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Calla Lily Wedding Theme


Lilies from Field to Florist

Calla Lilies, Bolinas, California

Calla Lilies, Bolinas, California

The Most Popular Wedding Flower Choice

Why do Brides choose Calla lilies most often for their wedding flowers? Only the Bride herself can tell you precisely why it was the most favored choice for her, but it isn't hard to see numerous reasons that make Calla lilies the number one wedding flower choice.

If you are thinking of featuring Calla lilies in your wedding, here are decor and flower ideas to give you a head start. Make your wedding flower selection a happy part of the best day in your life.

The Most Popular Choice for Good Reason


Why are they First on the Wedding Flower List?

  1. Calla lilies are elegant. Their smooth modern form, creamy white color or subtle tints, and their long stalk make them sublime for wedding flower use.
  2. A Calla lily is an all season flower, available at any time of the year. They are also all season in their look, not being identified strongly with any certain month like peonies or chrysanthemums.
  3. A versatile flower that can be incorporated within all of the wedding flower uses whether it be bouquets or centerpieces.

Why Callas?

Top of the list for the most popular, most available, and most versatile flower for weddings.

They have a distinctive presence, and their strong lines are best paired with foliage or flowers that echo the simple curved lines of the flower.

Bear grass is a classic foliage pairing.

Vintage Wedding, Bride and Groom, Newlyweds Postcard

Vintage Wedding, Bride and Groom, Newlyweds Postcard

Sophisticated Bouquet

In the classic white bouquet, only a few will be needed with some floral accents and variegated foliage. It creates a fresh and artistic flower bouquet that won't look fussy or "over the top".

In the classic white bouquet, only a few will be needed with some floral accents and variegated foliage. It creates a fresh and artistic flower bouquet that won't look fussy or "over the top".

The Look

One reason that Brides love this flower is the elegant, curvilinear shape of the blooms.

Just a few of the flowers can make a beautiful statement, and I helped set up a wedding reception that had simple arrangements of three calla lilies each in a tall, clear, modern vase with only a few strands of bear grass. Each table was set off magnificently, and the simple arrangements made quite a statement.

Beautiful Colors

These blooms come in some of the most delicious colors, and always look tasteful.

A Bride's bouquet of white can be echoed with the attendants having the same flower shape of callas with the nuance of the wedding colors in their bouquets.

Or the bridal bouquet can be the color of one of the several that make Calla lilies so sophisticated. Calla lilies come in Pinks, Lavenders, Eggplant, Orange, Peach, Yellow, and Bi-colors.

Different Sizes

They also come in mini sizes. That is enough variety to cover bridesmaids, flower girls, boutonnieres, Mother's corsages, and every other wedding flower arrangement. No wonder Calla lily is a top choice for wedding flowers.

Why Choose One Elegant Flower for Your Entire Wedding?

Availability is just one of the reasons to go with this for your bridal flowers.

Availability is just one of the reasons to go with this for your bridal flowers.

Available Online

Ordered online, fresh and direct, have a buckets of water ready to submerse and ready your flowers for arrangements, if you are making D-I-Y wedding flowers.

I have worked with these, and they are easy and outstanding in effect.

For Fall Weddings

Wedding Flower Ideas

wholesale in many colors

wholesale in many colors

Seasonal Flower Availability

There is no "off-season" for Calla lilies, so simply remember to order at least four weeks in advance of your event, ensuring the type and color of your chosen flowers.

If other flowers are used with them, be sure florists can as easily obtain those materials as well. Check with the month listed in my Wedding Flower link, for flowers in season. Choosing flowers that are available to florists will keep costs down and make sure that your planned blossoms are obtainable.

Theme Flower Versatility

Their beauty means that the shape is used in decorating many different types of accessories. Whether you wish your flower theme to be echoed in guestbooks, cake decorations, candles, or even decals on the wall, Calla lily designs are likely to be found.

About This Flower

Of the Zantedeschia genus the flower most often called and sold as the Calla lily is Zantedeschia aethiopica, which is also known as the arum lily. Other names? Trumpet lily and Pig lily.

Large, with white blooms, there are other types sold which have colors. All varieties with colorful flowers are other species of Zantedeschia. Most are not hardy north of Zone 7 or 8, but Z. aethiopica may survive in zone 6.

Native to South Africa, the plants grow in marshes close to bodies of water.

Blooms for any Month

From Budget Saving to Designs that will Wow

Take a look at wedding flower idea books, they will inspire you.

If 'how to' or just inspiration is needed a flower design book is going to save time and money in figuring which flowers to pick, and how to use them.

With the many accessories in this motif, there are an array of ways to tie together the theme of everything in the wedding décor.

Make them your Emblem

Wedding Accessories with Flair - Gala Calla Event

Make the Favors Special - Arum Lily designs fit into any Décor

Make your wedding one to remember, with favors that remind your guests of your joy, and grace their homes with an elegant candle holder.

One way to use these is as table décor. Lighting the reception tables, include notes on the tables which invite your guests to take one home. Save the attractive boxes for your guests to transport their lovely votive holders home. Such a lovely reminder of a perfect wedding!


Votive Lights

Bouquet How-To Tutorial

Corsage Instruction

Meaning and Symbolism

Two ways of denoting meaning through the inclusion of certain flowers are by consulting a "Language of Flowers" Victorian resource and also by the modern cultural connotation.

The usual color of an arum lily (another name for them) is white, and that is the color chosen for weddings because it represent innocence and purity. The Victorian meaning for the flower was "Magnificent Beauty". Combine the two meanings and there is a symbol for Innocent, or Pure Beauty, which is very appropriate for a wedding day.

When colors vary from white, the emotional meaning of color comes into the picture. Red is connected with passion, Orange is playfulness and happiness, Pink is feminine, and Yellow is cheer and sunshine. For some, the colors may carry other meanings, and it is a good idea to investigate how people in your culture (or one you marry into) may feel about a specific hue.

Because of its long association with marriage in our culture, another significance is to wish for "marital bliss", "true devotion".

It is good reason to center décor around this stylish flower.

The Bride's Bouquet

From Tip to Toe

Right from the start with the save-the-date to the final day with nail art as a finishing touch, the form of this flower can adorn all parts of the celebration.

A More Modern Look

Because this flower is so elegant it is chosen for a decoration on many wedding items, such as pens, guestbooks, favors, wedding goblets, and candles, to just name a few. Every accessory possible seems to come with the calla motif.

It gives a look that is modern or traditional. It was a favored flower during the roaring twenties and is just as popular today.

It was delightful to see how easy it is to carry this theme throughout the wedding and reception venue. Seamlessly transitioning from table to guestbook areas, highlighting the bridal table, decorating the Church, it is no wonder this is the one most popular wedding flower rivaling even the traditional rose.

The lines of this flower, its ability to stand alone (two flowers in a vase make a statement) create a modern, sophisticated mood.


Wedding Vignette

Wedding Vignette

Your guests will know they stepped into a special time and place from the very beginning. Greet them with the elegance of these Calla-decorated writing accessories which record the names and best wishes of the special people who attend the most wonderful day in the life of the couple.

Continue The Theme Into The Cake Decoration

Wedding Arrangements - From Bouquets To Sugar Paste Cake Flowers

Learn how to make the Calla lily a part of your wedding celebration- here are some ideas and how-to videos. If you aren't a d-i-y person, let the design ideas illustrate what you wish in a cake or bouquet.

Create Theme Sugar Flowers for the Cake

Your Wedding Flower Views

Wedding Day Nail Art

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