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Conservatory Garden Wedding Makes Light of the Weather

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My Daughter's Botanical Garden Wedding

An indoor venue was a good thing when the April blizzard hit that day! But the tropical plants and the unique atmosphere of this Conservatory wedding made us all forget the stormy weather outdoors. we were in the perfect garden.

Well, no weddings are completely perfect, but the careful planning my daughter did made her wedding one of the most perfect ones I have attended. I played a small part, which makes me happy, but it was largely her exquisite taste and her choice of venues that led to a delightful wedding for her, her husband, her family, and her guests.

I'd love to tell you about it and also why a conservatory wedding ceremony was such a wonderful experience for all of us.

Follow me into Franklin Park Conservatory for the full dream wedding story, and how it unfolded...

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Wedding in the Franklin Park conservatory

Wedding in the Franklin Park conservatory

A Wedding Inside The Franklin Park Conservatory

amongst the art and the botanical plantings

If you would like to plan to have Franklin Park Conservatory as the venue for you wedding, what might you expect?

My daughter chose to hold the wedding ceremony at the Conservatory while having her reception at another location. If she had held the reception at the Conservatory the requirements, at the time, were to use their catering, which is a fine choice for some, but we had a family friend who is a professional and wanted his talents to create the reception dinner.

There are a wide array of choices for wedding ceremonies and receptions at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Besides the Palm House where my daughter's ceremony was held there are other areas such as "The Bride's Garden", "The Zen Terrace", and others to cater to the needs of your particular plans.

To make a reservation for your wedding or for an appointment to visit the Conservatory, contact the Special Events Office at 614.645.1800

Abridal show is held in January.

One of the very nice things about having a wedding in a botanic garden is the fact that the guests may wander around the conservatory exhibits afterward, and while wedding photographs are being taken. The areas for getting the wedding party ready were clean and worked well, even for a large size of attendants.

A wedding in a botanical garden has to be one of my favorite experiences, ever.

I thought it was elegant and had all the feel of a garden wedding with none of the weather risks (inside, of course- we had a freak April blizzard outside).

A Beautiful Floral Design Ring

A design that matches the love of flowers woven into the solid white gold of this beautiful ring.

Other Weddings In The Franklin Park Conservatory

Garden Themed Wedding Stationary

Wedding Invitations

For A Conservatory Wedding

My daughter made her own invitations, using red paper, handmade paper, thin red satin ribbons and her calligraphy, but you may want to use the artistry of creations from Zazzle.

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Aren't these pretty?

Flowers and Decorations - mock-up of the planned table decorations

pre-wedding mock-up of the centerpiece arrangements

pre-wedding mock-up of the centerpiece arrangements

The Actual Wedding Guest Tables

The Actual Wedding Guest Tables

The Actual Wedding Guest Tables

Conservatory Garden Decorations

Candles in Trays

Large sized decorative trays that can hold a floral design with candles is a pretty and eye catching display. They will show up against the greenery and can be used to accent the ceremony area. Between two and four will be needed.

If real candle are not allowed, there are marvelous LED candles that are safe and look like the real thing.

Yards Of Gauze Netting

I bought yards of flowing gauzy material to match my daughter's accent color and bridesmaids dresses, it was used to create a canopy as a focal point where the vows would take place.

That was all the decorating necessary for the ceremony,besides the flowers for the wedding party itself.

For The Guest Tables

For table centerpieces individual dish gardens with moss, some river rocks, and sprigs of flowers were centered with candles in lanterns. The groom painstakingly made the lanterns from handmade paper (purchased), and balsa wood framework. Purchased lanterns could work for those who don't feel "crafty". Glass votive holders safely contained the candle flame. The floors were strewn with rose petals from the flower girls, and the tables lighted dusted with petals, too.

An idea from a nieces wedding would work well in a conservatory setting, three simple calla lilies in clear glass vases for each table. A few sprays of bear grass to give grace and it is a simple, but showy table centerpiece.

The Brides Table

I made special floral arrangements for the Brides table which included optic light butterflies within a low arrangement of flowers in flowerbox-like containers. I used dressy looking red metallic ones, but rustic wooden types could work just as well, or golden bronze...depending on the theme of the wedding. The fiber optics give a little fantasy light to the atmosphere.

We held the reception in a different venue, but to keep the conservatory feel to the room, I had purchased large sized orchid plants and arranged them together on a table, with large garden flower planters filled with big sprays of flowering branches and purchased florist flowers. Set up on inexpensive plaster pedestals, they gave lots of floral impact to the room. The planters were duct taped to the pedestals for stability, and then the tape was covered with Spanish moss. the planters were the lightweight resin which were filled with balls of chicken wire to hold the arranged flowers.

If the reception is held within a conservatory setting, it is probably unnecessary to have the extra flowers arrangements, the table centerpieces should be enough.

Potted Orchids

Orchids at Franklin Park Conservatory

Orchids at Franklin Park Conservatory


Considerations for a Conservatory Wedding - The pros and cons of a wedding inside a conservatory

  • Pro: the many plants and foliage surrounding the event means less money needed to budget for flowers.
  • Con: in warmer months the temperature can feel less comfortable inside a greenhouse.
  • Pro: guests will enjoy walking around and seeing interesting things.
  • Con: your wedding might be booked back to back with another and you are hurried out by the staff.

A Garden Wedding Any Time of Year

A conservatory harmonizes with many wedding themes, we had an Asian theme. It would work equally well with any culture, a garden themed wedding, modern, vintage Victorian, even Safari themed.

Rrwarr! It has the ambiance of being outdoors without the worry of fickle weather dampening the plans. We even had an April blizzard that day, so you can imagine what that might have done to any plans involving the outdoors. The wedding in the conservatory is one that I think I will remember as the most beautiful I ever attended, and not just because it was my daughter's happy day, although I'm sure that has a little something to do with it.

Conservatory Wedding Elsewhere

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