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Will Sitting Around, Doing Nothing Give Us a Longer Life?

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

My Kind of Girl.

Not That I'm Taking Shots

at anyone, but to me, this topic needs to be explored. And talked about. Ameirca is way too busy. We've somehow overlooked the topic that I'm presenting. That's our own fault, and not the Russian's, Red Chinese, or innocent citizens in Iran. I have to hand it to these people and everyone across the world who has mastered the art of doing nothing because in my opinion, they deserve some applause. Let's hear it for those who do nothing.

What a collective dream, doing nothing. Much like the sound of sitting in any dark room in the Biltmore House, 1 Lodge St, Asheville, NC, and do absolutely nothing but breathe. Now you have it. No admission. No tour guides named "Shelley," only there to pay her way through college. There you sit. And sit. And sit. What fun you are having. At least I would. Give me a shot at this and I'll show you some real doing nothing. I learned doing nothing early on when I was eight years of age. My dad had told me to do something in the house, then as I started to do the task, something overcame me. Unlike the spirit of Halloween or Ichabod Crane hiding from the Headless Horseman, but a lot like that. It opened my young eyes.

So I just sat down on the edge of my bed and done nothing. Well, to be honest, I did stare at the floor for a bit. Sorry, but those few moments in which I did "do" something, because staring does equal doing, and I won't lie. And staring for a long length of time causes one's eyes to burn and who wants that? But there I sat.
Until my dad came storming into the bedroom and yelled,

"Just what do you think you are doing?"

I looked at him and replied, "Doing nothing, dad. Just nothing."

You could have cooked an eight-course meal on his face he was so hot. Dad was really doing nothing, but that one or three moments. Blowing one's stack counts for doing something. But in a few minutes, he lit a cigarette, sat down and cooled off. Make that three things. I just sat there on the edge of the bed and continued to do nothing. Ever so often I could hear angry mumbling coming his way, so I sat perfectly still and hoped that I would not be put to bed without supper because no punishment is this harsh. But I didn't bulge.

This male model loves to sit around and do nothing on old rusted cars.

This male model loves to sit around and do nothing on old rusted cars.

Facts About Doing Nothing

that you might not believe. And if I had bet you a lot of scratch that these facts did exist and you matched the bet, well, I would be that much richer. But I'm not a gambler because that causes a stain on my mind and nerves, so I deem it medically dangerous. See there? Doing things as opposed to doing nothing can lead to health issues. Why can't intelligent society see that in 2021?

There was a time in America during the eras from the 40's through the late 50's, where men would sit and congregate anywhere there was some place to sit. That place was mostly on store fronts. But the ladies do not get off to easy. They too would meet inside the stores and shop as much as they did stand around and talk

.So of the two sexes, the males did, after all, sit and talk to whomever walked by.
It used to give me such a thrill to see gangs of men in barber shops, cafe's, grocery stores and parking lots and spend time catching-up on daily events. But since these years, it has been work, wide-open with no hint of slowing down. I said all of this to make my point. These extra-hectic working years did bring physical ailments due to stress, pressure and hypertension all due to work. So does not not make sense that even (these) guys could have lived longer lives if they had just thought about sitting (or laying) down and doing nothing?

Hobo's Have it Made

if you have followed my hubs. I have taken a stand for supporting our hobos in America. These guys do a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. They do, honestly-confessing, take to the streets to beg a few dimes or scratch for a burger and maybe a cold beer if the take is enough. I might go on a special tour one day soon and call it, "Ken's Learn to Do Nothing and Live Longer Tour," and when I am not sitting around in my RV, being driven my my wife, Pam, then at the next town, I will face the crowd and speak for about ten minutes of heated facts, pro-facts about sitting around and doing nothing. By doing this, I think that we can see a better and better swing back to our olden days of sitting around and doing nothing.

I can hire, or beg, Lorrie Morgan, David Allen Coe and other musical stars for the entertainment while I am in my RV going-over my pointed speech. It has worked for all politicians, so wny not me?

This Realistic Parable Should Nail The Point

of what I am talking about. It's very easy. And everyone who reads this piece will come away thinking new thoughts about longer lives, peaceful days, and enjoying life. For instance. . .

Here are two guys of average age and I.Q., both in good physical shape and both look very strong. So the point of this exercise is this: These guys have been hired by a good-natured rural farmer to plow the size of an area that the farmer has instructed. Both guys smile and agree that this task, is as they say, no problem. But look later.

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The one guy jumps on a tractor that is hooked to the plow to get the job finished quicker, but there is one problem: the tractor will not crank. So to save daylight, the guy jumps from the tractor and with the help of the other guy, unhook the plow from the tractor. Then it gets sticky. One guy who wanted to use the tractor tells the other guy to "find a way" to get the plowing task finished while the guy inspects the other guy's work.

The guy saddled to "find a way" to plow the land the farmer told them looks around, back at the guy who is inspecting, scratches his head and sits down near the plow. This move sends waves of anger over the other guy as he runs to the guy sitting down (not doing anything) cursing him like he is a stray mutt, threatening him, but to no avail.

When the angry man has concluded his tantrum, he says, "watch this, you fool, and see how to get a plot of land plowed," and takes his hands and holds the front of the plow and tries to pull it as hard as he can, but it will only go just so far, so the guy grows angry again and tries to curse the guy resting on the ground.

With all of his patience gone, he yells to the guy sitting down, "Well!? What would you do?"

With that the guy sitting on the ground simply stands up and walks over the road to tell the rural farmer about his tractor that does not work. The farmer is so grateful that he gets a mechanic there in no time and the guy who explained the problem to the farmer got a nice job that the farmer gave him, while the other guy with a shorter fuse was told to "hit the road."

So you see that by sitting around and doing nothing, there was no anger, hypertension or high blood pressure and the problem was solved by some good old-fashioned horse sense. So watch for us in your city when you see your banner . . ."Ken Avery and Lorrie Morgan along with David Allan Coe, presents his Sitting Around and Do Nothing Tour!"

So if you were sitting down doing nothing, but read this hub, great! You take take a few friends with you and come hear me and the gang speak. Then we might take you on to do more sitting around and doing nothing.

We say, "Wake up, America! Do nothing and live longer!" The movement has now started.

April 26, 2021________________________________________

This girl sitting around doing nothing, only makes this beautiful sundown prettier.

This girl sitting around doing nothing, only makes this beautiful sundown prettier.

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maggs224 from Sunny Spain on May 01, 2021:

As always Kenneth I have enjoyed my little peek into the fascinating world of Kenneth Avery, I found as I read that there was and still is a smile on my face. So I was not able to to sit here doing nothing.

But I am going away with a merry heart and so as Proverbs 17:22 tells us, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Therefore, I am sure you have made a valuable contribution to extending at least my life for a little longer.

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