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cheating mom

my mom and uncle

hi all,

I am an unfortunate son. the reason is because my mom does not realise that she is already 47, but still going on having a relationship.

this all started back some 15 years ago. always my uncle(mom's sister husband) used to come to my home. no one thought this will happen. I was in 2nd standard when this started. I still remember that they used to send me to get somethng from shop. i used to go happily. when i come back i used to see my uncle hugging my mom. at that time, i did not know what he was doing. Later on also years passed and still this continud. my uncle used my mom to full extent. He used to kiss her in front of me and used to press her in all parts.

Actually my mom used to like to drive car which we did not have and my uncle had. so he used to take me and my mom to teach driving. when my mom used to drive my uncle used to touch her stomach, her thighs, then finally her boobs. this is how it all started more. and worst part is she submitted to him fully. when sundays, my uncle used to take me n my mom for teaching car. then many a times they used to tell me to sit in the car n they used to go near some bush or trees. many times i used to go n peep what they were doing. n for my surprise always they used to have sex. many times i have seen my mom sleeping on my uncle nude showing her back fully. n that rascal uncle used to press her back. i dnt know why my mom had to have sex. n that too under a tree or bush in full air. my uncle n my mother used to spend hours together nude sitting under the trees n bushes because some 10 to 15 years back there were no much population. n i used to see them both sitting full nude n my uncle used to keep kissing my mom, pressing her boobs, n even putting his finger n he was brusing my mom's pussy. always he used to do this.

then later it became so bad that even now also she continues to have. somehow my uncle used to get some reason n take us n finally end up having sex with my mother. n she is enjoying it. initially i used to feel bad later on it became used n i enjoyed seeing them both nude. finally, all credit goes to my uncle as he has made my mom a sexy bitch. now also in buses she likes being touched her back by males.

years passed, now also my mom is in same josh n keeps doing same thing, only difference is now it is some other person. but she at 47 enjoys it v nicely n i enjoy seeing my mom nude.


mash on September 05, 2013:

Give me ur moms number I will satisfy her too

hasan on November 30, 2012:

Very nice story.

ZOEY on June 04, 2010:


Nayberry from on March 16, 2009:

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The situation you described is a sad one because you were witnessing your mother and your uncle having sexual relations, but there is nothing wrong with a woman her age enjoying the pleasures of a man. She could have picked an unattached man- certainly one that was not married to her sister, and she could have been more descrete about it. Her age is not a factor when it comes to her desire to be loved and found desirable. There are women in their eighties and above who still date and have relationships. Hate the situation, maybe even tell your mom how you feel, but don't hate her just being a woman and fulfilling some very basic needs. Maybe she really has no idea just how profound an influence her actions can take on your life and your views.


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