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Will I Get a Perfect Love of My Life?

I am writing this article as a registered medical practitioner who is a fellow in the study of human behavior and psychology

Love -Perfect Love

Answer Is Always Same for Same Question

The answer to this question is - Big& Blatant - No,
The reason behind this is -People who seek -perfect love are often fated to meet "Fake Love" or mere "Mirror Image of Love". As, there is no such “Perfect love” existing in the world from one imperfect human being to another imperfect human being. “Perfect Love dreamers” always be seen getting caught in Fake Love or chasing the "Mirage of Love" as, due to obsession with seeking perfect love, they are forced to start perceiving & creating the illusion of Perfect Love in wrong objects, people, and circumstances.

Finally, crazy desperations only bring "Crazy Things " into life, which have no value or no use.!!!

What Is Love ?

Love is like a breath of Life, which can only be experienced and sensed. Love may be unconditional, Love may be unparalleled, Love may be fantastic, Love may be unlimited but it can't be perfect as it is attached with the sharp edge of a feeling of possession to it.
Love is like flowing water. Flowing Water may take shape of a sea, river, rain, sewage or anything. Such Flowing Water may be clean or dirty, but how can any Flowing water be expected to be perfect.?
Love comes in different shapes, like conditional, unconditional, and physical. non-psychical, mental, emotional, platonic and so and so on but it never can be the perfect one.

And that is why Perfect Love is a mere dream of a fool, forcing him or her to keep chasing a mirage and then meet one's doom due to excessive thirst !!!!

Don't Chase Illusion Of Perfect Love

No love can ever be “perfect love” as all living beings are imperfect and destined to make mistakes in everything to prove their imperfect existence. Besides this, love is not a matter of seeking. But love is a matter of offering. Love is a flowing river, which keeps bathing, imbibing anything coming across in its running stream. Water wets, and baths everything with freshness, which is coming across that flowing stream but the water never gets wet or wishes for the same for itself.

This natural phenomenon & character of water teaches a lot about, how any person is expected to sustain one's life so transparent, clean & astute to enjoy the magnanimity of human life form while existing and sustaining in the mortal world.

Hence, while learning lessons on life from, water, one needs to learn that for an innocently flowing stream of water, if fortunate, then some other water streams of the river come to admix before finally ending into the sea. The same is the story of love where one keeps distributing/offering love from one's life, then naturally and automatically another huge love stream is destined to add more love and more life. This is the reality of love that is why there is no need to keep chasing any mirage of "Perfect Love" in life by anyone.


Learn Art Of Self Love ,Before Wishing For "Perfect Love"

Person who can love oneself , can surely find "love" into one's life , as Love attracts Love . And ,Self-love starts , from accepting and admiring oneself rather than keep erasing oneself for the sake of family or society. Self Love is such as blessing offered by Universe to every one but very few can discover it into one's life , beside keep wasting one's life in searching Love outside .

In the book "Art of Loving " ,according to Erich Fromm, a well known western Psychologist ,has clearly mentioned that - " Loving oneself means caring about oneself, taking responsibility for oneself, respecting oneself, and knowing oneself . In order to be able to truly love another person, one needs first to love oneself in this way."1

Thence , how without being able to love other person in true sense , One can get or receive true and perfect love !

Love Attracts Love

Different Dimensions Of Perfect Love

  • Spiritualists see - self-love - as an opportunity to explore the universe existing inside oneself.
  • Esoterics see - self-love - as digging out the idea of esoterism buried deep inside oneself.
  • Mystic sees -self-love -as the possibility of connecting the External Universe through words, actions and claims.
  • Psychologists see self-love as a way to communicate with one's repressed and suppressed memories & emotions.
  • The philosopher sees -self-love —as a means to open up a new dimension of one's existence to deny illusion.

So -Self-love has far-reaching meaning and is so hard to get But only through -Self-Love “ can love -oneself and thence can offer it to others unconditionally and unfathomably.

Just start loving yourself, then only World can see you as a Lovable person to pave the way for your -Perfect Love!

Perfect Love

Love Is A Power, Which Produces Love

— Erich Fromm - A Famous Psychologist

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Offer Perfect Love , To Get Perfect Love

Remember , Love is matter to offer and not to seek , If one can offer "Perfect Love" then One cant be stopped from getting "Perfect Love " too .

So, in the business of Love, there is only the possibility of - Love Offering- and not of any -Seeking of Love, So "Offer Perfect Love , to Get Perfect Love !!"

Love Is To Offer And Not To Beg

50 Special Tips To Covert Your True Love Into -Near Perfect Love

  1. Be Yourself
  2. Get Over It Before You Get on with It
  3. You Won’t Be Happy with a Partner Until You Can Be Happy on Your Own
  4. You’ll Know Them When You Meet Them
  5. Choose Someone Who Makes You Laugh
  6. Being Less than a Hundred Percent Attractive Is a Great Filter
  7. Don’t Keep Making the Same Mistakes
  8. Certain People Are Off Limits (You Know Who They Are)
  9. You Can’t Change People
  10. Relationships Aren’t About Sex
  11. You Should Know Someone Through All the Seasons Before You Make Any Major Decisions
  12. Don’t Stay with Someone Who Doesn’t Care
  13. If You Can’t Trust Them, You Haven’t Got a Relationship
  14. Be Honest (While You Still Have the Chance)
  15. Don’t Play Games
  16. Don’t Paint New Partners with Old Brushes
  17. Make Sure You Both Have the Same Shared Goals
  18. You Can’t Make Someone Love You
  19. Be Cruel to Be Kind
  20. Be Nice
  21. Be Together Because You Want to, Not Because You Need To
  22. Allow Your Partner the Space to Be Themselves
  23. Look to Your Own Faults
  24. Be Honorable
  25. Put Each Other First
  26. Recognize the Signs
  27. Be a Hero—or a Heroine for each other
  28. Accept the Differences, Embrace What You Have in Common
  29. Share Problem ,before they get out of hand !
  30. Know You Want to Do What?
  31. Let Not the Sun Go Down Upon Your Wrath and Pillow Fight
  32. Be the First to Say "Sorry"
  33. Don’t Belittle Your Partner
  34. Don’t Put Them on a Pedestal and Expect Them to Stay There
  35. Don’t Dump Responsibility on Your Partner
  36. Never Stop Trying to Be Attractive
  37. If You Can Say Anything Nice, Do
  38. Don’t Try to Be Their Parent
  39. Don’t Be a Nag
  40. If Little Things Annoy You, Say So—with Humor
  41. Go that Extra Step in Trying to Please Them
  42. Make Sure Your Partner Is Always Pleased to See You
  43. Know When to Listen and When to Act
  44. Let Them Know If You Don’t Like Their Friends
  45. Jealousy Is Your Stuff, Not Theirs
  46. Your Partner Is More Important than Your Kids
  47. Make Time for Romance
  48. Have a Passion for Your Life Together
  49. Share the Workload
  50. Trust the Other One to Do the Job

Remember Love Means ,,,,,,,,,!

LOVE means,,,,,,

LOVE means Loading Venery

LOVE means, Loitering Venus

LOVE means Lowering the Vulnerability

LOVE means Lip on Vigorous Écorché

L O V E -Means ,,,,,

LOVE means Luring Obsession in the Viel of Eden

LOVE means Lust of Variant Effendi

LOVE means, Lost of Verse Efficiency

LOVE means Letting Opposition with Vicarious Effect

L O V E -Means ,,,,,

LOVE means lost Obligatory Vest Easily

LOVE means Lost Oblation Viewing Ecstasy

LOVE means Luring Obligation & Venal Enclosure

LOVE means Labia Obnoxiously Vending Each -other

Love means Libido Over Vally Early

Love Means Lost In To Each Other ,,,,,


L O V E -Means ,,,,,

LOVE means Limbo of Vagile Éclaircissement

LOVE means Lesson of Vagary Enclose

LOVE means Lack of Vision Erotically

LOVE means Lady in Viscous Emergency

L O V E -Means ,,,,,

LOVE means Lost on Vain Emotion

LOVE means Labour of Violating Elasticity

LOVE means Locating of Vandicated Essentiality

LOVE means Lasting On Vivid Encounter

L O V E -Means ,,,,,

LOVE means Lengthening of Viscera Energetically

LOVE means Losing of Voice Enhancement

LOVE means Little Offer Vanishing Eloquence

LOVE means Lust of Viewing Erection

LOVE means Lamination on Versatile Efficacy

L O V E -Means ,,,,,

LOVE means Legalized of Ventilating Entice

LOVE means Litter of Venomous Ether

LOVE means Looting of Verlie Euphoria

LOVE means Liability of Voracious Entity

LOVE means Lying on Vice-versa Enigmatically

L O V E -Means ,,,,,

LOVE means Land-lord Of Vacated Embossed

LOVE means Low on Verdict Effectual

LOVE means Lumber Oscillating Vigorously Ebullience

LOVE means LOVE, And LOVE and More LOVE3


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