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Best Dating Apps for Women

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Best Dating Apps for Women

Best Dating Apps for Women

Are you a single lady and ready to get your dating game on? Find out about the best dating apps for online or mobile dating. From hookups to long-term relationships, we’ve got you covered. Learn all about online dating with this list. Find your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right today.

1. Tinder

Yes, Tinder ranks number one on our list for best dating apps for women. It’s good for hookups or long-term relationships and it takes just seconds to set up a brief profile. One of the fun aspects of the app is that you get to go through a lot of profiles and swipe on them anonymously - if you like or dislike someone’s profile picture, they’ll never know. The number of details you provide are pretty minimal, so you get to swipe without having to dig too deep into someone’s profile. If the other person swipes on your image as well and likes you, you two are a match. When you match with another user, you can exchange messages and start chatting. Let the fun begin.

What app is your favorite?

What app is your favorite?

2. Hinge

Hinge is another fun location-based dating app that encourages users to delete the app once you meet your match. The app is geared towards finding a match and developing a long-term relationship compared to Tinder which is sometimes favored by hook-up culture enthusiasts. Hinge looks very similar to Tinder and if two people end up liking each other they can start messaging each other.

Unlike Tinder, the app will prompt some Q&A so you start with a little more information when connecting with others for the first time. The prompts make for great icebreakers. You can upload up to 6 photos of yourself whereas most dating apps allow for only one. The app also lets you include more personal information about yourself like work, schooling, education level, and religious and political views.

Go on your first date in a public setting.

Go on your first date in a public setting.

3. Bumble

Bumble is essentially Tinder for women. When two people swipe on each others’ profiles, a connection is made and the two individuals are allowed to talk to each other. Something that is especially unique to Bumble is that the woman gets to contact the guy first within a 24-hour window. The guy that the woman reaches out to has to respond within 24 hours as well. If they don’t respond within those 24 hours, they lose their chance to communicate entirely. The app lets you extend beyond one match per day for another 24 hours if time runs out.

4. League

League is another fun dating app that requires an application and makes you wait to be approved. If you’re especially eager to get started on dating, you can also pay to speed up the process. In order to apply, you have to include some verifiable details about yourself like your job title, college or university, and LinkedIn profile. League is an especially good option for people who have a decent career or high level of education and want to meet someone with similar ambitions. The exclusivity can also be a turn on for a lot of long-term relationship-seekers.

Coffee is a good place to start.

Coffee is a good place to start.

5. Coffee Meets Bagel

If you are not into the swiping thing, Coffee Meets Bagel might be a great dating option for you. The app sends you daily matches at noon to keep you enticed. If you and your match are really into each other, then the two of you are allowed to talk. The app also encourages you to go out of your way and talk to your match if you are truly interested in them, rather than being more passive about the potential connection.

You are also encouraged to fill out a profile with special prompts and conversation starters. Coffee Meets Bagel is an awesome alternative for anyone who is over the Tinder train and is seeking like-minded individuals who aren’t as big on the dating scene but are still looking for that special someone.

How to Stay Safe When Dating Online

When dating online, there are numerous steps to take to make sure you stay safe. Below are some of the most important steps to follow:

  • Never give away an address: Never give way your home address or your work location when you have not yet met someone. You never know what will result from your interaction, and many women report instances of stalking from people they have met online.
  • Never give away private photos: No matter how comfortable you are feeling with someone, never share private photos or videos. This is just simply something that you cannot trust someone with. It may be used against you down the road or used in ways you did not approve of.
  • Never reveal your financial situation: Never reveal your financial situation no matter what situation you are in! If you're doing well financially and rich, someone might take advantage of you. If you are not doing well financially and unable to pay the bills, someone might take advantage of you. There are con artists everywhere.
  • Never reveal secrets: Some things you don't want to share until you really get to know someone. The truth can be manipulated and used against you any time and any place. Sharing something you might come to regret sharing later leaves you in a vulnerable position.
  • Keep your family's identity private: Whether you have an ex husband, 3 kids, or live with a parent, do not share the information of the people in your family with a stranger. There is always the potential for identity theft and worse.
  • Always tell someone where you are and who you are meeting: Before you meet with anyone, always tell someone close to you (even a colleague) that you are meeting someone and share their identity with someone close. This can be a screenshot of their profile, a phone number, and any more information you have. Also let that person know when you will be home. If you don't show up for work the next day, they will know something is wrong.

Lastly, play it safe and meet in a public space. Don't agree to go for a ride with a stranger. It's always wise to be on guard on your first date with someone online as you never know what kind of situation you are walking into. Aside from that, enjoy, and hope you find true love.

Start somewhere scenic for a first date.

Start somewhere scenic for a first date.

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Brynn B Lewis (author) from Houston, TX on September 08, 2020:

"Too many people such at online dating" - this is very good, dashingscorpio

dashingscorpio from Chicago on September 08, 2020:

It really comes down to what someone is looking for.

Whatever you want should dictate where you shop.

And most importantly having a mate selection/screening process and "must haves list" in which one has the self-discipline to stick to. Ultimately dating apps are just a (tool) for meeting new people.

Much like a fork is a tool for eating. You can eat a garden salad or a slice of double fudge chocolate cake. However no obese person would ever blame their (fork) for their weight gain!

And yet some people who have had bad dating experiences with those (they chose) to engage with using a dating app will blame the whole online dating industry.

Nothing happens until (you) say: 'Yes!" (Choose wisely)

It's not that online dating sucks, too many people suck at online dating! One man's opinion! :)

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