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You and your sex

I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji White; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way


You and your sex is a very important subject that should get center stage attention or should get a lot of motivational teachings around its underlying issues yet for some maybe unknown reasons, its issues are often times bypassed.

You and your sex is different from you and your sexuality. You and your sex is about you and your happiness resulting from a well-balanced sexual living. Your Sexuality and preference is a small pod in this big mix.

What makes a man happy? Can you guess? From experience, I would say, a loving happy peaceful sex filled life gratifying everyday experiences. Too much grammar? I will break it down. On an average, a man is most satisfied when he has a circle complete life. A woman to help him relieve stress sexually, who for one is his type and is as freaky as he would like it. Two, a money satisfying job. A man loves to be able to buy what he wants when he wants it. The defect to this factor can be very traumatic for the man and everyone attached to him. Naturally, men love to have the good things of life. This makes them happy and keeps him fueled. A happy life helps drives his ambition on a daily basis.

You and your sex. What is your sex? Your sex is the gratification you get and enjoy from a stress relieving sexual exercise. Every man has his sex and sexual patterns, habit and expectations. A man’s sex is many times a deal breaker. For instance, a construction worker may require a simple well breed female as his sexual preference, because of the nature of his job. A male bar attender may have a different requirement in his taste for a female specie in comparison to the construction work because of the nature of their jobs. For the bartender, I would imagine that he would prefer a more freakish female than the construction worker would, because of the nature of his job. I guess that the more tedious a man works the lighter the weight of sex he may want, and the men with the lighter jobs have more time in hand for heavy sometimes trivial weighty sexual experiences. Either ways make it a balanced deit. Well apportioned and not glutonic. E.g Get married. Get a wife.

A man who is married and probably has been for many years may over time have a particular sexual relieve preference that he has come to love. Well what do I say about that? Family first.

Your sex is your driving motivating force to living your everyday happy life. When you get it right many times every other thing fall into perfect place. Get your sex right, it speaks a lot about you!

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