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An Arabian Nights Wedding


The Bride Chose Something More Exotic

The Bride has a dress and color that some would find untraditional, but it is in complete harmony with her chosen theme of an Arabian Nights Fantasy.

The Bride has a dress and color that some would find untraditional, but it is in complete harmony with her chosen theme of an Arabian Nights Fantasy.


A Different Idea For Your Wedding Theme

I actually participated in a Bellydance Wedding, believe it or not -something like Elizabeth Hurley's, pictured here.

While I was taking bellydance lessons one of my fellow student performers became engaged and decided to involve our whole class in her wedding- as dancers!

The wedding itself started out tame enough.

All the wedding attendants wore black satin dresses, very sleek and a strong contrast to the bride in her white, equally sleek dress. The wedding ceremony was performed on the stage of the rented rooms of a very nice party house. It was after this, that the real party began.

Photo of Liz Hurley, who had bellydance as part of her celebration, although not all lookers-on in Britain approved.

For Middle Eastern And Indian Brides

The Art Of Hennaed Hands

Mehndi pattern books may hold some information and Mehndi henna designs on the hands is a favorite tradition for brides and the bridal party.

The books may further explain some of the symbolism of such designs. Mehndi designs not only decorate hands, ink replicas can be used on wedding invitations, and icing on the cake can imitate these beautiful, and intricate patterns.

Find out more about the custom of Mehndi.

Bridesmaids Dress Idea - Arabian Nights,Yet Modern Look

Bring On The Imagination

This is a fantasy theme. Let your imagination loose, in the same way that the Tales of the Arabian Nights filled the minds of generations with visions of faraway places.

It will be a unique and original style of wedding, yet for those of Middle Eastern heritage, full of tradition, too.

Let the music, the food, and decor have full sway with lanterns and glints of gold or silver. Don't be afraid of color, which can set the stage for making this a memorable and highly enjoyable time for guests and the most important event for the bride.

Remember To Set The stage With The Stationary

Use artistic wedding stationary to clue the guest in to the fact that this won't be "weddings as usual". Bring your color theme, the sense of exotic Arabian style, and expectation of the good times ahead into your invitations.

Set The Mood At The Outset

Moroccan Wedding Invitation sets the mood for the exotic reception to come

Moroccan Wedding Invitation sets the mood for the exotic reception to come

Moroccan Nights - White Lantern Centerpieces

via Ilona on Pinterest

via Ilona on Pinterest

Keep Your Theme Simple

--as you can---

Don't let detail overwhelm you. Use highlights and colors to relay your theme's intent: a Casbah environment can be as simple as borrowing from Hafla party elements.

This theme could easily go over the top, but maybe you want that!

A Fabulous Cake


The Belly Dance Performance Continues

Our class was upper intermediate level, and there were about fifteen of us. Dressed up in our performance finery we swirled out onto the dance floor to surround the bride, who had on her white performance costume and the bridegroom seated before her. The bride performed a special dance for her groom, and then the faster music began and the entire troupe presented their choreographed dance, ending with improvisations and dancing out into the seated crowd. A few brave souls joined us, and the performance ended with the usual band playing for the reception, and the wedding dining and dancing.

"Having belly dancers at my wedding was the best idea! They were so much fun! By the end of their performance all of our guests were on the dance floor. The belly dancers really kicked off the celebration. -Erin, a happy bride"

It was a quite unique experience.


Not everyone wants to perform a bellydance at their own wedding, but in the Middle East it is quite common to have a belly dancer precede the bride and groom or give a performance at the wedding reception. Perhaps this is more what you have in mind while dressing up the venue to look like a Desert Prince's tent, and giving Moroccan or Near East flavor to your reception.

Mideast Hafla

  • Potluck Party Idea: Have A Middle Eastern Hafla
    Have the Arabian Nights version of a potluck party. Serve wonderful Middle Eastern flavors in easy to serve finger foods and buffet items. Dress up the venue with a few simple rugs and screens. Voila!

Near East Symbols - To incorporate into your Arabian nights wedding theme...


Symbolic Palm Trees

The palm tree symbolizes rest and hospitality, a wish for a happy home.

Trees are related to an easy life, happiness and fertility.

Geometric Diamond stands for femininity, womanhood, and fertility.

Fish for prosperity.

Birds represent blessings.

In the West we use representational figures, in the Near East there are geometric symbols for birds, fish, and trees.

For example, a lions paw is often seen in carpet designs:

Moroccan Menu

Delicious Arabic Foods

You can choose any number of food ideas, but Moroccan food is a crowd pleaser.

Suggested menu:

  • Moroccan Boneless Free Range Chicken Breast (marinated with lemon, onion, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, and roasted with green olives and preserved lemon and with a cilantro garnish)
  • Harissa Sauce
  • Chickpea Cutlets with Spicy Tomato Sauce
  • Couscous Pilaf with Turkish apricots, golden raisins and toasted, slivered almonds
  • Tagine of artichoke hearts, roasted cherry tomatoes, saffron potatoes and peas
  • Steamed green beans with lemon zest and olive oil
  • Salad of baby greens with house-made herbal vinaigrette

Menu and recipes

Another Moroccan Menu

Arabian Nights Themed Cakes

 Source: wewantcake.co.uk via Marcie on Pinterest

Source: wewantcake.co.uk via Marcie on Pinterest

Authentic Foods Will Wow Your Guests

My Real Wedding Menu from The Knot and The Nest.

_________/appetizer suggestions/_________

  • fire grilled chicken kabob with pomegranate molasses drizzle
  • hummus on toasted pita triangle with red pepper puree
  • roasted eggplant bruschetta with vine ripened tomato, fresh basil and crumbled feta
  • phyllo puff filled with feta and fontina cheeses
  • stuffed grape leaves with jasmine rice and Moroccan spices
  • assorted mediterranean olives

Pretty Touches

Suggested touches for your reception meal:

  • Bowls filled with fragrant potpourri to scent the room
  • Serving guests refreshing mint tea.
  • Serving appetizers of stuffed dates, and Kebab Koutbane.
  • Filigree cupcake holders for Jordan almonds , sweetmeats, or specially decorated cupcakes

Gold filigree cupcake holders

Color And Props


Persian, Moroccan, Exotic or Traditional - Something Beautiful,Something Fun

Make up your own fairytale Arabian Night.

Use colorful detail: Moroccan tea glasses, a brightly colored theme for tables and streamers, filigree lanterns.

Remember how important music is to set the atmosphere. If you don't have a Middle eastern band, there are lots of World music recordings that can add to the festive exotic feel.

You don't have to be from the Middle East to enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas of this wedding theme.

It is traditional to hire a professional belly dancer for the wedding reciption, and considered good luck by many.

Touches of Filigree Give an Arabic Touch


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