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Would You Leave Your Wife if She Gained 200 Pounds?

Was in a relationship with a chubby lover and had a great time. A skinnier, athletic guy who had fun going out with the heavier woman.


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Many men fail to recognize the inside beauty of a woman. Just because your wife has gained excessive weight over the years, losing confidence in yourself when going out on a date isn't necessary. Learning to love your wife for their personality and perhaps the caring way that they treat you, you can more likely have a fun and carefree outing no matter where you are or who's in your surroundings. With guidance, you can be the superman for your women no matter how much weight they've gained.

If your woman has gained 200 lbs over the course of your relationship and then has zero intentions to lose the weight, it may be time for you to man up and love her unconditionally. Just think about the horrible treatment she's likely getting in public for being overweight. Don't add fuel to the fire.

Sometimes a wife can gain excessive pounds throughout a marriage for various reasons:

  • Stress/depression - death, money, friendships, illness, etc. Such feelings can cause excessive eating.
  • Motherhood - perhaps a house mom spending excessive time at home with the kids leading to limited time outdoors, and even no time for exercise are burdens. With lack of energy can cause the urge to order out and cook less.

No matter how your wife gains 200 lbs, you will have to be supportive. Just because she may look different than what you remember when you first tied the knot, she is still your wife. If she doesn't feel pretty as she did before, guess who job it is to get her back smiling, dressing cute, and getting pedicures again? Yours. Recognize the person on the inside and nurture her. If she's going to keep on the weight for a while, why not get used to it. Love "her". It's not all about looks. The more you love the woman on the inside the more beautiful she'll become on the outside.

Women sense when a man is not happy with them. If you make excuses to cancel dinner and /or movie dates, sh may feel bad about it. Awful feelings lead to depression and no man should like for their woman to be depressed. If your wife's life suddenly becomes gloomy, she can likely eat more than normal, and perhaps do fewer chores around the house while spending her eyes out for hours. When your woman isn't up to the standards you may feel comfortable with, what would you do next? Likely you'll spend more time with the fellas. Or perhaps you'll begin to evolve into whatever she has become because you're spending a lot of time with a depressed woman. They say you become whoever you spend the most time with. Or worst-case scenario, you'll commit adultery. You do not want to cheat on your wife, I'm sure. Do not be a horrible husband. You should know your wife to the core. Do more of what gets her up in the morning to celebrate life, no matter what.

It is typical for a man to feel embarrassed if his wife is overweight, yes. However, it isn't very man-like to neglect your wife because of so. The people in your surroundings shouldn't really matter when it comes to your confidence with your wife. As a man, you should not allow the public's negative looks, comments, or actions towards you and your wife to determine how you feel. It will likely be difficult to endure the feeling of embarrassment as a weak man, but that's your wife and you should love her more than you care about the public's opinion.

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What if only eating is what makes my wife happy?

If your wife has lost interest in the things of the past, then she is likely depressed. She may not say so, or you may not think she is, but she is likely depressed and needs help. Start by seeing a doctor. If you do not have a personal doctor perhaps a general practitioner would suffice. Sometimes forcing a good mood (fake smiling, for one) can bury the hurt that you feel inside but is that advisable? If the hurt isn't dealt with appropriately, although hidden, it is still powerful and it can still affect your life in more ways than one.

What if the impact of a death in the family is what caused my wife to overeat?

I'm not an expert and do not claim to be but my suggestion is to see a professional psychologist. Sit down and lay it all out on the table. The more she holds back the way she really feels, the less that she can be helped. Trust and believe that your wife can be helped and she will; she has to believe it too.

What if a husband is concerned about a wife who has lost too much weight?

Sometimes, a woman can think she is overweight and fail to eat appropriately. This type of case is psychological in my opinion. Professional help is needed and fast. For some reason she sees herself as fat; her sight isn't in line with reality.

Should I leave my wife if she has no intention of losing weight?

No. Do not leave your wife. Think to yourself. Was I the best husband that I could be over the years? If not, just think of the damage that you could do to another woman. Fix your home. Don't run.

Our wives deserve a husband that can understand them and be there for them throughout their struggles. Whatever causes weight gain, husbands must love unconditionally and support. There is no excuse why a husband fails to take his wife out on dates as usual if the opportunity presents itself. Love your wife for who she is even if you do not agree with her excessive 200 lb weight gain. Stick it out with her and expect a turnaround for the best. If she never loses the weight, so what! It was a heck of a ride. Right? Surely you wouldn't marry a woman just for her looks, would you?

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