpiece blooms and set them to create a big floral piece, with a sweet message for your guests to ‘Please take one’ at the end of the ceremony.

Mini honey jars:
For a sweet, practical and delicious souvenir — honey makes for a wonderful gift. Honey can be bought in bulk and re-potted into dainty glass jars. To add a touch of personalization, a cute message can be printed on a little hand-cut note and tied around the jar with a ribbon (or printed directly on label stickers).

Honey jars are perfect for you to dress up or down, for example, to elevate your favor-game, you could put the jars in inexpensive gold/silver embellished organza drawstring bags (usually wholesaled in bundles of a hundred and makes out to be a couple cents each.) for some extra pizazz.


Lighting is an important aspect of a wedding, it creates ambiance. Harsh lighting is glaring and spells more "grocery shopping" or mall-like than wedding. A room filled with strategically placed candles feels comfortable and evokes a sense of romance!

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Fairy lights, (also known as Christmas lights or Twinkle lights) are strings of delicate little light bulbs. They are excellent in bringing out a pleasant and whimsical mood; in dim settings, they create a cozy atmosphere.

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Paper lanterns are exotic, fun, and highly customizable. Pasting colored cellophane shapes, glitter, or painting directly on the lanterns themselves adds a lil spark to your adornments. You can even create "lantern banners", with each alphabet of the words 'JUST MARRIED' or the names of the bride + groom spelled out on each lantern.

TIP: If you're intending to use low lights (as opposed to strong, bright lights) like fairy lights and lanterns, please remember to provide sufficient illumination to the tables and walkways. Especially in a setting where guests will be having their food, and the surroundings are dark (i.e. in the evening). We wouldn't want to have them guess what's being served, by the vague silhouettes in their plates. Nor would we want to trip and kill someone on our big day!


If you're about to attend a wedding soon (as a guest or host) and having some skin troubles, these articles could help you! They talk about using natural skin-saving ingredients and methods, and also includes some DIY recipes too.

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Arzoo Chaudhary from Mumbai on July 29, 2019:

good ideas

Peony (author) on May 01, 2018:

@ clairebranigin - Thank you! Glad that you found inspiration for your wedding, and congratulations!!

clairebranigin on July 14, 2017:

These are some great ideas! We're having a fairly low-budget wedding next year, so I might use some--I love the idea of seed packets as wedding favors, in particular!

Peony (author) on May 03, 2015:

@ letstalkabouteduc - Thank you, I'm glad you thought so! Sorry to hear about your dad.. I believe he must have been happy and honoured to participate in the planning. I agree that it's much more special to prep for one's own wedding because those feelings are irreplaceable (:

McKenna Meyers on May 01, 2015:

Cute ideas! I think the most important thing is for the bride to be involved in the process and have fun doing it. I regret handing over the planning to my retired parents because I had just starting a new teaching job and was so busy. However, my dad got really sick the week before my wedding and died when we returned from our honeymoon. Needless to say, I was pretty distracted on my wedding day and didn't really enjoy it. Make memories in planning and you'll never regret it!

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