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Seduction Is an Art: Are You Practicing Properly?

I love women and everything about them, they have no equal in my eyes.

Her form and beauty inspire the deepest passions.

Her form and beauty inspire the deepest passions.

Nothing Compares to Women

It isn't often that I will go out of my way to say this, or even acknowledge it, but when it comes to relationships, romance, and the beauty that surrounds it all, women have no equals. It doesn't matter if you are attracted to them, a well-learned seductress can have you bending over backwards at her every command. I know that, quite often, a woman who knows what she is working with is able to coerce me into anything she desires and I'm helpless to resist her. This willingness to give up power, the dominant position in the game of seduction, is something only a woman can bring out of me despite my attraction to men as well. I'm happy to be in an open relationship where I still get the opportunity to be seduced by new people, but seduction feels as if it is a dying art.

It isn't difficult to be seductive as a man due to how basic our desires are, though it is something that we should all be working to get better at so that we may always satisfy our partners. All a man must do to be seductive is maintain a lively personality that contains a hint of danger, keep his body in a fairly presentable condition both in appearance and hygiene, and be able to offer his partner what it is they desire. Whereas a woman must take into account so many factors that it turns them into a worried mess, or conversely a dangerous predator.

The amount of thought that must go into a woman's plans of seduction would turn any average person into an anxious wreck. She must first and foremost formulate her goals for the seduction, whether it be long-term commitment or a one-night-stand. With her goals in mind she must then consider her own safety, whether or not her chosen potential-partner could pose a threat to her. When the partner is deemed suitable she then must take into account their desires, and how to get what she wants out of them without giving in to the other's desires too early or too late. All of this must be done with the combination of make-ups, perfumes, interesting conversation, and a manner in which she carries herself that exudes sexual energies. Seduction is what sets women apart from the crowd as great.

Can you define seduction properly?

Can you define seduction properly?

What Is Seduction?

People often mistake infatuation and lust for seduction. Infatuation and lust are but small pieces of the puzzle when it comes to seducing someone; they can often be better labeled as symptoms, and even more accurately they should be looked at as tools. This is so because seduction is not getting someone to sleep with you, nor is it getting someone to give in to you and your desires for a short while. Seduction is an all-encompassing art, one that sets your chosen partner on the beaten path to their own demise if you so choose. It is rendering your partner helpless, being able to mold them like clay into whatever it is you would like, and maintaining their desires and life as if it were your own. We mustn't forget about the desires of our partners, rushing impatiently to the prize we seek, because that droll mistake is better left to Rom-Coms and drunken flings.

No, seduction is an art that requires you to put the effort into someone, an effort so deep that it connects you and your partner together forever and only once that connection is made have you truly seduced your partner. Women who take even a little bit of time to master this art know how dastardly, and how wonderful it really is and their power can reach inconceivable levels. The art of seduction is what sets women apart from the men, and has done so since time immemorial. Nations have fallen at the behest of seductresses, and it has been man's desire to understand it and utilize it themselves for ages. Yet, men can never be the equal of women in this endeavor.

Even a silhouette can entice.

Even a silhouette can entice.

Seductresses and Stinginess

Openly considering yourself a seducer is a dangerous game you're choosing to play, as most individuals are simply easily impressed and need no seduction to be won over at all. One must take the time to look at their chosen partners and decide whether or not their partners are worth their time to begin with. A partner who requires no seduction to be won over is rarely a partner worth having at all, and such a partner dulls your existence as a seducer. Seductresses rarely fall victim to seducers, but plenty of wannabes who are seductresses in self-proclaimed name only end up as prey to a seducer all the time. It's the true seductresses who catch my attention, and can have me groveling at their feet offering gifts born of affection, and addiction to the air around them, but these women are rarely stingy.

Common mistakes that wannabe-seductresses often make include being overly-possessive, appearing contrived, caring too much about themselves, and being stingy. Being stingy is the most important factor when trying to seduce most people, and if you are unable to be generous then others will be unwilling to show you generosity in turn. I'm not saying you need to give into every desire, every demand, every little request but you do need to practice the game of give and take. Women have much more to offer, usually, than men do. It is important to recognize what it is you have to offer, and what distinguishes your superiority over men.

What makes you superior to a man in your seductions, first and foremost, would be your ability to build up and destroy our egos at will. Putting me on a pedestal, making me feel like I'm the only man in a room full of my betters, that is a strong tool that only you can truly wield. A look across the room at me, a touch, a simple gesture to come to you, or even a whisper in my ear over the men around me has brought you ever closer to seducing me. This is something a man can never match, such leaps and bounds in progress simply by being the aggressor in the situation. This is where your generosity is most useful, as most women are too timid to take the traditional role of the man, so stop being timid and stingy and assert your desire for me so that I may yield to your seductions.

All the power can be yours, take it.

All the power can be yours, take it.

Setting Yourself Apart Is a Must

Now I know I've lauded women as the greatest the entire time here, and I'm going to continue to do so, but I have an important clarification. It is a rare few women in this world that truly are the greatest, and set themselves apart from the crowd willingly and with a powerful guiding hand. This is to say, don't let your imagination run away with you because I am most likely not talking about you being the greatest. That isn't to say, however, you couldn't just as easily take the mantle of power yourself and have me bowing at your feet like a loyal subject who wants nothing more than your affections.

It is upon you to find out what your redeeming qualities are, because no doubt you have them, and realize those are what make you the greatest. Work to accentuate those qualities, and then develop more as you go, and you can quickly claim to be the best. The process of this isn't so simple because seduction is easy for women, I've already stated it is difficult so don't let my words diminish how glorious you are, it is because women don't take the role of aggressor often.

When you take the role of aggressor in romantic and seductive situations you have now set yourself apart from the crowd. In approaching me first, expressing with confidence your attraction or desire to me, you have now become the most attractive woman I have ever met. This confidence lying dormant within you, a confidence that society would try to see shut down, is waiting for you to embrace it and take the proper title of my superior.

No matter who you are, you can make us bend to your every whim.

No matter who you are, you can make us bend to your every whim.

Make Me Worship You

To close out this article I'd like to make a shout out to all seductresses and their peers alike, please keep being sexual and seducing everyone wherever you go. Society is so restricting when it comes to the capacity that all women have to be truly seductive, and when you break free from those restrictions it is disarmingly attractive. In every endeavor, from business to romance, if you utilize seduction properly then you truly are the greatest. Men could never even hope to match or resist you, but it is upon you to get us on our knees willingly. Make no mistake, that is where any of you could have us and that is where we belong. Let me fall at your feet, let me serve you, and let me know that I'm worth more than that willful servitude as well.

It is all a game of give and take, and when women put their mind to it they are the greatest. I beg you, don't let the art of seduction die. There are too few seductresses out there, too few proving that women are the greatest.


Kyler J Falk (author) from California on February 17, 2020:

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I hope that "interesting" has positive connotations rather than negative! Thank you for commenting anyways, Abdul, I'd love to hear what it was you found interesting so I may build upon it in the future!

Abdulsasiq on February 17, 2020:

So interesting

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on February 17, 2020:

I definitely relate to your perspective, scorpio, and actually just wrote an article exploring consent. A strange, cruel world we live in, truly. Thank you so much for the insights and input, you put it much more beautifully than I ever could.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on February 17, 2020:

"Seduction is an all-encompassing art, one that sets your chosen partner on the beaten path to their own demise if you so choose. It is rendering your partner helpless, being able to mold them like clay into whatever it is you would like, and maintaining their desires and life as if it were your own."

- Those were the good ole days!

Inviting a woman over for dinner, dimming the lights, soft music playing in the background, sharing a bottle of wine, flirtatious banter, kissing, and heavy petting until the horizontal tango begins....

Today with the #MeToo and #TimesUP movement many so called seduction efforts made by men are considered manipulative coercion tactics or worse yet, harassment.

Even "yes" doesn't mean "yes".

The definition of seduce is "entice (someone) into sexual activity."

Entice means: "attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage"

Tempt: "to entice someone to do or acquire something that they find attractive but know to be wrong or not beneficial."

Having someone "give in" or "drop their defenses" because they could no longer resist temptation might be seen as being forced in the light of day. Regrets can also tarnish what was considered "seduction" the night before.

Even women in long-term relationships and marriages have admitted to having sex with their partners when they actually didn't want to or feel like it. Saying "yes" when one really wanted to say "no" is not considered giving "consent" in the modern era.

How many men looking back on their teenage years of kissing and petting with girls in the backseat where they got to "2nd or 3rd base" before being stopped could be accused of assault today?

Seduction at least from the male point of view is a dying art because the times have changed legally and morally.

One almost needs to get "written consent" before embarking on erotic adventures.

Even with that under certain circumstances one might claim they felt forced to sign documents. That's the world we live in today!

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