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Winning, Losing, Excuses and Lies

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.


Everyone knows that there is a wide space separating excuses for pretty much any event or occasion. Have you ever thought about that? I have and I can tell you that unless I am exaggerating, something has secretly went haywire right under our noses. I was one of those who were skating along in life and when something challenging came my way, I stood and tried to face up to it. Many times I failed. I hate failure. Let me tell you that if you meet or know anyone who loves failure, then you best be careful.

But as sure as each of my failures would happen, someone with good intentions, would suddenly show up as if my magic, and fill me to the brim with sweet sounding words designed to help me “over the hump,” of depression and keep walking. And for many years, I bought in to those good talkers and did not know it, but I was deceived.

This social dilemma can be solved very simply. How? By opening our mouths and telling the truth. In fact, we are trained from youth up to be truthful, but as soon as we jump into school and encounter awful, depressing events. Those successful people when they see us working off our sentences will stand and laugh, not with us, but at us.

The teacher who instantly knew that we were to blame will commence to ask those tough questions and all but demanding why we did such and such. Then we can be honest as we were trained, or to save face, then it happens. Out of fear or losing friends, or both, somehow we LIE. Many times like dogs. Suddenly if the lie is clever enough, our cool friends will secretly envy our creativity.


Situations like the one above happens to someone each day. Some people stand up and confess that “they” were to blame or just “pass the buck,” and let someone else pay the price. Adam and Eve tried to do this when God found out that they had listened to Satan and did the wrong that God told them to not do and why. If Adam and Eve had just stood up and in an humble tone answered, sure, we messed up. Big time. Sure the wrong we did, looked good and before we knew it, we were knee deep into more trouble.

I am left to wonder if their honesty would have got them a second chance with God.

Football coaches who meet rival coaches at mid-field after one coach and his team has degraded the other team . . .

“Well, coach ‘Simp,’ you surely beat our behinds and that is the truth.”

“Haw, haw. You got that right. 67 to 0 should tell you that you need to get a different job.”

Girl who dumps her boyfriend . . .

“I tell you, ‘Fredde,’ you don’t work. You have no personality and I am leaving you.”

“You should. A girl whom I cannot make tons of cash for you to blow, needs another sucker.”

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Student to teacher . . .

“Ms. ‘Robbie,’ I failed this somewhat easy exam again.”

“Mrs. Robbie,’ maybe if you would crack open your textbook instead of texting with your iPhone, that might work.”

Husband to wife over dinner . . .

“Marggie,’ this dinner is really delicious. But I think that you are neglecting me.”

“Marggie, what?”

Patient to therapist . . .

“Doc, I have went back over 22 years and do you know what is wrong with me?”

Therapist: “Zzzzzzzzz!”

(Therapist wakes suddenly)

“Oh, ‘Johnny Jimbo,’ are are very boring. That is why you have no friends”

See how these excuses or truthful comments might work.

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