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Women Cheating with Women

Women Cheating with Women

Women Cheating with Women

Today we hear Charlotte's story. She is one of many married women cheating with other women. She has been married for 15 years and has found that she is no longer heterosexual.

She has decided to stay married though. Charlotte's case is not an isolated one. The lives of women cheating with women still usually stay hidden. Here we pull the curtain back.

Charlotte -- A Woman Cheating On Her Husband With a Woman

I've been married for 15 years. One day I simply fell out of love with my husband. He not only let himself go, but he hasn't paid any attention to me in five years. When I changed my hair, got new lingerie, or made new dinners, he simply never noticed my efforts nor thanked me. I began to feel unappreciated and eventually, bitter.

I recently became interested in women. I know I am supposed to say that I was born this way, but I wasn't. I guess I am what they call a late in life lesbian. Some people would say that I'm not gay, that I'm just angry at my husband and I'm rebelling. But sexuality is not cut-and-dry and cannot be explained away by anger at one's spouse.

About a year ago I slowly came to realize that I love a woman's softness -- her demeanor, her touch, and her body. Lesbians love women more than even straight men do. We understand each other's temperaments, emotions, needs, etc. Lesbians aren't bothered by cellulite, love handles, or big thighs either. For us, being with a woman is just the be-all, end-all of life. And when we find a woman we love, we love all of her.

I met my girlfriend, Jeanne, about six months ago. She is also married. She has known she was gay her whole life though. She married a man simply because that's what she was brought up to do. I met her when I went to a lesbian bar for a colleague's birthday party. Suddenly, I saw her friendly face and could tell she had a really gentle demeanor. We became lovers within days.

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My husband knows about my lesbian affair, but as long as I still sleep with him, he keeps quiet. You might wonder how I can stay in a marriage where I feel bitter and unappreciated, but it's basically about money and comfort. I have everything I need monetarily. I have been having sex out of obligation with him for years I am used to that aspect.

Jeanne also will not be leaving her marriage. But her and I fantasize about running away together because we are in somewhat similar situations. Perhaps one day we will be brave enough to do it. For now we make do with the beautiful, lustful stolen moments we have, and cherish them.

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