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Young Men Are Going On Strike

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Young Men Are Becoming Enlightened On What The Male Role In Society Really Represents

One of the most noticeable factors with respect to men’s human rights advocacy, is the intergenerational component to the movement. If one were to take a survey at the moment of the average age of newcomers to the movement over the last 5-8 years, it would not surprise me in the slightest, if the majority of them were gen Y or Z men. That has indeed been my experience. Even Dr. Warren Farrell has made mention of the large gaining momentum of men’s human rights advocacy among millennial males.

Frankly what I have personally observed in wider society, is a sharp drop off in the degree of gynocentric orientation among men from gen X to gen Y and an even sharper drop off from gen Y to gen Z. The MGTOW social phenomenon is big, we are talking about millions of young men globally. Basically the younger the men you look at in society, the greater the number of men not bowing to the needs of the princess culture and mainstream feminist ideology. Their numbers are growing almost geometrically. Younger men are becoming enlightened (see adjacent video) on just how stacked the cards are against them in this society and are feeling emboldened to make changes. So they are withdrawing from key sectors of society in mass (literally millions globally at this point) and are shunning marriage especially. The publication Breitbart, calls it "The Sexodus". If women want to thank someone, please send your praise to women like Hanna Rosin. Her man bashing message about, “The End Of Men” that she has been busy promoting internationally and through mainstream media, is not going unnoticed by young men or boys. They are hearing the message that they have no future and are not welcome in society loud and clear.

To quote Suzanne Venker:

“It is a dangerous thing to create a society of frustrated young men. Feminists have no idea what a can of worms they’ve created — and what it’s about to do to our nation.” (article linked here)

She is absolutely right, feminists and bigots like Hanna Rosin have no idea. They have no idea at all. As a relatively young gen Y man myself, I find it highly amusing. Why? Well mainly because I know many of these bigoted women are in for an extremely rude awakening 10-30 years from now. All of this will come to a head when gen Y and Z take over the running of society and become the bulk of the working population. What we have at the moment is a generational time bomb. This bomb has been set in motion as a result of 30 years of neglect of men and boys issues, second wave feminism and associated man bashing. We have actually raised two generations of young men, that are very unwilling to support our current gynocentric social systems and the welfare queen state. Today's young men actually have a deep level of contempt for the fraud, bigotry and corruption they represent. Indeed even if they were willing, many young men lack the education to provide the required financial support to subsidise it.

Men Are Going On Strike

Dr. Helen Smith Discusses Her Book "Men On Strike"

2015- 70% Of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married In The US

What exactly am I talking about when I speak of a time bomb? I am referring to the reality that large chunks of generation Y and Z men are dropping out of society. As Dr. Helen Smith noted, young men are going on strike (see adjacent video). They don’t see any incentive to marry, to have children or to climb the corporate ladder and many of them are uneducated. These young men are “working to rule”. To the state, feminists and the corporate oligarchy that runs our society, these men are a problem. They are not behaving or consuming in the desired fashion. Hence the shaming tactics of the terms “man boys” and “grass eaters” to get these young men to “man up” and get back on the treadmill to work for someone else's benefit. Indeed in Japan, young men over there are starting to cause quite a panic for economists with their modern lifestyles.

These men won’t play ball with gynocentrism and neither will they act as disposable workhorses to earn money someone else spends while they die sooner. They won’t sign up to being exploited through marriage, family courts and divorce. They won’t get suckered into a situation where they are milked for alimony and child support. They see no point in acting as a sperm bank for prospective self-entitled single mothers. They see no upside in becoming a father, when fatherhood is not recognised in this society or protected by our laws.

With respect to employment, many of the educated male minority among the so called “man boys”, see climbing the corporate ladder as a fools errand. The need to achieve a healthier work life balance is more appealing to them, than slaving away at a job they hate for 50 plus hours a week to provide for a spouse and family that they barely see and whom are likely to be taught to resent them. Of course that only really applies to the educated young men. Then we have all the uneducated young men that have been neglected by our feminised education systems and often come from fatherless homes (frequently as a result of the father being kicked out of the family thanks to our biased family courts). These men contribute very little to the economy and a number of them become criminals or our homeless.

What all of this effectively means, is that in the next 10-30 years our societies are going to be turned upside down. The birth and marriage rate will plummet and our economies are going to go through protracted stagflation (as they already are now) and then start to shrink. Many corporations will begin moving overseas to more favourable economic environments, government tax revenue will start to dry up from the shear numbers of male unemployed or under-employed and the crime rate is going to mushroom. We won’t be able to build and finance the prisons fast enough to keep up with demand. Meanwhile the welfare state will buckle under the shear numbers of the unemployed and government spending will start to dry up to avoid an inevitable sovereign default.

Watch what happens closely. First the politicians and the media will blame men and boys as they are now. When that stops working as more and more people start putting two and two together, then bigots like Hanna Rosin and Maureen Dowd will be exposed and scrutinised. Their spectacular fall from grace will be a quite a thing to watch, as they are hung out to dry by the very people and media institutions that backed them only a decade or two beforehand. Eventually as the pressure builds, our cultural double standards and misandric myths will collapse as our societies finally face the stark reality that men and boys have been marginalised under the false fraudulent flag of feminist equality for decades. After that, it is all over for gynocentrism and gender ideologues. To quote Suzanne Venker again:

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"Why is it when women are trailing behind, they’re being discriminated against; but when men are trailing behind, they’re just losers?"

Feminist hypocrisy will be put under the spot light in the mainstream media like never before. This period will mark the death of feminism, but by then it will be too late, the damage will already be done and the message of young men like me will be heard too late. The days of the daddy state will come to a close and so will the lifestyle of the welfare queens and the enforced financial servitude of estranged fathers and ex-husbands. The female entitlement bubble will burst and the princess culture will run out of legs.

Government debt at the moment in a number of OECD countries is already out of control. All people need to do is extrapolate that to the near future, when we have the male half of the population too poorly educated to get a job. Whilst our governments and economies struggle along, the aging baby boomers will be demanding that my generation and younger generations cough up and pay their pensions. Sorry to say this, but with so many men out of work, you guys might have to take a cut to your retirements in the future. Don't rely on us either to pay your healthcare bills because we won't have the money or the economy to pay for it. To compound these problems even further, the population will also start to rapidly age as the birth rate falls below replacement levels.

My generation will inherit this mess. A deep protracted recession and even a depression is likely. Ironically this will probably happen a century after the last one in the 1930s. To the bigots within the feminist movement and elsewhere currently lining their pockets, stealing from future generations and playing off the mass ignorance and apathy of the population-we won’t forgot who was responsible. In the meantime I look forward to watching the ideologues struggle to avoid talking about the elephant in the room (the plight of men and boys) and the grimace on their faces when more and more of the public start to ask the hard questions.

Us young men won’t forget Hanna Rosin, we won’t forget Maureen Dowd and we won’t forget the politicians and media presenters that spread lies, bigotry and hate toward men.

We will be holding you personally responsible for this mess and we will be making sure you are nailed to the wall when the penny drops. Historians will record your dark contribution to our nations and societies.

We will come for you in whatever hole you have crawled into with the cameras and the hard questions. The public humiliation will be long and messy.

You can count on it.


Ryan (author) from Australia on March 26, 2014:

I can think of older relatives that match your description (uncles), so touche. I guess the only real difference is that young men are setting out in the life with that mindset and knowledge right from the start.

Men going their own way is going to become the norm within the next 15-20 years. Hanna Rosin has come out and said that society does not have to turn men into eunuchs, male identity can be remade into whatever she and her bigoted followers want. So women can form their own identity but men cannot? Interesting double standard and sense of entitlement. Breathtaking arrogance, delusion and nauseating narcissism behind that statement.

The reality is that young men have had enough and they really don't care what women like Rosin are spruiking. These men are determining who they are for themselves, forming their own identity by themselves (a scary and foreign concept for some entitled and controlling women like Rosin) and structuring their own lives around their own interests and not around the needs of self entitled gynocentric female bigots. Rosin has as much hope of convincing young men of today to be servile lap dogs for women, as a snowball does in hell. It is a pity she is still too delusional to see it, but with time she will and it will be one heck of a rude awakening. The days when women like Rosin can get by in life by only seeing how men relate to women's needs are coming to an end.

The current breed of men really don't care about supporting this bubble world of female entitlement, so such women better get used to looking beyond their own perspective for a change.

Greg Dean on February 27, 2014:

You know, it's not just the young guys going on strike. I am young, yes. But I am seeing so many much older guys going on strike, particularly from western women. They are taking their life savings and moving to asia in droves. Some find a lovely Phillipino girl 20-30 years his junior, while others are finding joy in Eastern European women. When I said to one guy that these women just want visas, he replied, "My last marriages have lasted an average of 7-10 years. I can date amazingly beautiful women and have at least 5 years with them while they are still gorgeous and if they leave me, fine...I will just get another one. ALL of the options are with men and we can just rinse and repeat. Women don't have this option as they age. Their time was 18-28."

Fair enough I thought. As I get older I see his point...and what a great point!

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