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How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet on Your Wedding Day

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Choosing your wedding bouquet is a fun experience and one to enjoy. Your wedding bouquet has a special part to play on your big day. You want your bouquet to be perfect—afterall your special flowers will accompany you on your journey down the isle and take pride of place in your wedding photos and wedding videos.

It is important that your wedding bouquet compliments the style of your dress. Match your bouquet to the colour, line and shape of your dress. Coordinating colours will enhance the overall impression you want to create.

There are a few considerations to take into account before you make any final commitments—to your bouquet of course...

  • What colour wedding dress are you wearing? Traditional white, off white or will you be wearing a splash of colour? You don't want the colours of your dress and the flowers in your bouquet to clash!
  • What colour dresses are your bridesmaids wearing? Bridesmaids usually carry a simpler version of the bridal bouquet.
  • Do you want a posy, cascading, wand, basket or elaborate bouquet?
  • Do you want traditional wedding flowers or have you an original idea?
  • Is your bouquet one colour or a mixture?
  • Is your bouquet one or more type of flower?
  • What time of year is your wedding? Perhaps the flowers you want are not in season!
  • Consider the fact that winter weddings need warm colours: reds; deep oranges; earthy greens; rich purples.
  • Spring weddings call out for signs of growth! Beautiful lush greens, bright yellows and light chocolate browns.
  • Do you want your bouquet as a keepsake?
  • Are you thinking dried, silk or something new and different?
  • What's your budget? An important fact to know before you go shopping!
  • Are you wearing flowers in your hair? Do you want to synchronize?
  • Is your dress simple or bouffant? Your flowers must compliment the style of your chosen dress!
  • Where and when are you planning to get your flowers? You don't want them wilting before you walk down the isle!

Simple Cascading Creations:

  • Baby's Breath; Fern (maiden hair); Morning glory; Ivy and Honeysuckle add lush beauty to a cascading bouquet without being too fussy.
  • A simple choice of a single flower type with minimal foliage for an elegant cascade will look very dramatic. Orchids do this job wonderfully.

Pretty Posies Suggestion:

  • Roses; Tulips; Gerbera Daises and Camellias to mention but a few favorite flowers, make lovely posies.
  • Go with single bold colours; blood red or deep pink.
  • Mix a few coloured buds, yellow and orange love each other, as do red and white. Pale lilac, blue and white are a delicate combination. An all white or yellow bouquet makes a gentle statement.

A Few Simple Ideas:

  • All flowers look pretty nestled in a delicate hand held basket.
  • Single coloured bouquet balls are really beautiful and very effective.
  • If flowers really aren't your thing, choose a silk ribbon to carry on your arm.
  • If elegance and simplicity are on your list, a single Lily, Rose or Gerbera Daisy make a beautiful individual flower wand.

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Flowers that bring true meaning to your bouquet and your very special day...

  • Arbutus:

This flower carries a few different meanings, but the most important meaning of all is loud and clear. I only love you.

  • Amaranth:

Tells your beloved you promise fidelity. An important message to convey on your special day.

  • Baby's Breath:

Not only provides a beautiful spray of colour but also brings a message of pure ever lasting love.

  • Pink Camellia.

The message here is a very dramatic one. One of wanting and longing.

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  • Red Camellia:

This flower represents a heart that holds a burning hot flame for a special someone (hopefully that special someone is standing at the alter).

  • White Camellia:

In no way understated, this pretty flower says it all. Simple adoration.

  • Daffodil:

This underrated bell means unrequited love. You are the only one for me.

  • Fern or Maiden Hair:

Holds a secret of bonded love. Very appropriate as you take to the isle.

  • Gerbera Daisy:

A symbol of happiness. The Gerbera Daisy also expresses love and appreciation. These beautiful daises come in abundance of colours so you can coordinate as well as express yourself.

  • Gloxina:

Delivers the words: love at first sight.

  • Honeysuckle:

This yellow flower expresses strong bonds of love.

  • Ivy:

This green foliage delightfully stands for love and marriage. Quite the traditional fella.

  • Jonquil:

Sends out a message requiring to be loved.

  • Lilac:

The purple Lilac delivers the wondrous meaning of first love .

  • Lily:

Purity and innocence have been associated with this majestic flower since time stood still. The Lily is also often associated with the Roman Goddess of love: Venus.

  • Morning Glory:

The name alone gives this flower the right to attend any wedding. Among it's fine greenery Morning Glory brings the message of affection.

  • Orchid:

Is the true love flower and the Chinese symbol for many children.

  • Primrose:

Sends out a message loud and clear. I can't live without you.

  • Rose:

Without the thorns expresses attachment and first love.

  • Red Rose:

The beautiful classic Red Rose is a symbol of love and romance.

  • Stephanohs:

Delightfully means a happy marriage. A wonderful message.

  • Tulip:

Symbolizes the perfect lover. Nice to know you picked the right one.

  • Red Tulip:

The Red Tulip deserves a mention in her own right. This lovely flower sends a declaration of love. I personally like this one.

  • Violet:

In the blue provides the meaning of your faithfulness in true symbolism.

  • Zinnia Magenta:

Brings the important message of lasting affection to your betrothed on your wedding day.

It's enchanting to know the meaning of different flowers. The message they share in the shape and colour of their petals. On your wedding day, it's delightfully romantic to carry a bouquet that brings a message of everlasting love, adoration, fidelity, lasting affection and a bond of strength and love to the person waiting for you; to the very person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

To begin your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life with such love and affection bound beautifully together in your hands is wondrous, amazing and truly magical. There are many different flowers and colours to choose from. Plenty of which are not mentioned here. However, if you are getting married or planning someone else's big day, I hope you choose flowers that have a heart felt meaning and something very special to say.

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