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How to Court a Man: A Guide for Women

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Courtship, contrary to popular belief, is not a social relic of the past. Many people are reclaiming it, and not just fundamentalist Christians, either. People of all economic levels and social classes are discovering the benefits of courtship, versus many modern social relationship practices such as "hooking up" or having a friend "with benefits."

The Problem With Modern "Relationships"

The only problem with these modern "relationships" is that they frequently do not work at all. Many times they allow one party in the relationship to actively seek out other people for companionship, something that was traditionally reserved for that special someone.

The Benefits of Courtship

The practice of courting not only allows a couple to get to know each other, but also teaches them personal responsibility and self-respect. This means that both the man and woman are not so anxious to jump into bed with each other, and more anxious to learn each other's true mind and self. It allows for each party to be discriminating, too. If a woman meets a man she knows will not work out for her, she can simply say "No" to him early on.

Tips for Courting a Man

Once the courting process is about to begin, here are a few things for the woman to keep in mind.

If your first date together goes well, make your plans then and there for a second date. Do not allow the man to visit you at home yet. He does not need to know where you live or who you live with. He especially does not need to know if you live alone, which brings me to another important point: If you do live alone, keep that information to yourself for now.

Similiarly, don't go to the man's home alone by yourself yet. Instead, while you're in the initial phases of courtship, only make plans to meet in public places. This will not only cut down on temptation, but show others that you respect each other.

Once you have progressed to the next stage of courtship, you can give him your personal address. I recommend having him park his car in the street, not in your driveway; this will teach him how to respect your property.

When he is inside of your home, don't allow him to get too comfortable. If you are all too willing to do everything for him—from cooking and cleaning to paying the rent or mortgage, and bills—it's not setting you up for success. Making things too easy for him may result in him taking advantage of you.

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Next, don't jump into bed with him at the first opportunity. There is a very special kind of love that should be earned. Make your physical boundaries very clear to him.

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