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Birthday Wishes for Friends - Witty / Sarcastic / Funny Rhyming Birthday Poems

A software developer who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Sometimes, specially for friends, we want to write birthday wishes which are not just funny, but consist of Good dose of Sarcasm. Even a little bit of rudeness is not considered over the board, but that is something you have to decide, considering your friend and your friendship.

So here are some witty birthday wishes, best for friends with good sense of humor and sporty spirit so that they won't get offended by a light weight sarcastic wishes. Needless to say, don’t wish with these messages if the birthday boy/girl is spoilt sport.

But hey, that could be precisely what you want - not just humor, but a little bit of teasing/leg pulling.

You could have other purposes for these messages, and you are free to fulfill all sort of naughty, or avenging purposes with these apt comebacks - or go away(s).

Here is a Witty Birthday eCard!

Birthday eCard - Ask for a Painkiller Party!

Birthday Wishes - Some a little rude, others just funny

  • This one shouldn't be considered rude, but beginning is enough to poke the balloon.

    On your birthday, I'm thinking of a crocodile*. Hey, Just wanted to wish that you're as strong as crocodile in water when you deal with your problems :D

    *Check out the video eCard for this message below.

  • Definitely a Little Rude, followed by a pacifier

    “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.”
    - Jack Benny

    Also, if one doesn't have a mind, it can't matter.
    See, I keep telling you age doesn't matter when it comes to you.
    Just kidding! Happy Birthday to "Ageless You".

  • For those Pretentious Youthful Ones...

    The other day, we were appreciating how youthful you are from inside. Off course we didn't mention your growing old from the outside. ;)
    Happy Birthday buddy

Birthday Wishes - Funny & Rhyming Poems

  • A silly “will bake a cake” commitment

    On your birthday I wanted to bake,
    A nice and soft strawberry cake,
    But I got busy, so the trailer is here,
    Movie will release same day next year*!

    *Promises of this nature are subject to uncertainties of unpredictable life. :D

  • Start off with depth!

    Sometimes, if a message that starts as if it will have some deep meaning, ends in a stupid manner, it can be quite funny...

    On your b'day, I'm thinking of ocean, And all the journeys you've made,
    So many years, no party, I feel Like giving your left eye a black shade!
    Just kidding, but don't forget me in the party,
    Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Leg-pulling

  • I'm glad it’s finally your birthday, now there is at least an official reason for your looking so old.
    Come on now, seriously, if you don't smile you look really really old.
    Happy Birthday.

  • Birthday bumps are amazing - to give. But this heavy friend of yours always gets spared. Alright, time for a little leg pulling.

    It’s your birthday when I realize the advantage of being overweight, friends would think twice before the birthday bumps!! Happy Birthday!

    Consider this as my gift - leg pulling intended at encouragement for losing weight!

  • Being a little over smart deliberately just to spread smiles is often a good idea.

    I've recently heard, friendship is not about give and take, and so I've decided not to give you a gift this year. And also, you don't have to give a party.

    Off course, you can throw one!! Happy Birthday Buddy.

  • Teasing Birthday Message For someone with an Amazing Smile consisting of showy flashy teeth.

    I liked your smile, I really did. But that was before I know almost all your teeth are fake.
    Okay I know that’s a fake allegation on your beautiful shiny toothy smile. But be aware, that’s what future might have in store, so make the most of the present. Have a smiling birthday.

  • For your friends, who are not with you, and although you are missing him/her, you did not accept even on gun point.
    It’s your birthday, and you're so far away,
    Thank god, I don't have to buy more gifts. :)
    What were you thinking, I will write some gooey emotional message to you!
    I did want to make you smile though. Happy Birthday!!

  • So I was cleaning up my computer. And there was a folder, you named it “Best Friend” as it had our pictures. I renamed it, “Far from Best Friend” LoL
    Happy Birthday.
Spice up your B'day Wish with Sarcasm

Spice up your B'day Wish with Sarcasm

Birthday Wishes demanding Birthday Parties

While you really don't need an excuse to ask a friend to throw a birthday party, a little bit preface never hurts! In fact it makes for really cool birthday wishes.

  • “For all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday.”
    Well there might not be a cure, but I can suggest a painkiller*.
    Let's have a party!! And off course, Happy Birthday!!

    *Check out the video eCard made from this message below!

  • That new outfit you got will make a great birthday gal dress. And I've heard it will out of fashion soon. So plan that rocking birthday party now!! Happy Birthday.

  • Since last few nights, I was dreaming of an amazing party and the amazing time the host (ess) was having.. And then I realized the reason. It was your upcoming birthday!!!
    Time for dream come true buddy, let’s have a rocking party. Happy Birthday!

  • This birthday, I’ve done something different for you. I've promised a party to all on your behalf!
    What! You're mad? Why? They were calling you a miser, I couldn't stand it, could I?

    I'm a loyal friend.
    Okay none of above actually happened.. I still want a party :)
    Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Wishing Publicly via Facebook Status Message, Google+ etc.

Sarcastic/witty Messages which can be used as Facebook Statuses. Tag your friend to wish him/her Happy Birthday. You can use any of the above, but these are specially designed for being your funny update of the day.

  • Today, I congratulate the people around my friend "Friend’s Name - tag" to have successfully tolerated him/her for another year. Happy Birthday :)
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  • My friend "Friend’s Name" is celebrating his/her 110th birthday. Okay, subtract a 100 years - that would be perfect description of his/her mental maturity measure.

    I know I did exaggerated, but seriously, "Friend’s Name" grow up. Happy Birthday

  • I take this opportunity on "Friend’s Name's" birthday, to tell all my Facebook buddies, that I’m a great admirer of him/her. I simply love the fact s/he stays young at heart despite being SOOO old!! Just kidding, Happy Birthday.

  • They were all asking me what are you best at "Friend’s Name". I told them no one throws a birthday party like you do!! Time to show them, buddy!

    Happy Birthday!!

  • They say, with Age comes wisdom. I bet “they” haven’t met you "Friend’s Name"

    Happy Birthday.

B'day eCard - Image with Colorful Balloons and Happy Birthday Text


Happy Birthday Sticker - Funny Monster Alphabets

You can Paste such stickers on your pictures to create Funny Personalised eCards.

You can Paste such stickers on your pictures to create Funny Personalised eCards.


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Your thoughts about Sarcastic and/or Witty B'day messages


Anusha Jain (author) from Delhi, India on June 05, 2018:

Thanks a lot, Shaloo, it's a for a brother who does understand sarcasm and finds it amusing. :)

Shaloo Walia from India on June 01, 2018:

nice collection of greetings!

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