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You Need More Than Beauty And Sex to Sustain Your Marriage


What a Woman Need to do For a Successful Marriage

Many women have complained that some men have ended their relationships because they didn’t give them sex regularly or they are not beautiful enough. As a result, some of them have become sex toys, while some have spent huge amount of money to beautify themselves in order to please their partners. Some have gone as far as undergoing plastic surgery. Sex obviously is important in relationships, but the absence of it is not the only reason why some men walk away from relationships.

. it is pathetic for some women to believe that with beauty and sex appeal they can have any man. Yes, it may be true, but temporarily. Dressing sexy and exposing your bodily endowments can attract sex mate not a husband. The size of your buttocks or breasts or both will not secure your relationship but the size of your heart can. After a few years of knowing each other or marriage, it will not be about the breast or buttock .Joyce Meyer wrote: “It is good to visibly look our best, but so many women paint their outside and leave their inside in a mess.” This does not mean i advocate for women to ignore physical attractiveness and instead look haggard.

Apart from sex, what are you bringing into the relationship? Some women erroneously, believe that beauty and sex were the ways to financial and marital rewards. All some women do when in a relationship is make unending demands for money to buy bags, shoes, clothes, expensive phones etc. They request to be taken for dates and holidays; making the man spend money unnecessarily.

A few years in the rough and tumble of marriage brings sharp disillusionment. The first emotion that typically hits you is fear. Whether it’s low-level nervousness or full blown panic, most of you experience some degree of fear when you think of your partner cheating on you. You spend some time imagining, what if this? What if that?

It has been observed that most important marital successes were by women who possessed, in addition to beauty and sexual appeal, the ability to exhibit certain positive attributes to their partners. If a woman aspires to have a blissful marriage, she must put herself out to do things that require unselfishness and thoughtfulness. Some of them are listed below:


Behind every successful man is a woman. Have you ever sat down with your man and help him plan for his future? A wife should stand by her husband and work together as a team whether it is short term or long term goals. Where does your husband hope to be in a year, in five years, in ten years? What does he want to be doing with his career? With his life? Be there for him when he wants to talk to you. Listen to him and advice him if required and take care of his need. One of the issues that causes so much upset in relationship is when a husband and wife have very different dreams for their lives. They go through their relationship without talking to each other.


You need to support your husband in his ventures and endeavours. When your partner finally walks in the door from work, give him a smile and collect his suitcase, as you welcome him back home. An insincere grin might not fool him. A sensitive partner will know it is fake smile and resent it. Give him a real smile, a heart-warming smile, a smile that comes from deep inside you. Many of you seldom smile at your partners. Cook his food. Even when you are serving his meal smile. A smiling wife will be the most pleasing thing to see for a husband. Take care of him when he is unwell or uplift his mind when he is stressed out. Keep the house in order, tidy and clean. He will be glad to have you beside him in every step he takes.

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In marriage or relationship; there need to be acts of affection and financial assistance. Whenever, you are in a position of giving financial aid to your partner, give it .By giving financial assistance to your partner, you may avoid many sorrowful pitfalls and greatly depressing experiences that can led into permanent despondency. Giving loan or money to help a partner’s course is a great gesture. It shows that you genuinely care for your partner. If you are in a relationship with someone undeserving of your financial assistance, then you have made a wrong choice in the first place; being with the right person, whether in marriage or a relationship is important. However, there may be need for precautionary measures. Before you give out the loan or money, both of you should sit down and discuss to find out what the money is needed for. The amount required and when it will be repaid, if it is a loan. Make him to assure you that the money will be used for what it was meant for. Communicate openly and honestly. Some men have been known to have diverted some financial assistance to trivial matters. Being married can make the situation more elastic and therefore can enable you to take risks. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce.


You need to spend the first couple of minutes every day with God. You and your partner will reap the benefits of wisdom and stability. Being prayerful doesn’t mean you will never disagree with your partner, it only means you can run to God and allow Him to renew your strength when you feel weary and pressured. This is what Isaiah 40:31 says, when it encourages you to wait for God. Many of you can avoid losing your tempers or saying words you later regret if you will simply spend some extra time with God when you realize weariness is setting in. This will help you keep going strong and rather than want to give up on your partner. You need to intentionally and regularly pray for your partner. Make the house a home for him, one he will find peace, happiness, love and togetherness. The real test of success in life cannot be measured by material possessions, or material influences, and certainly not by a realization or reception of the things for which you always ask but by peace of mind and being happy which only God can guarantee.


Do you really want to be a wife who is so busy critizing the imperfections in your husbands? Be a supportive wife. Encourage him. Do the words you speak lift your husband up or tear him down? Be proud of that man that is your partner and how far he has come in life and his dreams. Praise even the slightest improvement he makes. We all crave appreciation and recognition. Show him you are a caring wife by giving him your focused attention. When you are this kind of wife your husband, it would be easier to build a happy home with him.



Love is not based on sex. Love is based on respect, trust and honesty. Most men don’t equate sex with love. Honesty and open communication are crucial in a healthy marriage keep all name-calling and belittling terms out the discussion. Ultimately, let patience and love guide your words. Marriage take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.


Who said men don’t need help and support? If you want your partner to like you, if you want to develop real happy married life with him, keep the above characteristics. When you change your character, you can change your life and as well as that of your partner. Some skeptics may say, these stuffs are all right for some men, but not my husband. You are right. Nothing will work in all cases and nothing will work with all people. Try to be a woman that a man will regret losing for the rest of his life. Be that woman that your partner can never afford to lose to another man. No man is perfect so help build your man to your taste and stop looking for a readymade husband. Most men want a woman he can sleep with, make love to, travel with, shop with, dream with, and live with. They want a woman they can laugh with and build with. Somebody that they can love, trust, respect him. Once married, respect your husband; you have to remain loyal and committed to the extent that they are not afraid to lose because they know that you’ll always be there. Do not give him reason to question your faithfulness. And expect the same from him.

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