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World's Youngest Transsexual, German Pop Star, Kim Petras

At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.

Youngest Transsexual at age 16

Youngest Transsexual Kim Petras

Youngest Transsexual Kim Petras

Kim Petras from second video below under article.

Kim Petras from second video below under article.

From video on this page about the new face of transgender youth. Jazz Jennings in picture is biologically a boy. She is an author and famous.

From video on this page about the new face of transgender youth. Jazz Jennings in picture is biologically a boy. She is an author and famous.

World's Youngest Transsexual-- Kim Petras

This was written in March 2, 2012. This is not a new story but I just heard about it. A 16 year old boy gets gender reassignment surgery (sex change operation or sex reassignment surgery [SRS]) and becomes a girl. Also I read that she has a recording contract.

To begin, in the United States there are about 54,000 intersexuals. An intersexual is a person that is neither male or female. One example of this is a person with one testicle and one ovary. A male has an XY chromosome and a female has an XX chromosome. I know of one male that got a sex change and became a female. But he had an XXY chromosome. Wikipedia says:

Intersex is a condition which occurs (though rarely) in species which use sexual reproduction. It refers to those individuals which have sexual characteristics midway between normal males and normal females.[1]

A person’s genitalia may be malformed. They may also have male and/or female secondary sex characteristics (such as body shape). Such a person may be called intersexual.

About 1 in 100 babies are born with an intersex condition, and 1 in 1000 babies have an intersex condition that needs surgery. It can be difficult to determine if an intersex baby is genetically male or female (with XY chromosomes or XX chromosomes).

Also I have an article on reincarnation. A prominent psychiatrist hypnotised a woman and she remembered past lives where she had been male and female. So this could have something to do with what is going on. Since people have been both genders in past lives, then most can just accept with what gender they were born with especially with the different hormones.

Of course reincarnation, past lives and intersexuals are a nightmare for lawyers. But the above shows that everything about this is not simple at all. I realize that gender may not be the correct word to use but if I use the word sex a lot then the filters on this website may block this from being published. The soul has no gender like male or females.

Also there is a condition called CAIS (Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome). In the beginning the fetus technically has no sex. But it resembles a female, not a male. Then if it is a boy, he produces testosterone and this changes the fetus so it looks like a boy with the ovaries becoming testicles. In rare cases the fetus is not affected by the male hormone and continues to look like a female. So you end up with a male that looks just like a female.

There was one famous case where a circumcision went wrong. The doctor decided that the boy would not be happy so he was changed into a girl. The doctor said that he easily adjusted to this and all went well. But later the child had trouble with sexual identity.

Kim Petras was born August 27, 1992 in Cologne, Germany as Tim Petras. Kim Petras became 16 years old in 2008. She announced on her blog in November 2008 that she had finished her gender reassignment surgery. This became big news on February 4, 2009 and were in newspapers around the world. They said that she may be the youngest person in the world to ever have gender reassignment surgery. She has a singing contract with Universal according to a video below.

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Dr Phil TV Show

They had this issue on the Dr Phil show and he would not take sides since he does not want a whole group of people to hate him and maybe boycott his show. There were people on the show that had kids like this and it was OK with them. Then there were others who felt that it was a terrible disorder just like many who believe that being gay is a disorder. The funny thing is that most of these people with little tolerance come from a religion where the leader (Jesus) taught love, compassion and understanding just like Buddha taught.

Harry Became Haily

On her TV show, Oprah Winfrey, had a 7 year old transgender or transgendered girl. She was born Harry and became Hailey. This is a fascinating story. She appears to be a normal little girl. Hailey was also on a show with Lucy Ling. She is very intelligent and clearly knows what gender she should be. Hailey looks and acts just like a girl. See a video of Hailey on the Oprah website with her being interviewed by Lisa Ling by clicking on this link, Meet Hailey. See video under pictures for the new face of transgender youth.

Singing and Singers

Most of this article is about sex or gender, not about her ability to sing. But there is a 13 year old girl that won France Has Got Talent for being the most talented person in France. I do not think that there is anyone under 18 that won America Has Got Talent, although I do know of one girl that came in second. This girl that won in France actually sings songs in English so go and check out her singing. See Marina Dalmas: The Best Singer.

Kim Petras Performs "I Don't Want It At All" LIVE!

Boy to Girl Transformation - Kim Petras

Video of Kim Petras

"Worlds Youngest Transsexual" Kim Petras on "This Morning"


francismalz from Manila, Philippines on April 14, 2012:

A great singer and adorable young lady. :)

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