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Father's Day Tribute to the Late Parents on their Fight in Heaven

Fight to Bless More

Fights are common among the Couples

It is hard to find couples, elderly or young, not fighting for either some trivial matters or serious matters. Actually, fighting couples are one common picture of every household. Rather, it will be better to say that the two names, fighting couples and household, are synonymous. No, no….sorry, you are definitely wrong in your assumption. I am in no mood of discussing about the domestic violence which is prevailing in the society.

If you want to discuss about domestic violence then you can go through the article Domestic Violence against Man is also a Menace and leave a comment. It represents men as the victim but women victims are greater in number. The number of victims is gradually increasing among both the sections. It is quite alarming. The victims of both the sections, men or women, are equally suffering and that is a big concern.

Let me be specific that this write up is far away from such a couple’s fight which makes one suffer. It is about the quarrel without any violence and a fight which has no meaning. The care the couples show for each other makes the battle much more interesting and never ever takes an ugly or nasty turn neither within the couples’ relationship nor in the family.

Quarrel makes Family Life Spicy

The fight between the couples is commonly sweet nothings. Sometimes it may be caused due to teasing each other but in some cases we find that there is a real, strong and serious reason behind a fight. Whatever be the cause behind a couples' fight but the most interesting thing about it is that they give damn to their quarrel when their relationship and family need them. It means that to them family matters the most. You will definitely agree with me that such fighting couples and such type of battles are literally harmless. It rather makes the family life a little more interesting. The monotony of a regular life of any household gets a momentum either in a hilarious form or takes a dramatic turn.

Fight Continues Even After Life

Have you ever heard that the couples fight even in heaven? No, you are right. I have also never heard about it but believe me I have witnessed one such battle recently. Are you feeling sick because of my unrealistic thought? May be you are thinking that the writer must have gone crazy, but sorry, I’m not at all crazy. My most caring and loving parents were quite entertaining fighters in their lifetime.

Every time I and others in the family had observed that when anyone of the family was not around them then they used to talk to each other quite softly and lovingly especially in the old age but the moment we were around, they usually opted to fight for no reason at all. Everybody used to make a fun of such an incident and we even used to take an opportunity to tease them. For all of us in the family their quarrel was not a matter of botheration but a moment of fun. Just imagine that the same couple is now quarreling in front of God and disturbing the peace of the heaven. So, what! God must be enjoying too as we used to do it. He must be having quite a fun.

Now, you must be definitely wondering and labeling me as a crazy person for saying that I have witnessed the quarrel of my parents in the heaven and that too on my computer set. Come on! I am certain you are interested to hear the story. Here, I unfold the quarreling journey of my parents who are resting in heaven now. They are fond of fighting and so heaven is also not spared and this time my parents did not fight for a sweet nothing but for a serious cause. They are not even ready to give up and they are constantly fighting out for the betterment of their daughter that’s me. This fight for me is not only enjoyable but quite thanking too.

Cause behind the Battle

In Nov, 2010 I lost my mother and in March, 2011 I joined HubPages. In the month of May I wrote a hub on Mother’s Day and then in June a hub on Father’s Day. Comparatively I received more visits on the Mother’s Day article and the Father’s Day article remained way behind. I was hardly two months old on HP so visits were not at all huge but still my mother won the battle of showering blessings.

In the year 2012 it’s a different picture altogether. Before publishing my articles on this year’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day I had a feeling that again my Mother’s Day hub will do much better than the Father’s Day. I was not wrong. I published an article with poems on Mother’s Day and within fourteen days of publication I received a huge visit of around 1350. Well, I was not absolutely correct either. I mean my Mother’s Day hub definitely did well but this year’s Father’s Day article which is also an article of poems completely proved me wrong. I was dumbstruck but deep inside awestruck too. It got around 1500 visits within fourteen days. It was an amazing experience of getting a huge number of visits that too within fourteen days. Then again this year I wrote another article as a Father’s Day tribute keeping daughters in mind and within two days it almost received 150 visits. This time it made me ponder that have I become such a wonderful writer that I am receiving huge number of visits within such a short period, though the fact is I am yet to become a good writer. After a deep thought I understood the story behind all the visits.

Affection Exchanged between parents and their child

A Strong and Effective Game Plan

Certainly, it’s all a game plan. My father must have hatched a plan and through it he wanted to remind me that my father does not love me less than my mother though he left for the heavenly abode ten years ahead of my mother.

Now, I am able to realize that last year why Father’s Day article got fewer visit than the article on Mother’s Day. It was only five months after my mother’s death that when I paid tribute to my mother through an article but my father received his first tribute from me after eleven long years (I mean through writings). Naturally, he reacted a bit late just because he had no inclination about it. This time around my father seems to make up for the loss I incurred last year. He blessed me wholeheartedly and the net result is I received 1500 visits. This year my mother is a little behind in showering blessings in numbers. Both my parents used to love me equally when they were alive. Now, when they are far away from me have opted to fight among themselves to show their love by showering visits. I find it quite interesting. In no way they are willing to loose or give up but constantly throwing challenges to each other by exceeding their number of blessings in terms of visits. Don’t you think such parental fights/couples' fight are always welcome?

An Extra Love in June

Father’s Day takes place in June and so it's the month for all the fathers. On the father’s month I experienced something special. It reminded me that my parents are still fighting. The month of May is for the mothers and my own birthday is also in May but still June, 2012 has proved lucky for me. Though I know author score on the profile page has no specific importance and it regularly fluctuates but still when a score is given then nobody would like to see it in a lower range. Definitely, I too have the same feeling and I feel happy that usually my score remains ninety plus but suddenly one night after this Father’s Day the score touched the 100 mark. Imagine my excitement! Like a child I felt excited as if I had got full marks in an examination. It remained on 100 for two days and again scaled down to the ninety plus mark. My father once more proved himself stronger. It’s a fight where no words were exchanged but its impact was reflected in the number of visits which I consider as blessings.

The story of the facts does not end here. Something more I have to disclose. After I published this year’s Father’s Day article I received a mail from a guest user from Florida. She conveyed that she liked my poems but one in particular she wanted to republish in a newsletter which will be published by her company. She contacted me for permission and willingly I granted it. She has sent me a copy of the newsletter that has the poem along with my name. Again, it’s a thrilling moment for me to see my writing in print. The month June brought in Father’s Day and my Father’s Day article gave me some great moments to cherish.

Parental Fight must go on

Now, when June is about to end my Mother’s Day article is indicating red triangle that means traffic is increasing. This time I am a bit opportunist. I want my parents to carry on this competitive rally and let visits pour in more and more. They must carry on this fight, mustn't they? I really enjoyed their fight because I know it’s absolutely harmless rather extremely beneficial for me. I consider each and every visit as my parents’ blessings but when I follow the difference in the number of visits I find it quite amusing. I simply told my husband that my parents are entertaining everybody in the heaven too by their fights and they are fighting so that I may excel. Let my parents never stop quarreling!

Battle between a Mother and a Father's Power

I noticed a change in the visit account of the above mentioned two articles. Now, my father has lost his stronghold. June, the father's month, is over and my mother has rallied ahead of my father. He is simply defeated now and my mother is constantly increasing the difference in the total number of visits.

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It seems the mothers, among every couple including me, control and remain powerful for eleven months in a year and take a month's break in between. This one month which is enjoyed by the mothers as a break is the only opportunity to the fathers to prove their mettle. That's why my father in June worked hard and always fanned his own fighting spirit. He won too but Alas! Seems to be beaten in early July.

Though, it is very early to draw a conclusion but one can assume that mother will be the winner as she is much ahead of her partner. Why shouldn't be? She joined the fight with an extra vigor after a month's break and when fighting spirit is high then every goal is attainable but I must say my father is also a brave-heart and is not ready to surrender. Well, why should one surrender? It's the matter of their daughter's success.

Let's see what happens to their quarrel after one year that's around the next Mother's and Father's Day. Till then I will keep a watch over the visit account and time to time I will submit a report of my parents' fight in the heaven.

A Detailed Report on my Parents' fight

It seems I've been proved wrong by my father once again. Though after the month of June the Mother's Day article gained momentum but after sometime it halted while the Father's Day article has rallied far ahead of it. It has visits more than 3600 while the Mother's Day article is lagging behind by approximately 1000 visits.

I never enjoy fights because I always nurse a feeling that every lighthearted quarrel tends to get hot and become a matter of tension. Surprisingly, this one fight has never bothered me. May be because I have become opportunist or it's not live, that could be another reason. Let there be any reason but I am enjoying every bit of it. Love you Parents!

This is June 2013 and still my mother failed to overpower my father even after the Mother's Day in May. Does this make a difference? I am not at all affected. I am continuously trying to bask in their love and I feel there is an urgent need to thank my parents who are in heaven. Thus, posting a video clip as a thanking message to my late parents on Father's Day.

Thanking Message to my late loving Parents

Love of parents

2014 Report

Till date my father is way ahead of my mother. The visits on Father's Day poems are more than 4600 while the Mother's Day poems have only 4004 visits. Quite interesting, isn't it?


Al Wordlaw from Chicago on June 07, 2014:

Hi Shampa, I enjoy reading this article. My dad passed away 3 months prior to my birth (I feel fortunate) but I can relate to your story and the letter in video was a beautiful idea and touching. Thank you for sharing :-)

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on April 26, 2013:

Hello Indian Chef,

Thanks for your interesting comment.

Indian Chef from New Delhi India on March 30, 2013:

I am not married but I know as they say the quarrel keep the spice of romance in the marriage. Harmless quarrels may actually add to marriage because after the quarrel comes the romance of please each other but in heaven I dont know.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on September 07, 2012:

Hello Janine Huldie,

Thanks for sharing your side of the story. The fights which are harmless are always a pleasure to watch. Frankly speaking I regularly follow the visits of the two hubs about which I have mentioned and I find an interesting aspect about the visits. Sometimes they are neck to neck and sometimes there's a huge gap in between. Though we are done with the Mother's Day and the Father's Day of this year but my Father's Day article is simply gaining visits in leaps and bounds in comparison to the Mother's Day article. It's having its share of visits but at present far behind my Father's Day article.

Well, thanks a lot for liking the hub and also for feeling some resemblance. Thanks again for voting up and so on along with a big sorry for responding a little late.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on August 28, 2012:

Hello mary615,

Thanks for appreciating the article. I truly enjoyed writing this one.

Thank you for your wish. My article is still published on HP. The reason is that before the newsletter episode a website wanted to republish one of my article on their site along with my name as an author. At that time I contacted HP and they informed me that I can allow anyone to republish my work because I have the copyright of my work. Our work on HP is our copyright. Thus, I gave the permission to the third party but obviously with my name as an author and it will be good if it possess the author's profile link on HP. For your satisfaction you can easily contact the HP administration and clear your doubts. Thanks again. Good Luck!

Janine Huldie from New York, New York on August 27, 2012:

I loved this article. I have not lost my parents, but rather my grandparents. They truly were the bickersons so to speak and reading your article reminded me so much of them and I swear that they are still up in heaven fighting. The two of them fought so well, but never was it mean or cruel rather just like your parents it was kind of funny and we all used to be entertained by them. Could very much relate to your article and have voted up, shared and tweeted too!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on August 27, 2012:

This Hub gave me "goose bumps". I loved it. I can just hear them in Heaven fighting over this.

Congrats on the newsletter publishing your poem. Did you have to unpublish it on HP? I was contacted by Guideposts Mag. for permission to use one of my Thanksgiving articles. I am thrilled. Just wondering if I'll have to unpublish it here. Wouldn't want a duplicate.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on August 22, 2012:

Hello sweetie1,

You are right that the fights which do not last long make relationship more steady. May my parents enjoy the same bliss in heaven as they enjoyed on earth! Thanks for reading the article.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on August 22, 2012:

Hello rajan jolly,

I am extremely happy that you enjoyed the article. Actually, I enjoyed writing it so when somebody enjoys it then I feel my mission is accomplished. Thanks for your wish and voting up.

In fact I constantly keep watch on the two articles we are talking about and I've noticed that if one is racing ahead then suddenly it stops and then the next one marches ahead in full speed. Thanks to my parents for such a show which brings in visits. Thanks again.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on August 21, 2012:

Really enjoyed this hub, Shampa. May these hubs of yours get more & more views and you stay blessed.

Voted up & interesting.

sweetie1 from India on August 18, 2012:

As famous saying in India, kahi bhi do bartan honge to awaz to hogi hi. When ever two person live together and go through all things in life together, there would be difference of opinion and some fights would be there. But so long these fights dont last long , they make relationship more steady.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 29, 2012:

Hello jennzie,

Thanks a lot for appreciating my sense of humor. I badly needed it. If our parents and grandparents fight for us in heaven then it is quite rewarding, isn't it? Good Luck! Thanks again.

Jenn from Pennsylvania on July 24, 2012:

Yes, I can imagine my grandparents fighting in heaven with each other as well- LOL. Great hub! I like your sense of humor.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 09, 2012:

Hello IntegrityYes,

Thanks a lot for liking it.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 09, 2012:

Hello Prankita,

Thanks for reading and happy to receive praise for the hub. Thanks again.

IntegrityYes on July 06, 2012:

WHOA! Rock on,Shampa!

Ankita from INDIA on July 05, 2012:

I agree to it fully. Thanks to these small fights that you can clear all your mis-understandings. Great Hub!!! Thanks

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 02, 2012:

Hello Mr. yssubramanyam,

It's true that a little exchange of words can do wonders in relationship. Thanks for giving me full marks. Thank you, sir.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 02, 2012:

Hello Mr. prasadjain,

Thanks for your comment. It's indeed a funny imagination but I enjoyed it while imagining. Thanks again.

yssubramanyam from india, nellore. andhrapradesh on July 02, 2012:

when we adjust and understand each other, slight exchange of words take place. it strengthens the relation, immaterial weather it is in heaven or earth. full marks to my lovely hubber.

Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD from Tumkur on July 02, 2012:

A funny imagination!

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 02, 2012:

Hello myownlife,

Thank you very much for appreciating and finding it awesome. Parents are always inspirational factor so why not from heaven too. I just tried to relate my parents with my article because when I started writing in HP they had already left for their heavenly abode. Thanks again for your praise and encouragement.

myownlife from london on July 02, 2012:

Great and entertaining job, Brave person, you proved that the lost can be an inspiring factor.


Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 02, 2012:

Hello Ruchira,

Thanks for wishes, sharing and appreciation.

I never tried this funny side of mine. Hope people like it. Experiences of June inspired me to have a little fun with my parents in heaven. They must be laughing together, exclaiming what a naughty daughter I am and blessing me more and more. Thanks for reading and encouraging comment.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 02, 2012:

Hello harinarayan,

Thanks for voting up and appreciating my work.

I know the fact that they fought but never to harm anybody. It was a very casual act and we can witness such harmless fights in almost every normal family. I remember them every minute and the way I and others used to tease them gave me my idea to write this kind of an article. Their fight was never negative so a positive thought for a positive fight is equal to positive result that means blessings in terms of visits. Thanks again.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 02, 2012:

Hello Mr. yssubramanyam,

To be creative we need to have some change in our mood. I suddenly got such an idea to write this article while usually I am a reserved kind of person. Thanks for liking it and I hope to try a little of this kind.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on July 02, 2012:

Hello Vellur,

Your thought is absolutely true. Thank you very much for reading it.

Ruchira from United States on July 01, 2012:

haha...good to see this funny side yet creative side of you, Shampa :)

Peace be with them and your beautiful hubs dedicated to your parents...Amen!

sharing it across

harinarayan from Kerala, India on July 01, 2012:

Hai Shampa sadhya,

very interesting to make the fights positive. You have different thoughts and beautiful sense of humour.

voted up and interesting.

yssubramanyam from india, nellore. andhrapradesh on July 01, 2012:

we must enjoy change of mood some times.. nice hub.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on July 01, 2012:

I think your mom and dad must be showering their blessings on you all the time together as friends and partners forever.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on June 30, 2012:

Hello Mhatter99,

You are right that passion is a powerful thing. I want to witness more and more passion. Thanks for appreciation.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on June 30, 2012:

Hello billybuc,

I don't need referee for this particular situation (don't take me otherwise, God) but only visits are required. Thanks for your read and appreciation.

Shampa Sadhya (author) from NEW DELHI, INDIA on June 30, 2012:

Hello Mr. yssubramanyam,

Thanks for reading it and I humbly accept your comment.

Martin Kloess from San Francisco on June 29, 2012:

Passion is a powerful thing. Thank you for this.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 29, 2012:

Thank goodness they are in heaven where God can be the referee! Great hub; love your teasing sense of humor.

yssubramanyam from india, nellore. andhrapradesh on June 29, 2012:

misunderstandings need lot of heavenly understanding. lot of heaven to couple.

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