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Will Kim Kardashian’s Marriage With Kanye West Last Beyond 72 Days?

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Introduction - “The shortest and most expensive wedding of all times”

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart”

Many young men caught Kim Kardashian’s eye. But has someone special finally caught Kim’s heart? This question is set to be answered in the near future.

It is only a couple of years back when fans were treated to a story that left many baffled when Kim Kardashian (The highest paid TV personality in the year 2010) walked down the aisle and proclaimed a heartfelt “I do” to Kris Humphries (NBA basketball player) in a lavish wedding, leaving everyone looking forward to a life lived happily thereafter, having spent a whopping $10 million to prepare for the wedding, only for a quick, shocking and definite divorce to be proclaimed 72 days later. The union was branded the most expensive wedding of all times.

This was also one of the shortest weddings the world had ever witness. Many observers called it a publicity stunt. Kris Humphries called it fraud. The brief union actually brought the marriage institution to shame by turning wedlock into a big expensive joke. “What could have happened? Why did they have to spend so much money in vain? Were they serious?” they asked.

Many married folk were puzzled. To crown off the event, Kim fell in love with her longtime friend Kanye West and started dating him while still married to Kris Humphries, the NBA basketball player. Kim Kardashian is set to get married to Kanye West on May 24, 2014.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The parody of needs and wants that leads to the altar

“Men want to be needed but women need to be wanted”. Men equals need while women equals want.

While men need to be recognized in most aspects of life especially where the opposite gender is concerned, women on the other hand need to be recognized for who they are, with beauty serving as a focal point.

History proves that couples that fulfil this equation often end up at the altar.

Bad boys have been known to sweep good girls down the aisle to the altar leaving good boys hurting as they watch with forlorn looks, in the audience, simply because bad boys know too well that “Men want to be needed but women need to be wanted”.

A man is not expected to be nice like attire or ice cream. Men who are full of adventure strike a spark in a girl’s heart. The adventure should be punctuated with a dash of humor or fun that makes the heart merry.

Among ladies, a good man is more like a glass of wine that looks alluring due to depth of color, mysterious, cool yet potent with unexpected eventualities.

Many a lady love surprise. They will shun the poor fellow who is predictable, one whose end of the story you can finish while correctly guessing what he will do or bring home tomorrow. Ladies expect life to be more interesting than their current experiences.

Crafty, bad tobacco-chewing fellows will always have a way with ladies leaving good, smart dullards fallen by the wayside. Who needs a long boring day, evening and night?

We see this again and again in soap operas. Why do you think women love soap operas? Why do male rugby players jazz pretty girls? What attracted Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries?

Marriage between two people shows trust, respect, love and purpose

“First and foremost, I married for love.” Said Kim Kardashian after parting with Kris Humphries.

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If love could be measured, we would ensure we measure up to the required levels before walking down the aisle. Judging from Kim’s response, was there much love between the couple? How can love fizzle so fast? How fickle was that love in the first place? How long does it take for one to realize they do not have enough love to sustain a relationship? Which were these irreconcilable differences that Kim blamed her split with Kris upon?

Marriage between two individuals should only occur where there is a measure of love for one another, real affection towards each other, trust in each other, respect for each other, and crowned with a sense of purpose. People do not just walk to the altar out of nowhere. There has to be something that draws the two people together.

Marriage is a serious issue that needs to be approached with the seriousness it deserves. This is because many things happen in wedlock where tolerance for each other comes in handy. Differences obviously arise considering the level of exposure or emancipation in ones upbringing. Tolerance and appreciation for each other’s differences is often a mark of character and maturity in individuals.

Marriages hinged upon social or financial convenience rarely last.

Breaking wedding vows after a commitment

When asked why she and Kris divorced, Kim responded;

“I didn’t feel it was going to work out” “I decided to listen to my intuition”.

Intuition is knowledge without the use of rational processes. It is sometime called a hunch or sixth sense. It is too sad that Kim’s hunch came after a vow had been taken.

“Till death do us part” reads a popular vow that is uttered by love birds.

A vow is an assurance, a promise or a pledge to one self or another person or deity to do something or behave in certain manner. It is a commitment to live by one’s words. It is based on the notion that the person taking the vow is as good as their word. What goes on in a couple’s minds when they proclaim their wedding vows before each other? Do they really mean to do what they say or is it just a charade? Can we make a vow and proceed to break it at will, and thereafter live with a clean conscience?

Many a couple have wedded only to break their wedding vows a few days later. How serious does one need to be in order to commit themselves to a lasting union with another person?

Commitment requires a measure of seriousness with regard to what one is subjecting themselves to. A breakage of wedding vows may suggest a lack of seriousness and even commitment to the bond between two people.

The outcome of this marriage 6 years later

Kim Kardashian West wept while admitting that she felt a 'failure' over her recent Kanye West split


We should only proceed to the alter after evaluating our love, respect, commitment, trust, and purpose in the light of the vows we make in public lest we fall short of trust for not only our lovers, but also the audience witnessing our union, including the world at large. Does Kim Kardashian know Kanye West well enough to walk down the aisle with him without breaking her vows once more?

Big Question


Daniel Long from All Over on October 04, 2015:

Although both of them have their quirks, they seem to be making it work. They both have the potential to influence a lot of people. I hope things work out for them.

Anjili (author) from planet earth, a humanoid on April 10, 2014:

Thanks teaches12345,

Everyone deserves a chance. As you say, we will have to wait and see.

Dianna Mendez on April 07, 2014:

I would like to think they have a chance. Lives in the limelight like this struggle to keep a strong relationship. We shall see what happens.

Anjili (author) from planet earth, a humanoid on March 30, 2014:

Thanks kj force,

We will all be watching judging from the last one.

Thanks for sharing your views.

kjforce from Florida on March 30, 2014:

Anjili....Well my take on marriage, and I may be trust, respect and keeping a certain demeanor of privacy.

However from what I see that is not the today world thought.

As far as the " K family "'d all about the hype...and this is what society accepts...not that it's the best marriage, but they are so much alike, it will probably last..2 peas in a pod...

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