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You Are Beautiful, You Can!


A Phase Of Negative Self-Talk

The first hours of the morning were usually the worst. I meet my reflection in the mirror where moments of endless criticism and beating myself up would start. I was not by any means on good terms with this poor woman appearing in front of me on the reflective mirror glass. I was always very stressed and so volatile using the worst vocabulary in this self talk. Just throwing the words at myself without realising the amount of damage it was causing. Always complaining about my poor pale complexion, the untidy hair locks and the dark areas around my sunken tired eyes. Always bashing this poor woman for being late for something, for these remaining plates left behind in the kitchen sink, the pile of clothes in the laundry basket and how she should always hurry up to do so and so or accomplish so and so. Very harsh whips of endless blame and bashing and very negative self talk. I did not really know if I was doing that consciously or unconsciously but sad enough, this developed into a very unhealthy daily habit. What was the outcome?! Very bad for sure!

Eye Opener Signs for The Need to Change

All these negative words that I chose to address myself did not motivate me as I mistakenly imagined. On the very contrary, they were so destructive.
But one day as I looked deeper into my poor reflection in the mirror, I found it becoming extremely devastated and torn apart and so unwilling to receive such treatment anymore.
Everything I criticized about myself really screamed back at me in a final trial for self defence to save the remains of me.
So, the other day we met again me and myself but that time it was utterly different! My eyes opened to the fact that all what I hated about myself was just in need of some understanding and compassion.

How I Transformed Negative to Positive

I treated myself to some healthy breakfast, went out to my balcony and soaked in the warmth of morning sunshine, took one deep breath and looked back in my mirror smiling:
"It's okay girl! You are doing the best you can. We will get through this together. I promise you!"
From that day on, the late work and chores never mattered anymore. I decided to prioritize, regroup and rearrange everything from most to least urgent. Some things can wait and the world will not collapse.

Healthy Life Style, Compassion and Self-Love

I let go of the wish to control everything like keeping all balls flying in the air all at once. I adopted a healthy routine for my hair and skin, ate healthy, slept well, played music, went for walks, went to the movies, concerts and went shopping. I met my friends, read new books, enjoyed nature and fresh air, exercised and meditated. I simply decided to be ALIVE!

The Results Were Amazing!

Results?! I glowed from inside out, became more relaxed and at peace. My complexion became healthy, my empty eyes were glowing with hope and my hair thanked me for the love I showed it at last.
Every morning encounter with myself in the mirror turned into a high vibrational meditative state instead of self torture.
"Good morning beautiful! Rise and shine to a new day gifted to us to live and thrive!"

Empower Yourself

I read once that the two words "I Am" are the most powerful words in your whole entire life by which you manifest and attract from universe just be very careful what you use behind them. So instead of I am broken say I am healing instead of I am a failure say I am worthy and see your life drastically changing to better.
So please remember with every new sunrise to be kind to that beautiful person standing in front of you in the mirror and always remember that, "You are beautiful and you can!"


dashingscorpio from Chicago on July 12, 2021:

Sound advice.

Don't be a passenger in your own life. Take the wheel!

"The world may not owe you anything but you owe yourself the world!"

- Kevin Darné

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